Summer - Practical Photo Manipulation

In this tutorial we are going to practice Photo manipulation. We will take a photo, use some filters on it as well as some painting on the top of it. So lets get to business.

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Summer Photo Manipulation
In this tutorial I'll teach you how to make a nice, warm, summer photo manipulation for a photo.

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Warm Summer Feeling for Photo's
I will explain to you how to give photo's a 'Warm Summer Feeling'. This is very usefull for those photo's who could use a 'warmer look'. But this method could also apply for Nature photo's or profile pictures on facebook!

Summer turns to Autumn: Blending Styles
A simple quest in blending styles helped achieve this unique photo manipulation.

Painting scene photo manipulation
In this Photoshop tutorial we will make photo manipulation. We will transform photography with cat to still life painting and add it to photo frame, so we will get painting scene photo manipulation. Se sill use few clip arts, blending modes and filters to create this photoshop effect.

Creating A Disaster Struck Scenario
Photo manipulation is a unique art. I’d like to show you how you can change ordinary photo into a fantasy photo manipulation.

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Photo Manipulation of a Barbarian Warrior
In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this photo manipulation of a Barbarian Warrior in Photoshop. We will mix rock and metal texture, as well as fire into a warrior photo. We will be practicing layer blending, image adjustments, free transform tool and a number of other manipulation techniques.

How to Create a Speed Lighting Photo Manipulation
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a speed lighting photo manipulation using different Photoshop techniques, brushes, blending modes and adjustments layers to get realistic motion effect in your photo manipulation. So lets start!

Avatar Na’vi Photo Manipulation
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Ghost Rider photo manipulation
Adobe Photoshop "photo manipulation" tutorial: This time you will learn to create ghost rider photo manipulation in some simple steps...

Create a beautiful warm summer scene.
I will try to make this easy to follow for beginners. I will show you how to combine a few free stock images and create a beautiful warm summer scene. If you followed the Manipulation Secrets series it will be a lot easier for you to follow this tutorial.

Alien Photo Manipulation
Turn a woman into an alien by combining two photos. This tutorial will teach you several photo manipulation techniques for creating scary photo manipulations.

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