Recessed Buttons Effect

This is a nice effect that is simple to create. As you can see, the button recessed into the background giving it a nice 3D look.

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Just like any website, buttons has to be designed or enhanced for users. Right now we've seen websites that has big buttons, gradient effect and some of them are being used as call to action.

Shiny Button
These days glass buttons seem to be very popular. You can find glass buttons in Windows Vista and all around the Web. Other popular buttons are metallic and plastic buttons. All these buttons have one thing in common: They are all shiny. Some people call these kinds of buttons Web 2.0 buttons.

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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to mix vector elements and watercolor effects with text to create a stunning design. It's a quick process that depends heavily on good choices of images and colors.

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If you plan to create a web page with glass effects, the best looking effect is the magnifying glass effect, because it looks like rounded pieces of glass floating over text. This tutorial will present you a nice toolbar created with this effect, but the techniques presented here can be used for buttons and other controls too

Metallic Pill Buttons
Much like glassy buttons, chrome pill buttons are very popular in modern interfaces. The aim of this tutorial is to illustrate a technique for making chrome buttons using nothing but layer effects.

Glossy button for web (Tutorial PS cs.5)
We know how much buttons and tabs are important in web design. The right choice of button colors, design and effects makes web pages come alive. So today we are going to teach how to add a gloss effect to buttons in three simple steps using Photoshop CS5.5.

Creating Buttons
This tutorial is on how to make buttons in Photoshop. With Photoshop it is easy to make glossy web buttons. You can make use of buttons on your website or Blog. While this tutorial will only show you how to create a static button, you can with CSS and GIF, make animated web buttons. But this is a good starter.

Creating Glossy Buttons
Tired of plain, regular buttons? Juice up your website with these glossy buttons.

Glossy Buttons
Create some shiny glossy buttons for your website's menu system. This tutorial illustrates how to add a glossy finish to your buttons or other nifty shapes.

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create a smooth gloss content box. This effect can be found all over the internet these days, to make a very stylish glass/plastic effect for your headers, buttons, and content boxes. After following the steps in this tutorial you will be able to create great looking content boxes.

Mac OSX Buttons
Mac has set a number of design trends. One of the most replicated mac interface designs are the OSX buttons. However, getting it right can be tricky for a novice photoshoper. I will show you how to create these Mac OSX buttons in Photoshop in 5 easy steps.

How to Make Glossy Buttons
Glossy button is a great eye catching for people to look at. Few sites are using shiny buttons to enhance the quality of their site. Making shiny buttons in Photoshop is very easy. In this tutorial, you will learn How to Make a Glossy Buttons in Photoshop. Throughout this tutorial, you will be using more on Marquee Tool, Gradient Tool, Ellipse Tool and more standard tools. Here is a step by step procedure on how to make one.

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Create gradient navigational buttons with individual link shapes.

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I'll show you how to create a wide variety of different buttons using Adobe Photoshop.

Pixel Border: Menu Box
A simple way to create that pixel edge effect on buttons and menu bars.

Electrostatic Ball
A unique ElectroStatic Ball effect, this tutorial is great for backgrounds or for enhancing banners and as an overlay to help create stunning interfaces and buttons.

How to make scratch effect
Scratch effect has been in the market since the inception of Photoshop. scratch effect are used to create believe able designs and arts. It gives reality to textures. As we can find scratch effect easily around us. scratches are present on almost every thing, be it walls, cars, screens, human skin. There are many ways to achieve scratch effect. Mostly artist use scratch textures to get the desired effect. But sometimes we need create our own custom scratch effect. This Photoshop tutorial deals with creating a custom scratch effect inside Photoshop.

How to create yellow and green web buttons
There are thousands of different types of buttons that can be created using Adobe Photoshop. In this tutorial I’m going to show you step-by-step how to create yellow and green web buttons.

Three State Rollover Button
Rollover buttons are the images you see when you hover a mouse over many Web page buttons. Other button states may have their own images, including the clicked and disabled states. Making rollover buttons in Photoshop distinguishes your program or Web page from other media. It also lets you create buttons with interactive shapes that relate to your application's function. For a game that depicts dragons, for example, you could create a button whose normal appearance is the closed eye of a dragon, and whose rollover appearance is the opened dragon eye.

Web buttons
This tutorial will show you how to make cool web buttons for your sites layout using Adobe Photoshop.