Realistic photo print

By using just a few simple effects you can turn your digital images into realistic photo prints.
Learn how to create a photo-realistic hourglass totally from scratch. You will learn how to use the pen tool, create your own textures, and apply complex lighting effects to achieve maximum realism.

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Create a Photo-Realistic Realistic Hourglass
Learn how to create a photo-realistic hourglass totally from scratch. You will learn how to use the pen tool, create your own textures, and apply complex lighting effects to achieve maximum realism.

Learn To Make Photo-Realistic Volume knob
In this tutorial you will learn to create a beautiful volume knob or dial that looks photo-realistic. It may look a bit difficult to achieve a realistic look but with a few simple techniques, which I have used in this tutorial I assure you that you will be able to do that yourself and without any trouble.

Adding Realistic Rainbow to your photo
In this tutorial we will create a realistic rainbow and add it to our photo. This is an easy Photoshop tutorial, aimed at beginners with detailed explanations at each step.

How To Make A Photo-realistic Metallic Logo
In this tutorial we will create a beautiful and elegant photo-realistic metallic logo in Photoshop.

Realistic broken glass - bullet through glass
Learn how to create a suspenseful photo manipulation in Photoshop. You will learn how to create realistic distortions with the displace filter and apply photo effects to give it a cold look.

Design a Photo-Realistic Metal Chain
In this tutorial, we'll first go through creating a metal chain look for your interface designs, and then build on that to make it photo-realistic, with 2 variations: a rusty and a shiny metal chain.

Make a Realistic Football from Scratch
This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic football in Photoshop. Starting off with a blank canvas, we'll be creating a photo-realistic football step by step, and place it on a nice grass background.

Create a Photo Realistic Digital Painting
With the right knowledge, the brush tool in Photoshop can be extremely powerful. In this tutorial, we will use digital painting techniques to create a photo realistic illustration of a swan inside a wine glass. This concept will begin as a sketch and then slowly build up to the final result. Let's get started!

Use the Mixer Brush in Photoshop to Turn a Photo Into a Realistic Painting
Before Photoshop CS5, transforming a photo into a realistic-looking painting was quite tricky. Now that CS5 has been released we now have some new tools to help achieve this effect a bit more realistically. In today’s tutorial we will demonstrate how to use Photoshop CS5’s new Mixer Brush tool to transform a photo into a masterpiece in minutes.

Create a Delicious Print Ad Using Photo Manipulation Techniques
Print designers often work with digital illustrators and CG artists to help produce their work. In this tutorial, we will continue to develop a character concept and show you how to create a print ad by combining photo manipulation techniques with some renders from another tutorial.

Create A Realistic Loaf of Bread
A while back I saw a still life photo of a loaf of bread sitting on a table. That photo inspired me to attempt to recreate this still life photo using Photoshop. In today’s tutorial, I will demonstrate how to create a realistic looking loaf of bread in Photoshop. Let’s get started!

Create a Photo-Realistic Broken Egg from Scratch
In this tutorial we are going to create a photo-realistic egg shell and egg yolk from scratch, with basic photoshop techniques.

Photo realistic rain effect tutorial
Add drama to your photos with this photo-realistic rain effect. In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to combine several Photoshop filters to add rain to your photo.

How to Create a Future Based Fantasy Photo Manipulation
The beauty of being able to create fantastic photo manipulations is being able to transport yourself and those who view your work to new worlds and redefine ‘normal’. Sure, it’s a helpful exercise to great well blended realistic scenes, but with the power of Photoshop at our disposal why settle for realistic? Create design is all about pushing the limits of visuals, reality, physics and imagination.

Digital Painting Lesson: How to Create a Photo Realistic Portrait
Digital painting can really let you show off your artistic side, and by being digital and therefore non-destructive can be a very forgiving progress when done right. In this tutorial we are going to digitally paint a photo-realistic portrait of a model in photoshop. This tutorial explains the simple steps behind creating a complex digital art work.

Photo-Manipulating an Image Into a Realistic Night Scene
We're going to make an original photo-manipulation by using objects of only one image. We’ll learn to use guides to make it ourselves more easy. I will teach you all how to create realistic lighting and the use of the right perspective. We'll also be changing the purpose of an object and using Adjustment Layers to finish it all up. What you do need is a basic knowledge of Photoshop and entire knowledge of the Pen Tool for this tutorial.

Realistic Mist
In this tutorial you'll learn how to add realistic mist to a photo, creating a moody atmosphere.

Add Ultra Realistic Colors to Any Gray-Scale Photo
In this tutorial we will be exploring one of many ways to colorize a photo...

Effective Portrait Photo Retouching
In this step by step Photoshop tutorial we will see how to achieve realistic and impressive portraits in Photoshop. First we will see how to remove blemishes and soften skin. Enhance the portrait, re-sharp the image and fix color tones. The key is to achieve realistic portrait photo retouching.

Create a Photo-Realistic Fried Egg Using Digital Painting Techniques
Still-life illustrations can be great practice for anyone wanting to learn how to create life-like illustrations. In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a photo-realistic fried egg from a reference. Let’s get started!