How to Make a 3D Film Strip

In this video, Photoshop expert Gavin Hoey walks you through the steps you need to make a film strip from scratch and give it a 3D twist.

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Film Strip Effect
Gavin Hoey shows you how to make a new custom shape in Photoshop CS5 that allows you to create a complete film strip in seconds. He will then show you how to fill in the film strip with images from Mini Bridge before applying a reflection an 3d twist.

Make a 3D film strip
In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a film strip from scratch and give it a 3D twist using Adobe Photoshop.

Film-strip tutorial
In this very easy to to follow tutorial I will show you how to make a nice design of film-strip tutorial in Photoshop. It is completely done from scratch just using pen tool and shapes.

How To Create a Photo Booth Film Strip
In this tutorial, we'll teach you how to quickly create a photo booth style film strip in Photoshop, with any images you chose.

Analog Photography and 120 Film
120 film is a type of medium format film that was introduced in the beginning of the 20th century by Kodak. At the time, it was used all over the world by amateurs as well as professionals. Later on 120 film was gradually replaced by 35 mm film as the most popular format.

Why some pro photographers prefer film over digital
What is it about film photography that inspires, moves, excites, motivates, arouses? The way film makes a photographer giddy, revel in the mystery, anticipate the surprise, take chances. The way a film photograph can leave the viewer in such awe.

Faking Darkroom Film Edges
These are fun to do, but if you really want to go all the way and to make people think you're shooting film, this is the last (and really most important) step.

Kodachrome revolutionized the world of photography
Kodachrome revolutionized the world of photography, bringing color into a world that was previously seen in black in white. In the mid-1930′s Kodak began marketing the film to the public as a 16mm movie film. The popularity of the film created a demand for the film to be produced in other formats. Shortly after, Kodachrome was available not just as movie film, but also in 35mm and 120 for use in still cameras.

Photography - Film Types and Film Speed
Other than your choice of lens, the film choice will have the biggest impact on the quality of the final results.

Guide to Designing an Indie Film Poster
Taking just a piece of a film and, telling enough about that film with one design, to entice the audience to see more is a challenge for a designer. But it's a fun challenge to explore. In this tutorial I'm going to walk through my process and methods for creating a mock indie film poster.

How to Make a Polaroid Style Photo in Photoshop
We all know that certain photography techniques die out when better and newer technology replaces them. That’s what’s going on with the film at the moment. There are fewer and fewer manufacturers producing film, and even fewer shops developing it. But sometimes we still want that nostalgic feel in our photos...

Film Grain
Bored of digital looks? Spice up your photo with film grains!

Design a Retro Inspired Sci-Fi Film Poster
Oh how I love vintage film posters, especially sci-fi genre. The artwork and the typography are always fun to look at, and often times the posters are better than the actual films. Lets take a look at how we can create our own sci-fi inspired film poster in Photoshop.

A better way to Saturate – (film colour cracked in Photoshop!)
I'd been looking at the way film handles colour for ages, particularly in cinematography. If you’ve ever noticed, turning up the saturation in Photoshop (with HSL or Vibrance), things tend to get garish and noisy. Yet in film, it seems you can get incredibly vivid colours which really define their own space and don’t seem to lead to the same kind of bleed and artefacts as you get when you try to push digital in that direction.

Curvy Cross Processing
This tutorial describes one of my favorite techniques for ‘spicing’ up a photograph. This method is adapted from the color darkroom of old. In those days, innovative photographers often processed film in a chemical solution intended for another type of film. For instance, they might process color slide film in C-41 chemicals. The result yielded a most unusual shift in color, which created a very retro look. To recreate this technique using the computer is both easy and fun.

Velvia Color
Make photos look stunningly vivid with this Photoshop color effect that stimulates the color effect of Fujifilm Velvia film. Velvia film is famous for its rich and vibrant colors and is frequently used for landscape photos.

Pop Art Comic Strip
Learn how to convert real picture of Aishwarya Rai into pop art comic strip.

Infrared Effects: how to make colour scenes look like infrared film
In this tutorial we’ll show you a simple-to-follow technique for creating Photoshop infrared effects by shifting colours to give the retro photography effect of infrared film. With wonderful colour shifts, glowing foliage and deep dark blues, infrared photography offers lots of creative potential.

Photoshop Film Clapper
Today I will teach you about How to draw a Film Clapper.

35mm Film Cell
Learn how to take different photos and composite them into one film cell.