How to Draw Eyes with Photoshop Brushes

This video will show you how to draw an eye from scratch in Photoshop using various brush types.
The eyes are one of the most important elements in any character or portrait illustration. In this tutorial, we will show you how to quickly draw realistic eyes in Photoshop using digital painting techniques. Let's get started!

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How to Draw Realistic Eyes
The eyes are one of the most important elements in any character or portrait illustration. In this tutorial, we will show you how to quickly draw realistic eyes in Photoshop using digital painting techniques. Let's get started!

Digitally Draw a Photo-Realistic
This is an in-depth video tutorial for beginnersfrom wearedesign: Detailing how to draw a character using grids in photoshop, sampling colours and blocking them in, shading the skin tones, detailing the eyes, creating a brush to paint textured effects for clothes and material, using David Nagel Series 37 skin brushes, and then, finally creating the sky background.

Drawing attention eyes
This photoshop cs3 tutorial shows you how to draw attention to your subjects eyes using filters and adjustment layers.

Amazing Eyes Tutorial
Retouch eyes in Photoshop is something that many of us have tried or try sooner or later because it’s a lot of fun. Retouching can be done in so many ways in Photoshop and there are advanced and simple techniques to do it but in this tutorial we will see an easier technique to Photoshop eyes using adjustment layers and simple layer masks. Then I will also show you how you can create amazing eyes on a portrait using cat eyes.

Portraits Retouch eyes
It's no wonder that the eyes are considered the window to the soul. They can give away your emotions and are, too many, a thing of beauty.
In the world of photography and Photoshop one of the most import things to do in a portrait shot is get the eyes in focus. The are instinctively the first thing we look at in a portrait shot, both of humans and animals. If you get the eyes out of focus it can ruin the shot. However if you get almost everything out of focus except the eyes the image can still work. In this second portraiture tutorial I will go through 4 ways to help you retouch the eyes to make them really stand out using Photoshop.

Manipulating an Eyes
Here is a very realistic way of changing the color of anyone's eyes in Photoshop using curves. Colin Smith shows you his process for changing the eyes to blue, green, brown or even vampire eyes. So real, none will know.

Enhancing Eyes In Photoshop
The eyes have long been considered the windows to the soul, but sometimes those windows need a bit of cleaning up and enhancing. In this tutorial we’ll create amazing looking eyes in Photoshop. I will show you 9 different techniques you can use to enhance anyone’s eyes.

Draw a portrait using Photoshop
In this tutorial, we will make a quick sketch, scan the sketch, and convert it into Photoshop. Then the fun will begin. Drawing a portrait is not very simple, but with some knowledge you can achieve a lot. The end result may not look exactly like the person you are trying to draw, but the important thing is to do the best you can and make the eyes, mouth, or nose look similar to your subject.

20 Free Tattoo Brushes
In today’s post we are giving a pack of 20 tattoo Photoshop brushes. These brushes are done in Illustrator and then converted into brushes in Photoshop. These brushes are free for personal and commercial use but not allowed to re-distribute. If you like these brushes then you can give trackback link to this web page.

Freebie: 20+ Floral Abstract Photoshop brushes
These freebies are first done in Illustrator and then converted into brushes in Photoshop. These brushes are available free for both personal and commercial uses but it is not allowed to re-distribute, but if you like the brushes then you can give trackback to this page. Hope you all enjoy this post. Below comes the sample preview of the brush pack. Download brushes here

How to Draw a Portrait
Another nice tutorial teaching you how to draw a portrait by using Photoshop. This technique is based on using Photoshop brushes and for people who may have some experience in art it’s a good technique but it takes time to achieve this result.

How to Digitally Enhance Eyes
How to spice up your photos by making eyes bolder, brighter, and more haunting. We get a lot of requests for tutorials on enhancing eyes in Photoshop – here’s a video one that hopefully helps those asking...

How to Draw Eyes
This is a medium level tutorial on drawing. In this tutorial I cover how to the eyes & some hair at a tilted angle by using shapes, lines, and hatching techniques.

Download free heart brushes
Here comes tutsfriend with valentine’s day special freebie. This freebie consists of 15 abstract heart brushes. These brushes are first done in illustrator and then taken to photoshop and converted into brushes. You can make use of these brushes from photoshop 7 and higher versions.

How to Black Out Eyes
Making eyes all black is faster than you might think, and is definitely a terrifying effect to add to your images! Join us in the spirit of Halloween as we show you how to black out eyes in Photoshop! First and foremost, take a look at the catch lights in the eyes of your subject. Those highlights will need to shine through, which is the ultimate trick to making the effect look realistic.

Learn How to Draw 7 Different Types of Dogs
In this tutorial I'll explain how to draw 7 different types of dogs. It is great practice for muscle memory, line work, proportion and opening up your eyes to what you are really seeing from an artists viewpoint.
You can practice this on paper, with a tablet or with digital tools in photoshop.

Making a Beautiful Pair of Fantasy Eyes
I think some of you may have seen the artworks on Fantasy Eyes theme on deviantART. There is also a huge collection of Eyes Fan Club here. Today we shall explore the basics on how we can create such effects in Photoshop.

Anime Eyes
This is a perfect, but hard tutorial, on how to draw eyes for your anime-drawing. This may take some time and effort, but after this tutorial, you can experiment and make up your own variations.

How to install Photoshop CS6 Brushes
After endless questions how to install the brushes or how to color them like I do, I’ve decided to write that ultimate Photoshop Brushes guide to explain everything you need for using my brushes. That guide will give you an overview of using the brushes and a little overview of some nice tutorials.

How to Create and Use Photoshop Brushes
Photoshop brushes are useful not only for digital painters, but as stamps for graphic designers and other creative professionals as well. This tutorial will teach you how to create your very own Photoshop brush starting from a scanned image, and how to save and load brushes using Photoshop's Preset Manager.