How To Create Realistic Cat Fur

In this tutorial I will show you how to create realistic cat fur.
It takes some patience to get to the desired result, but eventually you'll end up with a super cute, furry kitten!

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Hair / fur from scratch
In this tutorial you will learn how to create realistic looking fur on a transparent background that can be attached onto any surface you wish.

Paint fur with the Brush tool in 10 steps!
Feel the softness between your fingers as you learn to paint realistic fur. Grab your favourite sketching tool and draw your furry subject. Alternately, grab a sketch from the internet, or turn a photo into a sketch with our useful tutorial! If you’re drawing, make sure you show body parts through the fur, but that the fur is fairly thick.

Create a Christmas Fur Cap
You are going to study a very easy and quick method to create a Christmas Fur Cap. This Christmas Fur Cap can be used anywhere as image and you can get the image of any required resolution.

Fur Texture
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Create some fur texture by drawing some spots.

Batcat: Batman mask on a cat
In this fun tutorial we will learn how to manipulate the image of a cat in a way the cat is going to wear a Batman mask and like it.

Creating A Fur Text Effect
In this video training tutorial I will show you how to create a Fur Text Effect (or hair) using Photoshop.

Alice in wonderland cheshire cat
In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to create one of Alice in Wonderland fantasy the cat “Cheshire” with some easy and cool steps. Before getting started load/open your cat image. We need to get it reading for the eyes. Now once your image is loaded into Photoshop. We need to use the liquify tool and make a little minor but effective changes.

How to Paint Realistic Animal Fur
Do you love photo realistic digital art, but lack the time or skills to produce epic digital paintings? If you answered yes, then don’t go anyway, this is the tutorial for you. Simply avoiding learning digital painting is a real shame, as it can teach you a lot about design, art and Photoshop, and can really help you better your understanding of areas such as lighting and perspective.

How to depict light glowing through fur
Artist Therese Larsson explains how to paint light glowing through fur with Photoshop layers. When painting digital light in fur I try to take advantage of Photoshop's strong light layer styles. By switching between Soft Light, Hard Light or Overlay and seeing what works best, I can effectively achieve that particular kind of glowing light that appears when light is scattered through and between strands of hair.

Cat struck in bread funny photo manipulation
Let me show you how you can do this without molesting the cat, using Photoshop.

Create A Giraffe Leather And Fur Typography
In this tutorial we are going to create an interesting animal leather inspired text effect, with skin and fur details. I chose a giraffe for my tutorial, but the cool thing is that you can choose any animal you like, for example a zebra. Or you can go even further with the imagination and use a bird with a long neck like the stork.

Create A Fur Text Style
Learn how to create a fur text effect in Photoshop using a effective 1-click action that you can download for free. The tutorial shows you the few easy steps that you must follow in order to obtain the best results. The furry effect is fully customizable, fully editable and you can switch through different leather textures with just a single change in the smart object layer that contains the texture/pattern image.

Making Fur in Photoshop
I use a drawing tablet (which gives me pressure sensitivity) and few self made fur brushes in Photoshop. They are much more convenient and much less time consuming than drawing each individual piece of hair.

Extracting Hair
Removing characters from their backgrounds is rarely as easy as using the 'extract' tool, especially when hair or fur is involved. This tutorial details an simple yet devious workaround for times when you need to mask out hair/fur.

Create a Playful Cat & Earth Photo Manipulation
In this tutorial, we'll be learning how to create a Playful Cat & Earth Photo Manipulation. To create this we'll be using a mixture of Photos, brushes and shapes and using various techniques in photoshop!

Selection Techniques: Cutting out Hair
When trimming out images in Photoshop, human hair or animal fur always proves it a difficult task and can be tricky to achieve a realistic look. Here are two techniques for both plain backgrounds, and those with a varied background tones, each achieving pretty decent end results.

Creating a funny smiling cat with human teeth
Manipulate a photo of a cat to make it look like it has human teeth.

Designing The girl with a cat
Designing The girl with a cat in Photoshop. A beatiful and very artistic illustration tutorial.

Handy Techniques for Cutting Out Hair
When trimming out images in Photoshop, human hair or animal fur always proves troublesome and can be tricky to achieve a realistic look. Here are two techniques I use on images with both plain backgrounds, and those with a varied background tones, each achieving pretty decent end results.

How to Paint a Dapper Victorian Cat
Digital artists have the unique ability to travel back in time by tapping into the styles and techniques of other periods. In today's tutorial I'll show you how to create a fun, dapper cat, inspired by the beautiful portrait paintings of the Victorian era. My tools of choice will be Adobe Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet. Let's begin!