High Definition

Make a photo look sharper and higher definition with this effect.
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: How to use the Sharpen tool to create high quallity photos.

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High Definition
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: How to use the Sharpen tool to create high quallity photos.

How To Convert Photoshop Text Into SVG
With the advent of high-definition screens, web designers now have to make sure that the images they use are optimized for HD. Skipping this process may render websites blurry or pixelated, leaving a not so good impression on visitors. One of the best ways to deal with HD screens is to use Vector Graphic whenever possible.

The Glamour Effect
Have you ever noticed how the photographs taken by professional artists always exhibit rich color tones, crystal clear clarity, and high definition? This tutorial details a technique for adding this 'glamour glow' using a single standard filter.

High Pass Sharpening
In this tutorial, we will be showing you the last sharpening technique and it is called the High Pass technique. High Pass filter is one of the obscure Photoshop filters that tries to determine the edges in an image. When you blend the High Pass layer with the original unsharpened image, you get a great looking image. Throughout this course we will show you different blend modes and give you tips and tricks to improving the image quality.

High Pass Sharpening in Photoshop
You might be familiar with some of the standard sharpening methods that Photoshop offers, including Sharpen, Sharpen More, and Unsharp Mask. But have you ever stopped to consider whether these sharpening filters are the best way to give you crisp, clean looking images? The truth is, there is a better way, and it's called high pass sharpening. High pass sharpening is what the pros use to make their photos really pop. High pass sharpening in Photoshop allows you to sharpen the most important areas of your photographs without effecting the rest of your image.

How to do high speed colored powder effects photography
Seeing as our brains can only process images so quickly, we often find high-speed photography to be very intriguing because it captures something that our eyes and brain cannot process fast enough. High-speed photography freezes actions and movements, allowing you to view a single moment in time for as long as you wish. The more movement and actions you add, the more intriguing it becomes. In this video, photographer Evan Sharboneau shows you how to create high-speed powder photography using some easy-to-find products and a little creativity:

Zoomify High Resolution Images With Photoshop CS3
Use Photoshop CS3's new Zoomify Export feature to make high quality, high resolution images that zoom and pan with ease on your website for fast interactive viewing.

High key effect
Professional photographer jargon calls strong, unnatural over-exposure "High key". This is what we try to emulate in this article by preparing a B&W high key version of a color image. The procedure is further spiced by leaving the eyes colored, so that the gaze and the color catch the viewer's eyes.

Capturing Motion – A Guide to High-Speed Photography
Perhaps you’ve tried quite a few times to take a picture of a fast-moving car or motorcycle, and you’ve ended up with just a blurry image. But, behold, here we tell you how to capture an incredible high-speed image outside a studio. Just be a bit patient as high-speed photography is an art that needs to be mastered and the learning process can sometimes be a bit frustrating.

Design a Juicy High Heel Shoe Print Newsletter
Learn all of the effects needed to recreate the sexy, dark, and inviting High Class Heels newsletter template.

How to Easy Create High Lighter Vector
Learn How To Create High Lighter Vector In Photoshop! Today we will learn how to Create High Lighter Vector in Photoshop. We will firstly create the background , then we will work on the many layers, layer masks and other useful techniques related this tutorial.

High Pass Sharpening
Photoshop comes with various sharpening filters built in. But why is the High Pass method a more preferred tool compared to the new Smart Sharpen feature that provides similar results?

High tech layout with grunge style
This tutorial will show you how to create a high tech layout using Photoshop.

High Tech Button
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Learn how to create a high-tech button.

Futuristic / High Tech Logo
I will show you how to create a high tech logo using Adobe Photoshop.

Add High contrast and Gritty look effect
Today I will show you how to make your photos desaturated ,high contrast,and gritty like this image in detail by using adobe photoshop , Look at the image before and after editing...

High Pass Sharpening
Photoshop has a lot of built-in sharpening tools, but sometimes they don't give you exactly what you need. This tutorial will teach you how to selectively sharpen certain areas of an image like the pros do using the high pass filter in Photoshop.

High-key effect II. in Photoshop CS5
This article consisting of a few quick steps introduces a new blending mode in Photoshop CS5 and shows how to apply. We would like to convert our normal studio portray photo into a high-key image that almost looks like a drawing.

No high speed strobe needed for Awesome Liquid Splash Photography
Shooting a splash or a liquid pour is often associated with high speed strobes. We would like to take the complexity out of creating these unique images and will show you that it can also be achieved with a clamp lamp (continuous light source).

A smarter way to high pass sharpen
High pass sharpening has been one of Photoshop’s most commonly used filters by professional photographers. But Michael Woloszynowicz noticed some problems with the traditional method—namely, an unnatural white outline and awkward lighting around the eyes, where colors contrast. Here’s his solution...