Face painting on cracked wall

Create a cracked wall photo effect in a few minutes. This effect has an old wall feel to it with a beautiful weathered face painting.

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In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this 3D Cracked Concrete Wall Text Effect in Photoshop. During the creation process, we will use a 3D text rendered in Photoshop, a concrete wall texture and a few particle and cloud brushes to build the effect.

Stone or cracked wall effect
How to make a Stone Effect or cracked wall effect in photoshop. Take a new file of 400 pixels,400 pixels, of resolution 72 dpi in the RGB mode.

Cracked face effect
In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you the process of creating this Artistic Photo Manipulation with Cracked Face Effect in Photoshop. We will practice a number of layer masking techniques and image adjustment tricks along the way, as well as applying some interesting filter effect to our image.

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This tutorial will provide several techniques on how to transform an ordinary portrait into a digital painting style one, like softening the hair, basic make up and lightning/darkening of the face.

Photoshop CS5 tutorial showing how to replace a face in a renaissance oil painting like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci with a photo of someone you know.

Create an Amazing Cracked Skin Effect (Part 1)
In this tutorial we show you how to create an amazing cracked skin effect in Photoshop. This is obviously not something you are going to do on every portrait you take but when you are looking for a creative outlet adding texture to skin is a lot of fun. Our goal is to take a flat image and make it look like it wraps around the subject’s face and blend the images together to make the effect realistic. This part one of two episodes teaching how to make cracked skin in Photoshop.

Create an Amazing Cracked Skin Effect in Photoshop (Part 2)
In this episode we creating a cracked skin effect in photoshop, making it look more three-dimensional and adding blur. Be sure to check out Part 1 where you will learn how to wrap the texture around a subject’s face.

Digital Painting Android: Mech-A-Face
Mech' an awesome android face in Photoshop using Vexel Digital Painting and Photomanipulation techniques.

How to create spotted cracked stone text effect
In this photoshop tutorial I have used photoshop skills and tools to draw and design stone or sandstone text effect which is cracked and spotted. Kind of old wall with broken bricks photoshop text effect.

Create an Out of Bounds Fantasy Illustration
In this tutorial, we will take you through the process of creating a fantasy scene, make water pour out of a painting, make some sort of a absorption effect and end up with a really nice looking color. The main idea behind this surreal illustration is that we are actually in a painting and the painting on the wall is the real world, the world where our vulture tries to escape.

Download the Cracked Heart Wallpaper Psd (1280x1024)
Cracked Heart Wallpaper over cracked clay floor specially designed for broken heart lovers on this valentine’s day can also be used for your computer desktops or websites design in Photoshop Masking

Graffiti Crime Style Text
In this Photoshop tutorial we'll be creating the grafitti crime text effect shown above. To prepare, grab these Cracked Wall Grunge brushes.

How to Create Cracked Dark Face Portrait
Learn How To Create Dark Face Cracks Portrait In Photoshop! Today we will learn how to Create Dark Face Cracks Portrait Photoshop. We will firstly take a wallpaper

Digital hair painting process
So. Last week we learned to paint a face, but you know, a head with no hair on it... So to day we'll go through the hair painting process. It would be a very long and tiring tutorial to try and teach...

Making of Fotia
In this tutorial, I will describe to you the process of how this image was created. I will go into great detail about the brushes I use and so forth so you can have as a clear understanding of my process as possible. I also go into greater detail on how to hanldle painting the face and hands, as well as giving you a complete walkthrough on how to create custom textured brushes. Although you can follow this tutorial step by step to create a similar painting, I suggest using this as a guideline to create your own original work, as the techniques discussed here can be incorporated for pretty much any painting.

Making of Monster Face
When you have some spare time, it's always nice to draw something for your own pleasure, something not connected with your work. I'm very fond of drawing different creatures and characters, evil and good ones. So, after reviewing some photos, references and pictures by other CG artists I decided to do a monster portrait. The idea was to picture a stretched face with distinctive eyes. I wanted to convey the depth of the character's personality in this painting.

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In this tutorial I will show you how to create a cracked skin Manipulation.

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This is a cracked text effect tutorial, you will learn a different technique to convert a text into a cracked text effect.

Cracked Text
A simple way to create a cracked text effect.