Diamond Text

Unlike all those cheesy other bling bling tutorials, this tutorial actually does teach you how to make the real bling bling.

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Diamond text effect
A very interesting diamond text tutorial, learn how to draw a diamond inside any object and text. First of all take a new document and set size as your project required, select Horizontal Type Tool (T key) and make formatting then type any text on the document but make sure the background color should be "Black" to look beautiful as done here.

Sparkling Diamond and Gold Text
In this tutorial, we will explain how to use Filter Forge and Photoshop to create a glamorous, sparkling, diamond and gold text effect. Let's get started!

Create Detailed Letters of Gold and Diamond
This tutorial will show how we can create a set of detailed letters with gold and diamond. We will learn how to use the Polygonal tool to make a simple diamond and also introduce a convenient way to duplicate layers with minimal efforts.

Create a Sparkling Diamond and Gold Text Effect Using Filter Forge
In this tutorial, we will explain how to use Filter Forge and Photoshop to create a glamorous, sparkling, diamond and gold text effect. Let’s get started!

Diamond Grid Pattern
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Learn how to create simple overlaying diamond grid.

Creating a Diamond Necklace
This tutorial describes how to add and design a diamond necklace to a photo image. The steps described here will take you through the process of drawing then coloring using very simple steps.

Diamond Plate Metal
Contrary to popular opinion, industrial metallic textures are not always easy to create from scratch in Photoshop. This tutorial details a relatively straightforward way to create diamond-patterned metal plates.

Diamond Plated Brushed Metal
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: How to add diamond plates on a brushed metal base.

How to Create a Cool Diamond Shatter Effect in CS5
Using Photoshop CS5 different tools, you will create a cool looking image with different colors, paint splatters, and diamond shapes to use for whatever project you want.

Create a gradient and diamond pattern
Create a gradient and diamond pattern in Photoshop. Let me show you how to create an interesting gradient background with diamond like pattern using Photoshop.

Design a Sleek Diamond Poster Advert
Learn how to design a sleek diamond poster advert by making your products pop through a combination of lighting, photo manipulation and blending options.

Mobile Phone Styled Like the HTC Touch Diamond
when I first saw the HTC Touch Diamond mobile I was amazed because it looks so good. It looks so good that I decided to write a tutorial to show you how I made it. This will be a long tutorial so go get some coffee for this.

How to design rap diamon bling or sandy text effect
Great photoshop tutorial for web designers to learn new techniques and design new logos using shiny or glittery or rap style diamond text.

How to make a diamond heart with easy way
In this tutorial i will show you how i make a diamond heart with easy way.

Content box with diamond glitter on corners
Designing a cutting edge content box with diamond glitter on corners.

Bling Bling Text
This tutorial will show you in detailed step by step instruction on how to make a realistic bling bling gold and diamond text.

Create an Awesome Grunge Poster
In this tutorial we will walk through the process of creating a grunge poster. We will cover techniques like creating diamond shaped patterns, knocking out white backgrounds and keeping layer transparency. This tutorial includes a text version as well as a video version. Both cover the same techniques so take what you prefer and enjoy!

Falling Diamonds Wallpaper
It's a been a while, I know. I hope everyone had a good new year! In this tutorial you will learn how to create a stylish and amazing falling diamond wallpaper.

Gold and Diamond logo
How to pimp your logo with diamonds and gold with this photoshop tutorial.

Overview on the Gradient Tool
Master gradient presets, such as Radial, Angle, Reflected and Diamond gradients, in the easy-to-follow Photoshop Gradient Tool tutorial. You'll also learn about different modes, and how to improve landscape photos.