Dark side of the heart

The idea was to show to a face / heart so that something surreal in this day of the Love and the Friendship was seen.

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Heart Vector Design High Quality PSD Free Download
Another soul touching Heart Icon 3D Psd Designed for this valentine’s day for those webmasters who want to decorate their websites or any design in loving environment. This 3D Heart icon designed in dark red color with PsdPoint.com Logo, fully layered can easily modify.

Shiny heart on the dark background. Valentine's Day ideas
In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a creative and unusual Valentine's heart with the shiny effects and splatter texture.

Create Cool Heart with Photoshop CS4
Learn to create a heart. With valentien's day around the corner. This should be the best time to gift some one a self created heart.

Red Roses Heart Photoshop Tutorial
This tutorial teaches you how to create a red roses heart in Photoshop using just a few stock images. We'll use of course red roses, medieval fantasy swords, a vector ribbon, plus brushes and textures. I am pretty much please about the result but I am sure that your Valentine heart roses will look even better. You can check out some heart roses tattoo samples for more inspiration. If you replace the swords with an arrow for example you will also obtain a beautiful bleeding heart manipulation.

Daisy Heart Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial
Learn how to create a beautiful floral daisy heart with a grunge organic background in Photoshop. You will learn a nice technique to fill a shape with a pattern using your own premade patterns; you can use it to create all kind of interesting effects. This Adobe Photoshop manipulation has also a dark horror feel due to the ropes added and the grunge background.

Make a Glossy Red Heart Text
In this tutorial we'll create a beautiful glossy red heart text effect for the Valentine's Day. You can use of course any heart shape, icon, stock image, etc. I decided to use a glamour glossy heart because it goes perfectly with the pearl brushes. The result is a beautiful love heart pendant that I hope you like. If you want you can add use a chain brush to create a necklace, just use your imagination and you'll obtain beautiful results!

Download the Cracked Heart Wallpaper Psd (1280x1024)
Cracked Heart Wallpaper over cracked clay floor specially designed for broken heart lovers on this valentine’s day can also be used for your computer desktops or websites design in Photoshop Masking

Write your Text in Heart Shape
In this Photoshop tutorial, you are going to learn how to add your text in a heart shape in Photoshop CS6. This means that you text you type will simply take the frame of a heart. And to do this, we will be working with the Custom Shapes Tool.

Photoshop: Create A Stitched Jeans Valentine Heart
Since Valentine day is nearing I thought why not create a valentine’s heart in a cloth texture. Without giving it a second thought, I immediately created this awesome and beautiful looking heart.

Spear and Heart
Learn to draw moving spear and an injured heart with blood using photoshop, we'll learn motion Effect. I have drawn a spear in motion that hits the heart.

3D Heart
Create a 3D heart that can be used as a logo or send it as part of a design to someone you care for.

Creating a Heart
In this tutorial you will learn how to make a heart in Photoshop.

Heart health
In this tutorial we will work with some effects on heart image.

Create a silky and glossy pink heart
Learn to make a Transparent Glass Heart in Adobe Photoshop with 3d look.

Create a Broken Heart Island Manipulation
Learn how to create a creative broken heart island in Photoshop in a beautiful water surrounding. I have also added a mermaid and a couple of fish under the water. The broken heart island is a beautiful way to celebrate this year Valentine's day. I hope you will share your result with us so have fun and be creative. And don't forget to check out our previous tutorial, The Stone Heart photo manipulation

Photoshop Tutorial: Create A Heart Shape Pendant.
Today in this Photoshop tutorial, we are going to see how to create a beautiful Heart Pendant. This is specially created for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. So just follow the simple and easy steps, and create this beautiful heart pendant.

Drawing Animated Heart
This is a great little tutorial that will show you how to create your very own animated beating heart. There is still a lot of time until Valentines Day but you can always make it and save it for later.

Valentine Heart
In this tutorial i'm going to show you how to create a simple but beautiful valentine heart.

Sith Eyes
Create the evil reddish eyes that Anakin had when he turned to the Dark Side.

Valentine Heart
Create a Valentine's heart box for that special someone.