Creating Realistic Blood in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create realistic blood using Adobe Photoshop...
This is a simple tutorial on creating a realistic blood splatter effect.

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Realistic blood splatter
This is a simple tutorial on creating a realistic blood splatter effect.

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This is a tutorial on creating a realistic Photoshop lens flare. I have noticed lens flares being used in many designs especially in the recent years. I have figured out how to do one myself. I am not sure if this is the technique that has been used but I have found it to work quite well for creating this effect. You can use this tutorial for any kind of flare, solar flare or light explosion.

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This walkthrough will cover stylised iris effects for blood-red eyes, muting the white tones of teeth, accentuating ridges of the face and hardcore blood splatter effects.

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Emulate the amazing True Blood Poster with this vampire themed Photoshop Tutorial.

3d tentacles
This tutorial describes how to create 2d tentacles in realistic blood.

Realistic Shadow
In the following tutorial I will take you through the process of creating a realistic shadow, by taking advantage of the 3D capabilities of Adobe Photoshop. Even though it might sound complicated, the process in practice is really simple, and further more it could be applied to any shape layer. A similar effect could be achieved without utilizing the 3D capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, but this one is less time consuming, and could be further refined according to our needs.

Creating a Zombie
In this tutorial of The Photoshop Training Channel I will guide you through the various easy-to-follow steps for creating a realistic Photoshop Zombies. The techniques that I used in this video are all non-destructive and the styles applied are all editable so you can always go back and fine-tune your zombie if need be.