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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Make some confetti for your image.
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How To Create a Confetti Brush

How To Create a Confetti Brush Icon
We’ll create the shape of our confetti, adjust color at the slide of a knob, and even control how much it scatters in a few quick and easy steps. Prepare to start confetti-tizing all of your digital celebration themed work from here on out...

Confetti Text

Confetti Text Icon
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: How to create a confetti decorated text effect.

3D Ribbon Wrapped Text Effect

3D Ribbon Wrapped Text Effect Icon
This tutorial will explain how to use the Opacity texture map to create a ribbon-wrapped 3D text effect in Photoshop CS5 environment. Then, it will explain how to create the confetti brush and its layer styles.

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Autofill: What web devs should know

Many people know that you can scan your credit credit in Mobile Safari. But how many web developers know how to create a form that supports that feature? It doesn’t help that Apple has provided zero documentation on how the scan credit card feature works. But there is another factor at play here. The scan credit card feature is a subset of browser functionality that web developers have long ignored: autofill.

Bootstrap login page template

The login page contains a little form where the users insert their credentials (user name and password) to access to some part of the web site. There are different types of login templates. In this example we will see how to use the: Login page and Modal login...

XML Libraries Support in Java

In this article we will be comparing Java XML libraries and APIs. This is the second article from the series about Java support for XML, if you want to go deeper into the XPath support in Java have a look at the previous article. Now we’re going to dig deeper into the XML world support and for that we’re going to start by explaining as simple as possible all the subject-related initials.

Introduction to Developing jQuery Plugins

jQuery plugins let you define your functionality once and then drop it into your projects as needed, getting you up and running faster. We’re going to look at how to build your own jQuery plugin. We’ll look at all the areas you need to know to get you up and running building plugins in no time.