Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Make some confetti for your image.
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: How to create a confetti decorated text effect.

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Confetti Text
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: How to create a confetti decorated text effect.

3D Ribbon Wrapped Text Effect
This tutorial will explain how to use the Opacity texture map to create a ribbon-wrapped 3D text effect in Photoshop CS5 environment. Then, it will explain how to create the confetti brush and its layer styles.

Adobe Photoshop: Newest Topics
Retouching techniques
Retouching of an image is the most used art how Photoshop is used. The reason why is very simple. Even you are a good photographer or master in rendering, from time to time you need to touch your photo or image a bit in Photoshop to correct or hide parts of your artwork. Even though Photoshop wasn’t made for this it gives the user several ways how to improve his artwork, image or photography by using simple techniques and layer combinations. In this tutorial I will take an image of a woman in her natural way and try using Photoshop to improve the image but keeping a natural look on the person.
Creating a hologram efffect
Photoshop is not only a great tool for digital painting, retouching or photo manipulation but also a tool with help which you can create any special effect you could imagine. In this tutorial i will focus on creating a hologram interface effect on a stock photo using different tools and brushes. At first i will change a bit the stock photo on which i will later apply the hologram interface and all parts of it. By this i will hide and particularly reconstruct a person finger to my needs by deleting the current object which she is holding.
Merging two animals together
Everyone who used Photoshop for some time knows that the features and the possibilities which are included inside Photoshop are limited just by your imagination. Literally you can do almost everything and these include also some advanced photo manipulations. In this tutorial we will take a closer look on how to merge two images together and create an absolutely new image with a new content. For this purpose i choose two different animals which we will merge together; a lizard and a hippo.
Creating a romantic card
I decided to create a romantic card using Photoshop. The initial idea was taken from s stock photo I saw inside a photo library but was not for free, so i decided to create something similar with images you can find on the web. The initial idea was to create the card with a romantic topic, in my case two swans in the shape of a heart are the carriers of this idea. After finding all images we start to edit and merge different parts of the card together. As first we will cut off and mask the swans and place them on another surface. This process will also include some fixes, creating new shadows and also creating new adjustment layers to create the final look of the swans. After this part will be finished we will place some flowers on one side of the card to raise the romantic feeling of the card even more and blend everything together.
Creating the floating castle
In the tutorials before I already showed that the options of Photoshop are almost unlimited and that these options are only bounded by your imagination. To proceed with this I decided to create a tutorial where we will create a floating castle by manipulating and merging multiple images together. Although we already were merging different images together this one is a bit different. The difference consist in the art how we will proceed. The first step is of course the idea of the final image and this step is also very important. The initial condition which we will set for the final image will also guide our workflow. Our idea is to create a floating castle in a mountain environment and for this we also need the corresponding images to do so. If we choose the images which we could use to create our final image, the Photoshop work will begin. At first we will cut off the castle from the background using some masking technique.