Basic paint toss splash effect

This is a small tutorial I made for the upcoming contest. It's not very detailed or informative, but it should give you a basic understanding of what kind of entries I want to see.

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create a watercolor paint effect on a photo using several techniques in Adobe Photoshop CS6. To create the watercolor painting effect, we have used Smart Objects, layers, filters, eraser tool, brushes and blending modes.

Paint Outliner Inspired Text Effect
This tutorial will show you how to create a basic paint outliner effect, using mainly Photoshop Filters. It is a very simple effect, but it looks realistic and has good detailing without the use of textures or brushes.

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Color Splash in Photoshop: In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Color Splash Effect in Photoshop. We are using Quick Selection Tool to get the result. This technique also works in previous versions of Photoshop.

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Amazing Water & Light Splash Effect
In this tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract splash composition in Photoshop. The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial. Hyper Brushes, Trance Brushes, Cloud Brushes, Water Splash, Dancer Image, Background Texture...

Dynamic Liquid Splash Effect
In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial we'll create an image of a Dancer with a dynamic liquid splash effect.

Camera Toss Photography
Camera Toss Photography is an amazing new trend that captures light in its most abstract form. As the name suggests, it involves throwing your camera in the air while taking a photo.

Creating Water Paint Effect
In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the displacement effect to your own benefit. You may use it to blend a certain image with a coarse surface image, producing an overall water paint/ chalk effect, etc.

How to make paint effect portrait
In this tutorial I will show you how to make paint effect using adobe photoshop , Just simple steps .I will use some filters together to reach the final result .

Create unique water liquid splash effect
Here we will tell you Adobe photoshop CS2 technique to create unique water liquid splash effect

Create a Paint Effect
You don't need real paint to achieve this effect. Do it in Photoshop! Open a new project and start with a white background. Choose the Mixer Brush tool (under the regular brush tool)...

Add Splash of Rain to a Photo
Create a rain effect and then animate it. Do you want to add a splash of rain to your image? Well here's how to do it in Photoshop.

Quick HDR and paint effect using brushes
In this new tutorial we’re going to learn how to extract an object from a white background,create a paint effect using some brushes and create a quick HDR effect in a few easy steps.

Luminous Painting Effect using Oil Paint Filter
In today’s tutorial, we’re going to bring together two of my favorite techniques––Soft-Glow Montage and Oil Paint Filter––to produce a breathtaking painterly effect with softer, more luminous details than would be possible using only the Oil Paint filter.

Create a Painted Portrait Effect in Illustrator Using the Bristle Brush
In the past, when I wanted to create a paint-like effect, I always opened Photoshop and relied on the trusty old bitmap graphic. That is, until I discovered the Bristle Brush in Illustrator. The Bristle Brush (which is actually a set of brushes) allows you to paint with layers of vector strokes that apply different shades and transparencies to the stroke. The result is a beautiful and realistic looking paint stroke that is 100% vector.

Create a Charismatic Paint Dispersion Photo Manipulation
In this tutorial I'll be creating an artistic paint splatter effect on the picture of a beautiful young lady.

How to Paint a Woman Portrait from Scratch
In this tutorial I’ll show you how to paint a woman portrait from scratch. You’ll learn some basic rules to form your painting, the tips to paint effectively, how to use brush and take care of the details. A graphic tablet is highly recommended for this tutorial.

Create a Dynamic Splash Effect
In this edition of Photoshop Atoms tutorials, we will be making a Dynamic Splash Effect that is commonly used in marketing ads to add excitement and flare to a bland and boring photo. We will be using the Pen Tool a lot so if you are rusty, this is a great way to shake off those designs webs and get back into it. The Pen Tool is a great feature in Photoshop. It can either help create unique shapes or also provide us a way to create brush strokes without relying on a computer tablet. The end product will look similar to the image below.

Silhouette, color splash and ghost image effects
This episode covers how to create three different photo effects. The first tutorial covers how to add a gradient silhouette effect. The second tutorial shows you how to quickly create a color splash effect and the third tutorial teaches you how to create a ghost image effect, or a ghostly image. These three tutorials are mainly for beginners, but are fun to create. Have fun!