Anatomy of a Beauty Retouch

A step by step of the retouching workflow for a basic clean beauty shot. Give it a try, it has useful techniques and makes a great practice.

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Beauty Retouch
In this tutorial I will show you how to enhance a beauty portrait to give your model a flawless appearance in three simple steps.

Photo Retouch - From beauty to beast
This is a tutorial in Photoshop in which you can change Natural Beauty to Beast. Like a Natural Scene converted in to Horror or Darkness rainy scene. Not a very long tutorial, but interesting one. Some commands/filters to learn in this tutorial like Difference Clouds, Add Noise, Motion Blur, Levels etc.

Portraits Retouch eyes
It's no wonder that the eyes are considered the window to the soul. They can give away your emotions and are, too many, a thing of beauty.
In the world of photography and Photoshop one of the most import things to do in a portrait shot is get the eyes in focus. The are instinctively the first thing we look at in a portrait shot, both of humans and animals. If you get the eyes out of focus it can ruin the shot. However if you get almost everything out of focus except the eyes the image can still work. In this second portraiture tutorial I will go through 4 ways to help you retouch the eyes to make them really stand out using Photoshop.

How to Paint Realistic Eyes
Anatomy. It seems so simple, yet it's so complex. It is the bane of every artist—you just cannot go over a certain level of professionalism without having at least some notion of anatomy. Most people never thoroughly study it, and that leads to shaky art foundations that leave them permanently unsure of their own artistic strength.

Photo Retouch Tutorial
In this tutorial we will create something like glamour photo retouch. We will use Adobe Photoshop as our tool of choice for retouching a photo and making almost a ready design out of it. You will have some files for support like some brushes and the initial photo itself to practice on. So let's start out talk on making PS photo retouch.

How to create artistic headshots using ice lights
Fashion photographer Lou Freeman has been a leading figure in the glamour world for nearly three decades. Over the years, she has come up with her own unique way of creating beauty images with what she calls “beauty box perpective.” Watch as Freeman uses four Westcott Ice Lights as a beauty box to create stunning head shots...

How to Retouch a Photo
In this tutorial I will show you how to retouch a picture of a person and get the image more celebrity like or magazine worthy (in society's eyes, not mine), without getting an airbrushed look.

Beauty and the beast
Using variety of stock images and different photo manipulation techniques, lets create a fantasy scene of beauty and the beast.

Digital Painting Lesson: Paint an Arm Using Anatomy Basics
Today we have an expert lesson for you in digital painting. It’s very important for an artist to be familiar with human anatomy. Even if you’re not a regular digital painter, digital painting and drawing techniques can come in handy for tweaking photo manipulation work, adding depth to illustrations and understanding light and shadow.

Simple Photo Touch Up : Five-Minute Photoshop Portrait Retouch
This tutorial is to show you a fast and simple way to give images those quick touch ups that make the photo stand out. When you can only invest five minutes in a retouch (which probably means you have a bunch of images to retouch), you have to work smart. You’re not going to be able to do a lot of detail work on the eyes or skin — you just have to make sure the main areas get taken care of.

Photo Retouch
You have a photo which is too dark, and the color is way off. You will be taught how to retouch this photo in order to transform it into a perfectly fine image.

Basic Face Retouch
This tutorial shows a way to make a face retouch without airbrushing over the face or using the Dodge/Burn Tool.

Learn how to draw a human figure
In this tutorial we are going to practice how to draw a human figure. It is all about human anatomy and proportions here. Every, every artist should know human body proportions and anatomy. Moreover you should know them so good, that you can draw a proper human figure in several lines, but this takes years to practice.

How to Make a Professional Human Face Retouch
One of the unconventional forms of art is creating items with the aid of specialized software, on the computer. Some of the most used software applications are Photoshop, Virtual 3D, After Effects etc. The pieces of art created using these tools are varied as concepts but the main idea is still related to the beauty of the human features. A type of art but also even a “semi-industrial” necessity is the retouching of the human face; it consists of improvements or changing different features within the face.

Create a beauty layout in 10 steps
Learn how to create a beauty layout in only 10 steps with nice curved shapes and awesome stock photos.

How to Retouch a Model
In this tutorial I’ll show you how to retouch a model portrait. We’ll wak through some basic retouching tools and learn how to use them effectively. Also we’ll use adjustment layers, brush, masking to get a beautiful and natural result.

How to Composite a Destroyed City Scene and Retouch Characters
Here is a great way to create post-apocalyptic environment. This tutorial will show you how to composite your own scene with multiple photos and retouch characters by adding hair extensions and more. Try it out!

Blend and retouch a dark photo
This tutorial will show you a method to retouch a dark photo

Create beautiful lighting effects
In this tutorial, Murilo Maciel will reveal how he used Photoshop to create a fashion illustration with lighting effects, based around themes of beauty and light. Murilo will detail the essential skills behind a modern fashion illustration – such as the subtle use of Photoshop’s retouch tool – and also show some lighting techniques that will give an extra sparkle to your artwork. Finally, he’ll demonstrate how adjustment layers can help you to quickly change the overall mood.

Model photo retouch
This Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to retouch a models skin to get that magazine cover look for your photos. The art of retouching is pretty much about removing skin imperfections to get e smooth and even skin. Lets dive in and get one step closer to the perfect model photo.