Maya PaintFX Hair: Getting Started

here I will show a little steps how I’m creating hair in Maya using PaintFX. This tutorial contains three parts, first understanding hair elements, second working with complete hair and third setup hair strokes.

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PaintFX The Ultimate Hair Designer
Creating cg hair in 3D is a difficult task, the most common approach uses geometry surface with texture mapping. There are a few disadvantages to this method, that makes it difficult to work with.

Maya Hair,tutorial
In this tutorial I create the hair from pulling splines off a nurbs surface and use the history on the surface to control the shape of the hair

How to master hair and fur
Fur and Hair are always tricky areas to attempt in 3D. They often involve complicated systems with a mind boggling amount of attributes to adjust and configure, and this is even before you consider styling and rendering. In this workshop I want to illustrate my approach to adding hair and fur to a startled Easter bunny, and to do this I will be using xGen. xGen is Autodesk's new suite of tools introduced in the Extension release of Maya 2014.

Maya MB (Maya Binary) Training System
This Maya binary file uses an expression triggered at various frames in the timeline to simulate the modeling process.
What I'm attempting to show here is a new way to do some kinds of training in Maya. I'm demonstrating the technology rather than the instructional validity of the tutorial itself.

Create a 3D Text Effect With Photoshop and Maya
Photoshop is an incredibly versatile application that is often used along side 3D applications. In this tutorial, we will show you how to sketch out an idea for a text effect, build up the idea in Photoshop, render it in 3D using Maya, and then how to add the finishing touches again in Photoshop. Let's get started!

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In this tutorial we will see as it is possible to create shapes 3d, starting from an image. In this case we will try to model the mythical brand of Maya using NURBS curves CV to trace the profile.

How to Create an Awesome Fire Effect Using Maya Fluids
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a fire animation inside Maya, and adjust the settings for your own projects. We will create the fire from scratch using Maya Dynamics and Fluids. The fire animation we will create can be rendered using both Maya software and Mental Ray.

Smoothing groups in Maya
Anyone who has used 3d Studio Max and then switched to Maya has always missed the use of Smoothing Groups. While Maya doesn't have Smoothing Groups, with a little bit of planning and work, we can achieve the same result for our low polygon models.

Maya MEL Procedural Modeling for Artists - UIs
This tutorial is an introduction to building Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) in MEL for Maya 2010 and below. Maya 2011 introduces a new methodology for creating GUIs that will not be covered here. Well be going over proper coding for UIs, error handling, and well put together a very useful script that gives you considerable control over an objects pivot point

Maya Exterior Environment Creation - 1
This in-depth series focuses on the creation of an exterior scene in Maya. In day 1 we’ll start the project off by modeling our environment from the ground up, exploring the many different modeling tools and techniques Maya has to offer!

Making a 3d Character In Maya
In this tutorial I will show you a method of creating 3d Characters using A/W Maya.

Create animated Logo using Particles in Maya
Particles are one of the most powerful and versatile tools that you can use to make your CG art more interesting, and many would agree that no one does particles better than Autodesk Maya. In this tutorial we will walk you through the process of creating an animated logo using particles in Maya, and then reverse the rendered animation in any video editing software of your choice.

Creating A Missile Animation in Maya Using Instancers
In this tutorial we will animate a group of missiles being shot towards the sky using the 'Instancers' features in Maya. Play the animation below to see an example of what we are going to create in this tutorial. This is an intermediate level tutorial, you are expected to be familiar with the fundamental tools in Maya.

Modelling a Coca-Cola bottle in Maya
This tutorial is intended to show you how to make a Coca-Cola bottle using Maya. Although, you may think making a bottle is trivial, it is easy to overlook some of the tiny details that make your final image more desirable to look at. I will also try to give you some tips, which can help with your workflow when you are modeling in Maya.

Camera Projection
In this tutorial learn the process of using camera projection in Autodesk Maya. Learn how to separate and prepare our image inside of Adobe Photoshop for later projection inside Maya. In the second half of the tutorial, we'll move into Maya and focus on creating simple geometry, setting up the projection, creating and applying materials as well as animating the camera's movement. This is a great tutorial for intermediate to advanced Maya using interested in learning camera projection techniques.

Stylized Character Modeling in Maya 2010
This tutorial is designed for beginners, who are attempting to make their first “cartoony” or stylized characters.
It was created in Maya 2010 and recorded in real time, with no 'skipping ahead' or double speed, so you can follow along as we go, and hopefully by then end of the series you should have the basic knowledge for creating your own character head in Maya.

Lighting in Maya
Here is one long video to cover lighting, before we move on to a more advanced look at mapping. So study up, because next we’ll look at SSS in Maya!

Simulating Cloth in Maya
This tutorial will teach you how to simulate a cloth effect in Maya using a uniform field that reacts to forces.

Videotutorial InputBox Maya part1
Learn how to use the Input Box in Maya 8.5/2008 with this video tutorial part1.

Rendering in KeyShot
Maya video tutorial: Learn how to prepare your Autodesk Maya files before bringing them into KeyShot.