Change title bar message using Javascript (with working examples)

The title bar is the top part of the browser window where the website`s (page) title is shown: In this lesson I will show you how the title bar message (text) can be changed using only Javascript

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Learn how to create a new window using JavaScript. This tutorial explains the options for customizing a window including the title, location, size, and if it is resizable. It will also explain how to hide/show the menubar, location bar, status bar, and scrollbars.

Scrolling Status Bar Text
Displays a scrolling message in the status bar, in the bottom left hand side of your browser. It is easy to change the message to be displayed, and its scroll speed as well. A good easy to use script, but can become annoying if over used so be careful.

JavaScript ‘this’ in Different Contexts
JavaScript has a reserved keyword called this that references something different depending on where you are in a JavaScript program. In this post I’m going to summarize, by example, some different contexts and discuss what “this” would represent in each case. Note that all of these examples assume you’re developing client-side JavaScript in a browser.

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When you want to pass data from PHP to JavaScript, or from JavaScript to PHP, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the method of choice. We provide examples that show and explain... JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data-interchange format inspired by the object literals of JavaScript. JSON values can consist of...

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JavaScript, the most used language
Microsoft had hoped that VBScript would emerge as the premier scripting language for use on the web, but the title clearly belongs to JavaScript - arguably the most used language on the web! I use Perl for CGI scripts and JavaScript for web page scripts - in both cases because Microsoft products (VB and VBScript) fail to provide a solution compatible with most servers or browsers.

Statusbar Message
This is a quick, and quite simple tutorial. Now its not html, it uses Javascript. What it does is lets you customize what it says in the status bar usually at the bottom left of your browser. Right now in your browser it should say 'Infinite ....'. Here's how to make it do that.

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This handy reference covers strings and the String object in JavaScript. Each property and method of the String object is explained, along with examples.

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A JavaScript tutorial aimed at beginners, or intermediate users with a hangover who suddenly forget how to turn numbers into strings and increment their variables. Includes working code examples for comparison, logical, compacted and other operators.

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JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-based scripting language. This guide explains everything you need to know about using JavaScript. This guide assumes you have the following basic background: A general understanding of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW). Good working knowledge of HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Some programming experience. If you are new to programming, try one of the tutorials linked on the page JavaScript

Sharing Data Between Sass and JavaScript with JSON
Traditionally stylesheets describe the majority of the presentation layer for a website. However as JavaScript becomes necessary to present information in a stylistically consistent way, it becomes troublesome to keep these mediums in sync. Data visualizations and break-point based interaction are prime examples of this; something I bumped into on my most recent project.

Create a social floating bar with jQuery and CSS
We're going to show you how to make a fancy floating bar using jQuery and JavaScript, as the one you see when scrolling down on this page. From creating the PHP file to customizing the CSS, we will guide you across the several steps before you can complete this fancy floating bar ready to be implemented on your website and where you can place several elements, including social icons, information and more.

Animated Sharing Bar With jQuery and CSS
We are doing just that, by using pure JavaScript with the jQuery framework, to make an animated sharing bar, which will enable your website visitors to share posts on a number of social networks.

change page title using jquery
In this tutorial you will learn how to change the page title using jquery. I will not recommend you to do so because it is not good for seo aspect of website. But one of my friend ask me to write tutorial so i am writing this. It's not a big rocket science. It is actually a one line code. Let's have a look over how to do so.

Expert guide to making your JavaScript responsive
When we think of responsive web design development, the first thing that comes to mind is how we can use media queries to change the look and feel of our site depending on rules defined by the query. Media queries are conditional, with CSS being applied if the browser is meeting the condition. A visual change to a site may also require a change to how the site functions. This is where we start using JavaScript.

Working with JavaScript Dates Using Moment.js
Moment.js is a free and open source JavaScript library that removes the need to use the native JavaScript Date object directly. The library is a wrapper for the Date object (in the same way that jQuery is a wrapper for JavaScript) making the object a whole lot easier to work with. Date manipulation is one of those development hurdles that we all must jump at one point in our career, and great tools go a long way in taming the beast.

A Complete Reference to JavaScript Events
You must have seen a dropdown menu is visible when you take your cursor over a link or a message is displayed when you click on a button. JavaScript detects actions that are known as events.Every element on a web page has certain events which can trigger JavaScript functions. For example, we can use the onClick event of a button element to indicate that a function will run when a user clicks on the button. We define the events in the HTML tags.