Convert SWF to PNG with Actionscript 3

Have you ever thought on how to extract an image of format .png from a SWF? In this tutorial we will convert SWF file to PNG file.

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Internal Actionscript Architecture
A blank .swf file is not quite empty, inside of all your .swf files you will find the actionscript that defines the built in objects such as Math, String and Array but what does that code look like? Well unfortuneatley when you publish to the .swf file format, all your actionscript is compiled in into bytecode, so its no longer in its human readbable form.

How to add link on SWF files in Flash (ActionScript 3.0)?
If you ever wonder how to create a linked swf in Flash then this easy to follow tutorial will teach you how to create a hyperlink on swf file in Flash in a few simple steps using ActionScript 3.0. Let’s get started.

How to make a Flash preloader using Actionscript 3
In this tutorial I will teach you how to make a Flash preloader using Actionscript 3. The idea is that we will create a very small swf that we will use to load your main swf file using the Actionscript 3 Loader class. Because the preloader will be a very small swf, you dont have to worry that it will take much time until the preloader itself is downloaded

loadMovie() and unloadMovie() functions
Loading External SWF file
The loadMovie() function is a little function that loads external .swf (also: .jpg, .png, etc) into a movieclip within the main movie. One advantage of this is that content is not loaded together with the main movie, which makes your swf smaller, and another is that by changing one swf you can alter many other swfs.

How to use an external .swf as a library
I'm sure you already know that if you load an external .swf into your movie, you can then use actionscript in the main movie to attach movie clips in that movie's library IN THE LOADED LAYER ONLY.For instance, if I had a .swf called "myswf.swf" and it had a movie clip in it's library exported for actionscript and labeled "myMovie":

Access movie clip with SWF Loader
Today I will post about accessing movie clips dynamically from externally loaded swf’s. My example below assumes the external swf has a movie clip in the library with the ‘Export to Actionscript 3’ enabled and the Class name: MyMovieClip. The external swf has no content on the stage.

Load multiple external swf in AS3
In this post I will write about loading multiple external swf’s in Actionscript 3. A common problem you face when loading more than one swf is that multiple copies can potentially be loaded. Look at the example below.

Writing ActionScript 3.0 in Flash
The Flash Professional 9 ActionScript 3.0 Preview is the only development environment that allows you to create Flash documents (FLA files) that use ActionScript 3.0, although you can also compile SWF files from ActionScript (AS) files using Flex Builder 2.

Make Animations using ActionScript
This article shows you how easy it is to use the ActionScript 3 animation features in Adobe Flash Professional CS5, even if don't regularly use ActionScript. You'll explore the range of options available and learn how to animate movie clips and components to add animation to your SWF applications.

Print all Elements on the Stage with ActionScript 3.0?
In this short tutorial, let’s see how we can print the content of our swf files using the PrintJob class with actionscript 3.

Load external SWF
In this Flash tutorial you will learn how to load an external SWF file using Actionscript 3.0.

Converting .swf to .avi/VCD
The long yet sure way to convert .swf to good quality .avi/VCD, retaining the frames per second and sounds.

Create Magic Dazzling Effect with Sothink SWF Quicker
No motion tween or ActionScript is utilized in the effect. The tutorial describes its simple and easy steps to create effect by using Sothink SWF Quicker with clear illustrations.

Convert PowerPoint to SWF With or Without Flash
This will show you how to convert a PowerPoint presentation without the text and sound effects.

Create Magic Dazzling Effect
At the first sight, maybe you've got the impression that it is a motion tween effect or an effect utilized ActionScript. However, the fact is that it was not created by using motion tween or ActionScript. By using Sothink SWF Quicker, you can make it.

Drawing with actionscript
This tutorial will teach us on how to draw at runtime using actionscript code.
We will use 'drawing methods' of 'movieclip class' to draw shapes in the SWF file in response to events.

Video: Tween and Fade Control from ActionScript Part I
We prepare the stage for a sunshine completely controlled from actionscript 3.0 No Key frames.
The tutorial comes with a LIVE SWF demonstration and SOURCE FILES are available for download.
This video tutorial proves, once more that has a reputed performance as ones of the web's leading tutorial provider.

Actionscript Viewer
Pope de Flash checks out a must have piece of kit that allows you to retrieve code and objects from your .SWF files

Actionscript 2: The Fader Class
This tutorial shows how to create a module for fading in and out a jpg or swf and creating a mask when required. The script contains several useful functions.

ActionScript for Newbies
ActionScript for Newbies Contents: ActionScript for Newbies, Starting with: What is ActionScript and what can you do with it?
The ActionScript syntac, Variables, Using Functions, Operators, If...Else, Creating functions, Buttons, Array, Loops, ActionScript math functions, Movieclips and the dot syntax, Movieclip properties, Movieclip events, Drawing with ActionScript, Prototypes, The Debugger, Last Words.