Flash CS4 Tutorial

In this Flash CS4 tutorial you will learn the basics of Flash CS4 animation. You will familiarize yourself with the Flash CS4 workspace and learn how to use the various tools in order to create a Flash animation.

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Layers in Flash CS4
How to manage layers in Flash CS4: All this while we were working on flash CS4 on stage on a single layer, now lets just draw a simple website design.

Learn 3D Art in Flash CS4
There are 2 new tools added to the Flash CS4, the 3D translation tool and the 3D rotation tool, both of which you will find directly under the free transform tool, under the main menu on the extreme right of the flash CS4 Screen.

How to create a basic layout in Flash CS4
To create a layout in flash CS4, first you need flash CS4 software, ideally I would recommend that you make a layout of what is in your mind on a white paper, as to the size, the color, the font, the navigation links you want, where to place them etc.

Moving Ball Animation in Flash CS4
In this tutorial you will learn how to move a ball from left to right using Adobe Flash CS4.

Introduction to 3D Using Flash CS4
Learn how to use Flash CS4's 3D tools to take your content and easily manipulate them in a 3d space.

Drawing in flash CS4
Lets learn how to draw in flash CS4, let start by drawing a rectangle and an oval, the reason why we are starting with drawing a rectangle and a oval is because both these have a stroke and a fill. Understanding strokes and fills are important to draw in flash CS4 because they are treated as separate objects and not treated as one object.

Creating Flash Panels for Photoshop
Learn how to create a Photoshop CS4 Flash panel using Flash CS4.

Image rollover using Flash CS4
In this tutorial you'll learn how to make an image big on rollover in flash CS4

How To Create A Simple Image Gallery In Flash CS4
In this tutorial we will show you how to create a simple image gallery with thumbnails in Flash CS4. We will apply a couple of simple, yet nice transitions to the images and thumbnails. This will require you to get the hands a bit dirty in animation and action scripting. However, this is going to be easy and fun! So here we go.

Classic tween in Flash CS4
Learn how to put multiple classic tween on stage at the same time in Flash CS4

Learn to import sound in Flash CS4
In flash, its easy to import sound and use it in your flash movies, importing sound in flash CS4 is like importing any other element.

Learn Flash CS4 animation: Classic Tween
With this easy tutorial, I will show you how to make classic tweens in Flash CS4. You are going to learn:
* What are Movie Clip symbols and how to make them
* What is the timeline
* How to make keyframes
* How to make your Movie Clip move, change size and more

Spraying symbols in Flash CS4
Learn how to spray symbols using the Spray brush tool in Flash CS4.

Adobe Flash CS4 Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet
Every software has its own Keyboard Shortcut keys to speedup the work. Instead of using Commands, every person try to use Shortcut key. Here we have compiled a list of Shortcut Keys for Adobe Flash CS4 for PC (Flash Cheat Sheet). Enjoy using these while working in Adobe Flash.

Object drawing Mode in Flash CS4
Lets draw a circle on stage and similarly with another color chosen from the color panel box draw another circle on stage, you will find flash CS4 different from Flash Professional, in the sense both the circles are on drawing object mode and you can change the color of each the way you want, unlike flash professional, the second object drawn on stage will be considered as a grouped object and you cannot change the color, if you want to change the color you can by clicking on the grouped object, but in Flash CS4 you can change the color, use a stroke, change the color of stroke etc.

Fading Banner Slideshow
This Adobe Flash CS4 tutorial will teach you how to create a fade in and fade out banner slideshow for your websites. You will need to create seven images that will make up the slideshow images and import them into the Flash CS4 Library then add to the Flash animation document stage. You will then convert the images to symbols and create Motion Tweens for your individual image layers and adjust the Color Effect Alfa type at various point in the Timeline to create an image fade in and out effect.

Learn to create a customizable pop-up window using Flash CS4
We are going to learn how to create pop-up windows in Flash CS4 using Action Script 2.0.

Line tool, Pencil tool, Brush tool and Pen tool in Flash CS4
How the Line tool, Pencil tool, brush tool and pen tool work in in Flash CS4. It is very important to understand how the various drawing tools work in flash CS4, let me just take you through on some of these, on the extreme right on the menu, you will find the various drawing tools

Polystar tool in flash CS4
We will learn how to use a polystar tool in flash CS4, this tool is somewhat similar to a circle or a rectangle tool that you are creating basic shapes with it, but it has a few options that we need to highlight for you, with a polystar tool you can create two things, you can create polygons, a triangle, hexagon, octagon etc, or you can draw a star shape with it.

Deco tool in Flash CS4
Learn how use the Deco tool in Flash CS4.