Find mouse position in Actionscript 3

In this tutorial you will learn how to fiind mouse position in Actionscript 3.0.
In this tutorial I will show you how to get mouse position information.

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Find out mouse position
In this tutorial I will show you how to get mouse position information.

StartDrag command for 1 axis only
This tutorial details how to have an object follow the mouse on 1 axis only (not possible with the drag command). This gives the effect of it sliding across the screen. This can be done easily by making the x/y position of the object equal to the corresponding position of the mouse. However, to make the movement look more authentic, like it is following the mouse, not just always in the same position, you can add a small piece of code which makes it lag behind a little.

Mouse control and actionscript
Our world of Flash interactivities will suddenly shrink if our mouse was taken away from us, the mouse is with the keyboard a very important input device that let us converse quickly and efficiently with our Flash applications. Fortunately actionscript has some built in methods, properties and events that are going to be very handy to give us control and information on the mouse activity.

How to build a Flash Actionscript 3.0 mouse scroller
I'll explain you few things how to understand and develop this. This scroller is a simple one, that instead of arrows will move a movie clip according to the mouses x position (this will be done with MOUSE_MOVE listeners, not with ENTER_FRAME) . An equation will be created, between mouse and content and we will move this using Caurina Tweener Class, as usual.

Position of mouse
This Flash tutorial will teach you how to display the x and y position of the mouse.

Flaming Mouse Trail tutorial
n this tutorial we will make a Mouse Trailer in the shape of a burning flame. We will use Actionscript 3 and the popular tweening engine, Tweenlite. Custom designed Mouse trails are pretty popular these days even though some might find them annoying. But they will fit perfectly in some Flash games and applications.

Eyes following mouse cursor
A simple and easy tutorial for you to know how to use the mouse interactivity in Actionscript 3. Well create the eyes for an alien character that will follow the mouse. Also well hide the mouse and change it with something else. All this is done in a general Movie Clip so you can drag it in your project .

scanning cursor that shows the mouse coordinates
Learn to make a crosshair cursor that replaces the system mouse and how to show the current position of the mouse with a dynamic text field.

Mouse sparkle effect in Actionscript 3
The mouse sparkle effect will generate particles randomly with different scales and colours as the mouse moves. The particles will also gradually fade over time and move randomly. I have used a five point start as my particle, but this effect will work for any kind of particle. I have two examples below. The first example uses TweenLite to create the mouse move effect, and the second uses pure Actionscript 3 code. Both examples assume a movie clip is in the library with key frames of different colours.

Follow object with mouse in Actionscript 3
In this tutorial you will learn how to follow an object with the mouse in Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3.0.

The Mousewheel in Actionscript 3
In this tutorial you will learn how to use the mouse wheel in actionscript 3.0.

Creating A Custom Mouse Curser In Flash
I'm going to show you how to make your mouse arrow customized using simple actionscript in Flash. This is a neat effect you can use if you want the mouse to match the scheme of your site, but try not to go overboard as lots of Flash developers have done in the past.

Record all mouse movements using ActionScript 3.0
This code will record all mouse movement inside your flash movie, and then a copy of your mouse will repeat the movements.

Setting The X Position Of A Movie Clip
Today's I will show you how to set the horizontal position of a movie clip in flash using actionscript

Banner resizer effect in Actionscript 3
In this Flash tutorial you will learn how to create a banner resizer effect in Actionscript 3. This effect increase the size of the banner when the mouse is over, and restore the orginal size when the mouse is off.

The Tank: Part 2: Rotating and Shooting the Cannon
In this Flash tutorial you will learn how to make the cannon on the tank rotate wherever the mouse is pointing and shoot whenever the left mouse button is clicked. Topics covered in this tutorial: mouse angle detection, onMouseDown event, duplicateMovieClip, rotation and actionscript controlled motion.

Mouse Dragging
This tutorial will show you how to create mouse dragging with Actionscript.

Displaying Pictures According to the Cursor Position
In this easy flash tutorial, learn how to browse pictures contained in a movie clip according to the cursor position. The user will watch the human evolution by simply moving his mouse cursor horizontally.

Vertical 3D Carousel with ActionScript 3
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a vertical 3D carousel with the help of ActionScript 3! We will determine the rotation speed according to mouse movement.

ActionScript for Newbies
ActionScript for Newbies Contents: ActionScript for Newbies, Starting with: What is ActionScript and what can you do with it?
The ActionScript syntac, Variables, Using Functions, Operators, If...Else, Creating functions, Buttons, Array, Loops, ActionScript math functions, Movieclips and the dot syntax, Movieclip properties, Movieclip events, Drawing with ActionScript, Prototypes, The Debugger, Last Words.