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Creating star dynamic field
Here we are going to create a dynamic starfield i.e; moving star background. We are looping the stars to get the continious series. I have written very simple and easy steps for it.

Animated line drawing using TweenLite in AS3
In this tutorial you will learn how to create animated line drawing using TweenLite in Actionscript 3.

Complex shapes with the AS3 drawing API
Everybody who uses Actionscript 3 know that you can create basic shapes using the drawing API. These shapes include lines, rectangles and circles. You can also create complex shapes by combining simple shapes together. In this post I will share a few examples of complex shapes. To make life a little easier, you can optionally draw a quick sketch down on paper to give a rough idea of the shape's placement. Or you can turn on the 'Grids' in Flash by going to View > Grids > Show Grids on the menu bar.

Create a Basic Drawing Application in Flash
In this tutorial, we’ll create a Drawing Application with basic functions and an easy to use interface.

Learn 3D Art in Flash CS4
There are 2 new tools added to the Flash CS4, the 3D translation tool and the 3D rotation tool, both of which you will find directly under the free transform tool, under the main menu on the extreme right of the flash CS4 Screen.

Classic tween in Flash CS4
Learn how to put multiple classic tween on stage at the same time in Flash CS4

Moving Ball Animation in Flash CS4
In this tutorial you will learn how to move a ball from left to right using Adobe Flash CS4.

Creating Mask in Flash CS4
Learn how to hide or reveal certain parts of a layer using mask.

Image rollover using Flash CS4
In this tutorial you'll learn how to make an image big on rollover in flash CS4

Layers in Flash CS4
How to manage layers in Flash CS4: All this while we were working on flash CS4 on stage on a single layer, now lets just draw a simple website design.

Line tool, Pencil tool, Brush tool and Pen tool in Flash CS4
How the Line tool, Pencil tool, brush tool and pen tool work in in Flash CS4. It is very important to understand how the various drawing tools work in flash CS4, let me just take you through on some of these, on the extreme right on the menu, you will find the various drawing tools

Object drawing Mode in Flash CS4
Lets draw a circle on stage and similarly with another color chosen from the color panel box draw another circle on stage, you will find flash CS4 different from Flash Professional, in the sense both the circles are on drawing object mode and you can change the color of each the way you want, unlike flash professional, the second object drawn on stage will be considered as a grouped object and you cannot change the color, if you want to change the color you can by clicking on the grouped object, but in Flash CS4 you can change the color, use a stroke, change the color of stroke etc.

Drawing in flash CS4
Lets learn how to draw in flash CS4, let start by drawing a rectangle and an oval, the reason why we are starting with drawing a rectangle and a oval is because both these have a stroke and a fill. Understanding strokes and fills are important to draw in flash CS4 because they are treated as separate objects and not treated as one object.

Creating Pixel Art in Flash Using Pixel Tools
This is an introduction to Pixel Tools v2.0. We'll download the tools, install them, then use them to draw a cheeky snowman!

Carrot Draw
After Drawing a Banana we create a carrot for our game

Design a Linework and Typography
Learn how to design a sweet linework and typography Combo using Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.

Create monochrome art
You'll learn handy tips for drawing in Flash, focusing on some essential drawing tools that make creating this artwork quick and simple. Starting with Flash's unique Line tools, we take this tool a step further by converting lines to create fills for a comic book style 'focus lines' effect.

Painting Program
This is a very cool tutorial for creating a simple paint with the mouse pointer program in Adobe Flash.

Create Flash Animations
you can create simple Flash animations without ever leaving the familiar confines of Illustrator, and without any knowledge of Flash. Here are two easy ways to get things moving.

Curves and fills with Actionscript 3.0 Drawing API
This tutorial will show you how to draw curves using actionscript 3.0 drawing API. You will also learn about fills and how to use them.

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