Custom Cursors: Making a RPG Complete

In this tutorial yow will learn how to create Custom cursors for your Games!
Handle custom cursors using clip events. Based on/in addition to a tutorial on Custom cursors submitted by Flash Wizard.

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Custom Cursors: An Alternative Using Clip Events
Handle custom cursors using clip events. Based on/in addition to a tutorial on Custom cursors submitted by Flash Wizard.

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In Flash you can hide the standard cursor (Mouse pointer icon) and create custom cursors. The Mouse object in Flash has a hide method which can be used to hide the normal mouse pointer and then we can define a Movieclip as our custom cursor. In this Tutorial you'll learn how to create and use Movieclips as Custom Cursors using simple Actionscript.

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This article is written using a Java-like pseudo code language, but the concepts are applicable to any game development environment.

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