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Transparent Background - Transparent Image: Export and Optimize
Adobe Fireworks is the ideal tool for creating and exporting web graphics. In this tutorial you will learn how to export and optimize your transparent background graphics using Fireworks. Transparency is supported by GIF and PNG images.

Make your digital images more convincing and lifelike with just a handful of gradients and custom shadows. Once you’re done, your pictures will look like real photo prints, you’d swear they popped out of the screen

Image Editing Tricks Part I
This is the first of two parts, and will serve as a simple intro showing how to create and match perspectives using the Distort Tool. And what better example than putting a screenshot over an empty screen?

Image Editing Tricks Part II
Using vector shapes and the Multiply blend mode in Adobe Fireworks allows us to create adjustable superimpositions and preserve the shadows of the superimposed image. This works best with photos of objects with a flat white background, standard among stock photos.

Extracting Logos
I'm back with a tutorial that shows you how to extract a logo and/or logotype from a raster image, using only Adobe Fireworks' Live Filters. With this method, you also have the option to re-color the lifted logo in anyway you want: solid, gradient, or textured. All of this, while avoiding the temptations of the quick-and-dirty Wand Tool

Paste inside Effect
In this tutorial you are going to learn how to paste any graphic (image or vector) inside a vector shape using Fireworks. Paste inside is a smart tiny effect that you can use to flavor your images up a spot, and give more professional look.

Blend Mode Effect
In this tutorial you are going to learn how to use blend mode to an image using Fireworks. Fireworks have several blending mode help you to get the look you want in a photograph. The blending mode allows you to create multiple images.

Line Art, Pencil Drawing Effect
In this tutorial you are going to learn how to apply find edges effect to an image using Fireworks. The Find Edges filter converts image to a line art by identifying the color transitions in the images and changing them to lines.

Extract Image Effect
In this tutorial you are going to learn how to get sharp or smooth edges when deleting unwanted areas of an image using Fireworks. Feathering creates a transparent effect for the selected pixels.

Photo Montage, Fade Image Effect
In this tutorial you are going to learn how to fade images in different ways using Fireworks. Fade effects are often used for softening the edges of photos or for blending an image object into another image object.

Photo Blur Effect
In this tutorial you are going to learn how to partially blur a photo or focus on an image part using Fireworks. The image below shows how we have blurred the background that will help you create step-by-step.

Old Picture Effect
This Tutorial shows you how to create an old, dirty and grungy Picture Effect.

Slideshow for your website
This Adobe Fireworks video tutorial teaches you the making of a slideshow for your website.

Photograph focus effect
Adobe fireworks photograph effect to create focused region clear and rest blur.

Fitting a Square Image into a Rounded Rectangle
Learn how to fit a square image into a rounded rectangle.

Fade Image on Two Edges
We learned how to use gradient masking to fade an image on the bottom edge of a photo so that it blends into the background.

Add an Image to the Laptop Screen
We are going to learn how to add the picture to the laptop screen.

Lighten Photo
Lighten Photo using the Levels to fix under-exposed photographs.

Straighten Distorted Photo
This tutorial will explain how to straighten a photo that is distorted, because the camera wasn't held at the correct angle. The lens should not be below, above or to the left or right of center but right in the center of the scene.

Learn how to get smooth and soft edges when cutting a picture/image in Fireworks.

Home » Adobe Fireworks (340) » Picture Editing (62)