Excel 2007 Page Layout

The Excel 2007 Page Layout tab in Excel lets you make changes to the overall page, including margins, colors, printing and views.

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Excel 2007 Page Setup
In the Excel 2007 Page Setup section of the page layout tab the first button is Margins. Click the down arrow to see the default selections. These are the margins that you need to set for printing your document.

Excel View Options - Page Layout, Page Break and Normal View
The Excel View options allow you to view or see the spreadsheet differently. You can adjust the Excel window to suit what you are currently working on by changing the view to match your current task.

Excel 2007 Scale to fit
Excel 2007 Scale to Fit section allows you to adjust how large you want your spreadsheet to be on the printed page. There are 2 ways of working with these features. If you prefer to make changes in a window click the little diagonal arrow in the lower right hand corner. This will open the Page Setup window with the Page tab already selected. You can make changes to the scale of your spreadsheet in the scaling section of this tab.

Excel 2007 Setting Up Your Excel Environment
Before you begin creating spreadsheets in Excel, you may want to set up your Excel environment and become familiar with a few key tasks and features such as how to minimize and maximize the Ribbon, configure the Quick Access toolbar, switch page views, and access your Excel options.

Excel 2007 Template
Templates are predesigned and formatted spreadsheets, the provide consistency of layout's structure and save time and repetition of work. Frequently when working with spreadsheets you want to use the same layout or design.

Scale your spreadsheet to fit on one page when printing from Excel
You can use the Scaling option in Page Setup to set limits on how many pages wide and tall your document should be when you print it. The problem with that is that you can find your page fits onto one page, but becomes too small to read. Not only that, but Excel ignores any manual page breaks you've entered. This lesson explains how you can print your spreadsheet so it automatically scales to be one page wide without forcing the rows into a single page.

Excel Printing Workbooks
When you finish compiling your worksheet, you will probably want to print a hard copy or e-mail a copy to someone else. This tutorial shows you a number of Excel tools you can use to improve your document layout, including headers, footers, page orientation, and margins.

Excel 2007 Printing Workbooks
In Excel, there are many things you can do to prepare your workbook for printing. Many of these tasks make it easier to format the spreadsheet for the printed page.
In this lesson you will learn how to view the spreadsheet in print preview, modify margins, change the page orientation, use the scale to fit feature, use the Print Titles command, insert breaks, and more.

Excel 2007 Sheet Options
This section is Excel 2007 Sheet Options. You click the diagonal arrow at the lower right corner of the sheet Options section to open the Page Set up Window to the Sheet tab. Then you can make the modification in the Print section.

How to use Headers and footers in Excel Printouts
In this video you will learn how to: Add or change the header or footer text in Page Layout view. Add or change the header or footer text in the Page Setup dialog box.

Getting to know Excel 2007
The Excel 2007 interface has been completely revamped and redesigned compared to the older versions of Excel we are all used to.

How to minimize and customize the ribbon
Excel selects the ribbon's Home tab when you open it. Learn how to minimize and customize the ribbon. The tabs on the ribbon are: File, Home, Insert, Page layout, Formulas, Data, Review and View. The Home tab contains the most frequently used commands in Excel.

Excel 2007 Formulas
The Excel 2007 formulas tab is for more advanced users. I am going to go through this section quickly, but remember if you have specific questions about using formulas please email me.
The 1st section is the Function Library. This section contains buttons that will help you with all of the different formulas Excel 2007 provides.

Excel 2007 Font
The Font section of Excel 2007 works a lot like it does in Word 2007. You can change the font style, size, bold, italic, underline, background color, or font color. The difference in Excel is how you select the text to make the changes. In Excel you can change one cell at a time, change just part of the text in a cell or change multiple cells.

Excel 2007 Arrange Tab
The last section in the Page Layout tab is Arrange. Most of the arrange buttons are for objects you have inserted into your spreadsheet. The first button is Bring to Front. This button will be grayed out until you insert an object into your spreadsheet. You can review the Insert Tab tutorials to learn how to insert an object. Once you have an object inserted into your spreadsheet you can select it and click the Bring to Front button. This will place the object in front of everything so no part of it is hidden. The Send to Back button is just the reverse.

Excel 2007 Using Templates
In this lesson, you will learn how to create a new workbook with a template, as well as basic information about how templates work in Excel 2007.

Excel 2007 Basics
This top basics list lays out all the fundamental skills required to successfully use Excel 2007.

The Excel Options Dialog
Microsoft has completely redesigned the Excel Options dialog for Excel 2007 (as it has the Options dialogs for the rest of Office 2007).

How to Add Comments to a Worksheet Cell
I’m a big user of Excel and it always amazes me how few people add comments to their Excel spreadsheets! Adding and using comments in Excel is a great way to explain formulas, cells, and other data in the spreadsheet itself, thus saving you the time spent on the phone with colleagues! It’s really easy to add comments to cells in Excel and I’ll explain how you can do so in Excel XP/2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.

Excel 2007 Home Tab
In these Microsoft Excel 2007 tutorials home tab addition you will find most of your basic features. These are the tools you will find yourself using the most when creating the look and feel of an Excel spreadsheet. With this tab you are able to change the style, size and color of your font, align test, create bullets and numbers, and cut and paste text.