Model, Texture, and Render an Interior Scene With VRay

You will learn how to create and render a realistic interior scene in Cinema 4D and Vray.
In this fantastic new 2 part video tutorial series, learn how to model, texture and render a dumbbells scene in Cinema 4D. Todays part covers the dumbbell modelling and the overall scene layout, and is an awesome way to brush up on your C4D modelling skills!

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Modelling and Rendering a Dumbbells Scene
In this fantastic new 2 part video tutorial series, learn how to model, texture and render a dumbbells scene in Cinema 4D. Todays part covers the dumbbell modelling and the overall scene layout, and is an awesome way to brush up on your C4D modelling skills!

Model, Texture and Render an iMac
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, I'll show you how to model, texture and render a realistic iMac in Cinema4D. You'll learn how to use primitives and various modeling techniques, then you'll learn how to apply various textures and end up with a result that can be easily used in a future design work.

Model, Texture and Render a Freshly Picked Cherry
In this tutorial, AntwanFX covers how to first model, then texture and finally light and render a freshly picked cherry in Cinema4D. Serving as a great introduction to a full workflow, this tutorial is highly recommended for anyone switching to Cinema from a different app, or just starting out in 3D.

Sound Render
In this tutorial, we will show an example of how you can use this great new feature; a scene of a jet cruising by. You can download the project file for the jet model, or you can use your own objects.

Create a Futuristic Airship Scene
How to create a futuristic aircraft model using Cinema4D's primitives, structure tools, Hyper/SweepNURBS, and the Landscape and Sky Shader objects. We'll also cover how to create simple but effective materials, how to use the Camera shader from MoGraph 2, and take a look at how Advanced Render post-effects such as Highlights and Glow can be used when compositing in Photoshop.

Simple Abstract Render
Cinema 4D Tutorial: Learn how to create an abstract render.

Create a 3D Typographic Illustration
Create a 3D Typographic Illustration in photoshop with Cinema 4D Concrete Material and Wood Texture. Open Cinema 4D, create a new file and go to render settings, applying the settings shown below.

Lamp Animation
This tutorial is a relatively quick overview of setting up a scene with a rigged animated object in Cinema4D. Although it should be simple to follow along to anyone with a basic knowledge of Cinema 4D. It quickly and concisely demonstrates how to use the basic modeling tools, set up a rig with bones, use constraints, change the type of keyframes, use the auto keyframe tool, clean up keyframes, work with the time line, set up lights, set up materials, apply the materials to objects and render out an animation.

Create a High Rez Clank Model
In this Cinema 4D video tutorial we'will demonstrate how to model a Clank, from the hit PlayStation game Ratchet and Clank, using Cinema 4D. You will learn many different techniques, from the basic steps needed to model the head and body, to the more complicated functions needed to add some pretty serious detail to stay true to the character.

How to Create City Blocks
One simple way to create a cityscape is to model a few simple buildings and duplicate them several times to achieve the illusion of a large city. This tutorial takes a look at how to create and position buildings suitable for a realistic, low-polygon city scene. In following cityscape tutorials, we will add greater detail to the city and create a fly-through animation.

Create a Lava-Ball Scene
This fiery tutorial walks us through how to create this awesome lava-ball scene in Cinema 4D. Making great use of the powerful explosion, bend and gravity objects, this tutorial really does show just how intuitive Cinema4D can be when creating a stylish result such as this!

Coffee Cup Tutorial: Material, Lighting And Rendering
Very recently published a tutorial on modeling a coffee cup (mug) in the website and this is the continuation and second part of the series in which we are going to learn how to apply material, apply lighting and create best render setting to get photorealistic image. We are going to learn how to create seamless background and how to use ‘Global Illumination’ within Cinema 4D along with ‘Ambient Occlusion’ to create this photorealistic studio render. I have posted the final rendered image below for your reference.

Stylish Light in Cinema 4D and Photoshop Tutorial
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a scene inspired by those gangster movies and of course the great depthCORE chapter NOIR. We will use Cinema 4D to create the scene and then in Photoshop we will add the gangster and other effects.

Create an Abstract Armored Sphere Scene
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a complex abstract Armored Sphere scene in Cinema 4D.

Abstract Rendering
This tutorial shows you how to make renders in cinema 4D like i Do.Remember the render will always have a different outcom and therefore it will not be completely the same link mine.

Create Futuristic Berserker Scene using 3D Techniques
In this tutorial you will learn how to create futuristic Berserker scene. You know that you cant become a professional designer if you will use only one program, like Photoshop. You need learn more software and combine all in one project and this tutorial is great example for it, because to create this effect we will use 4 programs. You will learn various 3D techniques in combination of the following programs: Poser8, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Cinema4D and Photoshop.

Creating Alpha Channels for Wireframe Renderings
If the situation ever arises where you need to render out an alpha channel for a wireframe image or animation, there is a workaround method in Cinema which will allow you to do this.

Creating Detailed Buildings for City Scene
At this point, we will focus on making the city more realistic looking by creating a few more detailed buildings. These detailed buildings will stand out against the plain buildings in our animation. They will be placed closer to the camera to give the effect that, as you get closer to any building in the city, you will see greater detail. It is unnecessary to create each building in detail since the camera will not be zooming close to every building in the city. At the end of this animation, the camera will zoom in close to a door on building. Since the camera moves in extremely close to this final building, it should be more detailed than any other building in the scene. The following tutorials will focus on the creation of a much more detailed building with landscaping and the animation procedure.

Cookie Cutter C4D Forum Signature
This tutorial will introduce Photoshop users to the basics of using C4D and blending renders with patterns instead of brushes. My external hard drive no longer contains the render, C4D designs and pattern set I used for this tutorial but I will find everything again and upload them here as soon as possible.

Make a Spherical Map
Making a texture that is ready for spherical mapping is, like so many things, very easy to do once you know how.