Zoom In and Out

Public Function DisplayImage(ctlImageControl As Control, strImagePath As Variant) As String

Dim strResult As String
Dim strDatabasePath As String
Dim intSlashLocation As Integer

With ctlImageControl
If IsNull(strImagePath) Then
.Visible = False
strResult = "No image name specified."
If InStr(1, strImagePath, "\") = 0 Then
' Path is relative
strDatabasePath = CurrentProject.FullName
intSlashLocation = InStrRev(strDatabasePath, "\", Len(strDatabasePath))
strDatabasePath = Left(strDatabasePath, intSlashLocation)
strImagePath = strDatabasePath & strImagePath
End If
.Visible = True
.Picture = strImagePath
strResult = "Image found and displayed."
End If

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I have a text box with a memo control source, when you click the text box an acCmdZoomBox is run. However when the Zoom box opens it highlights all of the data, which is causing issues with people accidentally deleting all the information. I have seen something about a selstart, sellength command, but I don't know how to refer that to a zoom box.
Also is it possible to carriage return on a Zoom Box memo, or even text box

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Database3 is where my existing Table1 and the existing form I would like to customize with the new zoom box are located.

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While designing a Form, Report or Query certain properties of these objects we can Zoom in and edit the property values in a big window, like Record Source Property, Filter or Order By property etc. When you right-click on these properties a Shortcut Menu will open up with the Zoom... option in it and when clicked we can edit the property values comfortably in a big window.

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Me![DRImageFrame].Picture = Me.[DRIP]

This works great.

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In design View 2007
Is there a way to zoom in for a closer view so I can do better aligning of fields?

How to control the tables added to the relationship layout interface?
How to control the tables added to the relationship layout “interface”?

I’m wondering why the relationship interface is still missing many tools that help in performing the work more efficiently. The interface misses the following (comparing with what we have in the ArcGIS software)
1. Pan tool
2. Zoom in/out too
3. Zoom all tool
4. Automatic arrangement

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I have a report
click a cmd button open the report
in zoom100% but at the left side of the screen
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Microsoft web browser ole class object : form vs report
What the difference is between 'microsoft web browser' ole class object embedded in a microsoft access form and 'microsoft web browser' ole class object embedded in a report.

this code works fine :

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
gmap.Navigate URL:="http://maps.google.com/staticmap?center=" & latitude & "," & longitude & "&zoom=14&size=512x512"
End Sub

this one does not at all :

Private Sub Report_Activate()
gmap.Navigate URL:="http://maps.google.com/staticmap?center=" & latitude & "," & longitude & "&zoom=14&size=512x

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When I make changes to a query expression (usually in zoom) and click OK, I often lose the changes. It may be due to incorrect syntax, but I don't get a notification saying so, just lose the changes. If the syntax is wrong creating a new expression, I get a pop up, but not for changes Is there a setting I need to change? Very frustrating to think I made a change and have the query results be incorrect

Why is my report showing like this?
I have created a report (Distance Between Localities), which unfortunately, sums the averages of distances between locations, whilst I would not like to aggregate the distances, but rather display either
a) one of the distances e.g. first, last
b) the average distance

Database at [LINK] named, Transport Malta.

Office Access 2007

I am using Mozilla FF, and, noted that when trying to browse Microsoft Answers using Google Chrome the default display is sosmall that I hurriedly switch browser rather than bothering to zoom the time.

Print Preview Report
I have assigned a macro to a button that opens a report in print preview mode. When the report opens it is set at "Fit" in the tool bar and I have to zoom to 100% to see the data properly. Is there any way I can adjust the macro code or report properties to open the report at

Previewing a Microsoft Access report sized using acCmdZoom
When we open a Microsoft Access report in Print Preview we have options available to us about how we would like to see and view the report on the screen. We can use the Zoom options on the Print Preview toolbar to allow us to resize the preview of the report to make it easily visible.