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Wrap Text in VBA Code

Wrap Text in VBA Code
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I have a long line of code that runs a Pass Through query, that I would like to be able to add to. However, the text is not wrapping, and it won't let me add anything to this line of code. When I press the enter key to for the line to text wrap, I get a debug error. Is there any way to make this line of code text wrap so that I make the Pass Through query more specific
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Wrap text in Access

How do you wrap text in Access? It’s a question we hear quite frequently on It may surprise you to learn that in most places where text is displayed in Access, text wrapping is on by default. The key is making sure there is enough room for the text to wrap. The process for doing that depends on what kind of object you’re working with.

Can you wrap text in a Combo Box ?

I am trying to find out if you can wrap text in a combo box? I have multiple selections that I am chosing to insert into my form but some of the verbage is cut off. Is there a way to wrap the text so that it shows all the information selected?

Word Wrap in Access VB (MSAccess 2007)

Is there a way to have a word wrap function in the Access VB window in Access 2007? When writing code quite often the code is much bigger than the window BUT if you hit enter to wrap the code manually the software takes it as a new instruction line. I have tried putting & before or after the new line but to no avail. It would be a lot simpler to follow the code if you didn't have to scroll across the window to keep reading it! I have looked at all the menu options and don't see one to accomplish this

Wrap Text on forms to prevent long fields to cut off

I have a form that returns some fields for me.

However, I have this format for the page that I like. but sometimes one or 2 of the fields are to long and get cut off. is there a way to Wrap Text on these forms. I want it all to still print on 1 page.

so not extend to the right. just wrap in the field I have. and then drop below if its too long.

On error go to advice needed

I am going to deploy my database soon and read somehwere about errors in the vba and that all code should have on error go to in the code. Do I need to wrap every sub routine in this.

Combo box IF

I'm looking for a template for a VBA macro that looks at a combo box selection, checks the value, and references a table to populate a text box (on same form as combo box) based on the input.

For now I'm just trying to wrap my head around something simple. Learning VBA though VBA Express at the moment.

How to wrap text in a pivot table?

I generate a pivot table from a simple table databse and one of the memo field contains a fair amount of text and when I try to print my pivot table, it prints over 2-3 pages. Is there a way to wrap text in an Access Pivot Table?

Record Navigation Buttons

I seem to recall code that allows Next and Previous buttons to wrap around the "top" and "bottom" of a record set. So that if you are at the first record, Previous will wrap to the last record and if you are at the last record Next will wrap to the first one.

I have tried the usual suspects - including Allen Browne, Steven Lebans and Martin Greene as well as this site and a few others. I just can't seem to locate it.

Setting multi-line text field to have both scroll bars and no line wrap, how?

Access 2007 on Windows XP

I am not seeing a property setting to enable a horizontal scroll bar for a text field.

And also I need to disable the control from doing line wrap.

Basically I want Access to display the text as-is and do no reformatting.

I have set my font to a mono-space font, so that point is successfully covered

Wrap text in datasheet on subform

I have a subform appearing on a report (should I be using a subform or subreport? I've tried both and don't really see the difference)

Anyway, the subform is in datasheet view. Is there a way to wrap the text so that it all displays in the report?

I'm getting the impression that it can only be done if I set the view to continous form and format it to look like a datasheet