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Vertical Lines In Details Section

Vertical Lines In Details Section
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I have a simple report that contains horizontal and vertical lines that form a table around some of the report controls. The table starts in the Page Header section and is completed in the Page Footer.

The Detail Section has vertical lines which should meet the vertical lines in the Page Header and Page Footer. My problem is that the detail section can contain a variablenumber of records resulting in there being empty space between the last Detail record and Page Footer, and therefore no vertical lines to meet Page Footer.

Would really appreciate guidance on how to extend the Detail Section vertical lines in order to complete the table.
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Report in Grid.

I have a report that my user wants to see in a grid. he needs the outside box & the vertical report-section [Eg: Name | Address | Email | . . .] lines to be Bold.

I am currently trying to do this with line objects but, if you've tried this yourself, you will know that it is not easy to get individual vertical line objects to join up to make a nice, seamless box with seamless vertical column lines.

I need to be able join the vertical lines between the Header section, the Detail section & the Footer section so they come out looking like one clean vertical line. Is there a littletrick to this that I'm not aware of? Or are my vertical lines destined to come out as vertical dashes?

Memo field expansion in details section of report?

I have a Access 2003 report. I have added a memo field to the details section. I have carriage returns in the field and some of the records returned have memo fields with anywheres from 1 to 15 carriage returns.

I would like to dynamically expand the vertical size of the details section to only show the required space to show all 15 lines in the memo field, so that if I had 3 detail lines as so:

detail line 1,: memo field has 15 carriage returns
detail line 2: has 1 carriage return

the detail section will really only be approximately 16 lines in height not 30.

Vertical lines that grow/shrink

I have a report that has a "comments" field that can grow. I need to get vertical lines between the headers to form columns. How can I make the vertical lines grow with the fields so that it looks like one continuous line from top to bottom

Insert table(not database table) into a Form

I have a situation where I need to insert a table of horizontal and vertical lines( I mean the one similar to the table in MS-WORD and not the database table of Access) into a form.

I need this to print an entry pass like ticket for an event.
The participant comes and tells his membership number, I just enter the number in the search box of the form, and then the form should pull all the necessary details of the participant on to the form.

I want to have tabular columns and rows(horizontal and vertical lines) and place the fields of the database table into different cells of the table for proper alignment and for the rectangular shape of the ticket.

By the bye, how are we refer to a table of horizontal and vertical lines, when we are dealing with issues in Access? Is there a word for it. I mean a non-database table.

Getting a report to continue till end of page

I have a report with a page header and page footer. The details section is simple.
Part# Description QTY
The three fields have a grid around it.
My problem is if I only have 4 parts to report the details section shows only four lines and the report has a large blank in it till the page footer.
I want the details section to continue to fill with empty values till it reaches the end of the page. I don't want a report footer.
This way I will have info then empty grids till the page footer

Footer Section Visibility

I am trying to toggle the visibility of a group footer section based on the number of records in the details section. If the number of records in the detail section > 1 then I want to show the section footer (which has the total for the details section in it), otherwise I do not want to show the footer section.

So far I have a counter in the details section (just a running sum txtbox initialized to 1) and am able to switch on/off the section footer visibility using the Footer OnFormat event for PRINT PREVIEW, but I want to be able to do the same inReport View as well, and of course the Section Footer OnFormat event does not fire.

Of course Access 2010 will not let me change the visibility in the Footer OnPaint event.

Bottom line is that I need to toggle on/off the Section Footer visibility in Report View and Printer Preview.

vertical text in report

I have just for the first time seen a report that has text boxes on its side so that the text lines are going vertical rather than horizontal. essentially aligned parallel to the right edge of the report there is also normal horizontal text boxes in the same header section of the report.

I've never seen this before and can't figure out looking at the text box property how it was set up.

Can Grow Property

In a report, I insert horizontal and vertical lines. When I set the property “Can Grow” to Yes, and the entry wraps around and makes the record wider vertically, the vertical lines in that particular record no longer touch the horizontal line below it. Can this be fixed?

additional detail records to be inserted

I have a report that prints out as per the number of records into the detail section. however, I need to ensure that even if there fwere than 14 records, that the number of line items totals to 14.

in other words if 5 there are 5 records, there must 5 lines in the detail section with the relevent information and 9 empty lines.

Then if there are more than 14 records, a 2nd page must print out but in exactly the same way as the first ie: if there is 16 records, the first page must have 14 in the detail section, te2nd page must have 2 lines with the relevant records and 12 empty lines.

Vertical Fields on Report

I have a report with vertical fields that prints envelopes. On one computer on the network the vertical fields appear as lines, or dashes. Works on other PCs just fine. Access 2003 SP3 on XP SP3.

Tried generic HP laser printers as default printer, Update the video driver too.