VBA Module to Find/Replace

to solve my big headache, I have table with a lot of records and every record contain unique number. However couples hundred of records have new number and I need to find and replace. I can do that one by one, but this is waste of time specially when I have those numbers in multiple tables.

I have one table tbl_status with two column:

OLD_num and NEW_num

Something like this:
P2345 P3445
P1000 P3446
P123 P3447

Than I have table with data tbl_Articles

Now I will like to make VBA function to loop thru table tbl_Article and if find any of number listed in table tbl_status under field OLD_num to replace with NEW_num

I hope I did explain well, English is my second language

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well this is my code for replacing word in module ( please see attachment )
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How do you run a VBA module from a macro? I tried the OpenModule action, but all it did was to open the module. I had thought this would run it since OpenQuery runs the query, not just opens it.

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What is the recommended method for deleting records using a VBA module? Currently I am using an SQL method that specifies the table name and the upper time stamp date from which values should be deleted.

My database is continually being updated with new files from this same VBA module. I would like to delete old records based on a rolling window (say 30 days). Would this be the best way to go? It seems a bit slow.but then again my database contains 1 million + records.

Remove Letter from Field
This is an unusual problem. My wife downloaded a file from the Virginia State Immunization Registry and wants to upload the file into their electronic medical records. It downloads the file into Excel except it added an A or N in front of the first name. We tried to use the find and replace but the file is so large that it would take forever to get done. We tried the find and replace the A with but it removes all the As including those in the name. I figured that I could import the file into access and then come up with a VBA code to just remove the A or N from the first name either in the current field (FName) or create a second field (FName2). I could then build a query and export to excel. The first name would be correct and ready to upload. Does anyone have any suggested VBA code I could use to accomplish this?

Proper syntax for replace()
When using the replace() function, is it possible to refer to a variables in the find and replace parameters?

Replace(«string», «find», «replace»)

I can use a formula like this, where the replacement text is a table field. Replace([textin],"Find this text string",[cname])

What I want to do is get the text to find, and the variable NAME to use for replacement from a table like this:

txtfind | replacefieldname

"" [customername]
"" [shipaddress]
"" [cnumber]

Imagine a query that would replace a series of placeholders, set up as some text between brackets, with the data from a query or table that contains the three fields shown. It's like a mailmerge function.

I can't figure out the proper syntax that would refer to the txtfind and replacefieldname variables in the replace() function.

This is part of a larger project.

Replace Quotation Marks
So I am trying to use a query to replace quotation marks in EVERY column in a table. Now, I have two problems here.

1.) I think I am looking at replacing each column individually. For example, for a table with 4 columns, I am looking at.
Replace([Table]![Column1], etcetc), then
Replace([Table]![Column2], etcetc), then
Replace([Table]![Column3], etcetc), then
Replace([Table]![Column4], etcetc)

This is NOT a big deal to me (Problem 2 is the bigger problem!

2.) As everyone knows the Replace functions works as such so that:
Replace("alphabet", "bet", "hydro") would return "alphahydro". You are supposed to surround the 2nd function (find) and third function (replacement) with quotation marks.

However, I am trying to replace the quotation marks in the table! And in the 2nd function (find), I am surrounding the quotation mark symbol with quotation marks (so it looks like """) and it is not working!