validating fields

I have a table which has a country field and basis the values in that field I want the other field should get its value. For e.g. if country is 'uk' then the charges should be '200' or if the ountry is 'india' the chrges are '400'.if anybody could help solving this please

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Validating Missing Data by Responding to Data Entry Events
We can use various techniques for validating data being entered into our database, as seen in the Validating Data in Microsoft Access article, however sometimes our validation routines can be overly restrictive.
There may be occasions where we need to be more flexible in our approach, and we may just want to warn the users of the database that data is missing when they are entering a record into the form. When we are entering the data, it is possible to respond the the data entry event, and use a Microsoft Access MsgBox function to perform different actions depending on what the database user wants to do.

Validating tables
I am trying to validate two tables. I have 2 address fields that are from different people. One person may enter the address as 1 Main Street while the other may enter it as 1 Main St. How do I get the two entries to recognize each other in a query? I have the relationship between the Address fields and when I query them neither show up because they are different.

Validating Data in Microsoft Access
Validating data in Microsoft Access allows you to check data whilst it is being entered by the database user and will enable you to not save the data if it breaks any validation rules or routines. It is easy for an end user to make a mistake when they are entering data or even to leave out important details that must be entered, so we need to check this data when it is being entered into the database. Allowing invalid data to be entered into the database ensures that the database and the data available will become less valuable and harder for the user to use.

Validating Required Data in Microsoft Access Text boxes
You may want to prevent users from saving Microsoft Access records with missing information, especially if this data is important. There are several approaches to this and various methods can be used in Microsoft Access, which can be applied in various places. Ideally, you will not be letting your Microsoft Access database users have access to your database tables, so you will need to validate this information in your database forms. You will need to put your validating code in the Microsoft Access form's BeforeUpdate event. This way you can cancel the saving or adding of a record with missing info.

Validating user input {Syntax error in FROM clause}
I am new here and I am having trouble with validating user input against a Microsoft Access Database. I am developing an application in which a user enters a user name and password. What I need to do is somehow validate the input against my access database.


But when I run it against an id and password in my database diz the error I get

OleDbException was unhandled {"Syntax error in FROM clause."}
And the error points to the statement dr = cmd.ExecuteReader,

MS-Access Find Duplicate Query Wizard
As the administrator of a Microsoft Access database, one of the jobs that you may need to do is the keep the database working as efficiently as possible. A major cause of performance issues and database slowdown is erroneous or duplicated data contained in a table. We can keep these problems to a minimum by validating data entry and preventing duplicate information from being entered.
We may have inherited a database that already contains duplicate information, and in the case we can use the Find Duplicates Query Wizard to search out this data.
Using this wizard we can create a query that reports which record(s) in a table are duplicated using some field or fields in this table as a basis for the query. Microsoft Access asks which fields that you want to use for checking duplication and also which other fields you would like to appear in the query results. We can also use the Find Duplicates Query Wizard to help find possible duplicate key violations; a valuable trick when you want to take an existing table of data and make a unique field with one of the existing data fields.

Validating a field to match a corresponding field in another table
Kind of an Access newbie here, so bear with me, but I have two tables: a master list of data and another that shares many of the same fields but the data is updated/replaced every so often. Let's say they both share a "Member ID" field. Can I make a validation rule on this field so that you can only enter data that matches what's in the Member ID field in the master table, and if so what would it look like?

Edit: The purpose of this would be to prevent errors. I'd like to get it so that you wouldn't be able to enter a MemberID in the second table unless it already appears in that field in the master table.

Checking\validating data in a subform?
Im trying to check for data in a subform and if its empty then allow the user to quit - can anyone shed some light on how to do this please? (Not too sure if its a vba question or not, although I will be trying to use VBA

UK postcode validation
Can anyone please help me in validating the UK postcode. I have a textbox and on the after update event I want to check if the customer is UK customer or non UK customer

Require Data Entry with a Microsoft Access Macro
If you are using a Microsoft Access database application for data entry you will want to ensure the quality of the data that is being entered. Validating data in Microsoft Access allows you to check data whilst it is being entered into the database, and there are various ways of performing these actions.
You don't want to be trying to ship an order to a company that does not have address details associated with it. If you don't have a contact name associated either, you can't even call to find the data. Creating a Microsoft Access macro to require data entry into certain fields will prompt the database user to complete this vital information. This will in turn deem your data to be more accurate and useful to all database users.

Microsoft Access - Validating Data
My name is Eric Kung, I am a new member of the forum.

The reason I joined because I have a question which I would like to ask.

Currently I have 2 files.
Both files have 2 fields which are exactly identical (in terms of field name, field content etc.).
The field is: File_name.

Now I would like to develop a program using MS Access to validate these two files and see whether anything from these files are missing.

Under the field: File_name there are many file names.
The format is similar to this: 20110812_FRI

Is it possible to create a program to allow it to automatically validate the two files (The file is CSV file, and it is being automatically imported to access file.) and create an alert IF found data is missing?

Is it then possible for the ALERT or some kind to display which files are missing

Validating and pulling data from various tables
Basically I have to enter a waybill into access.

Access must perform the following

1.Cross check the destination country, to return the agent being used.
2.Once that agent has been verified, it must fetch the various costs from the unique agent lists.

The results must return to the same table that the waybill number is in

How to validate data using MS Access
in validating data using Ms Access by comparing two files (not by querying).
I have two records A and B which is having almost same data, now I need to validate these two records and save the records in Excel sheet.

Validating Data
One very important job in database design is keeping your data clean and well organized. A database professional would say it is important to maintain the integrity of your data. Input validation rules are an important tool that help you maintain this integrity.

Validating mutiple entry in a subform
I have a subform who contains multiple order and the user needs to push a button after entering those order to validate that the order is finished and ready to go in production. however I want them to put a delivery date absolutly. They can enter the order for now and do other jobs and come back to this one once they know when they will received it so allowing null = No is not a solution for this problem. I did
If Me.Sf_Order!Reception_Date = Null

but it will only validate the first one of the Subform Datasheet

I have a report with many fields from one table. Six of the fields are memo fields that can grow. I am trying to add a grouping to each of the memo fields so that I can force a new page and / or keep together.

The memo fields are not showing on the field/expression dropdown. They are valid fields and are present in the field listing.

Do I have too many other fields? Is there a limit? Can you not sort/group on memo fields?

I tried having each of the memo fields as a subreport, but that does not work either.

Validating a searched value against a table before returning results
I have created a user form in Access and having difficulty trying to put some validation in such that when the user search's for a value it is checked against a table (Table A) that exists in the database before performing the search and returning the results and if the searched value is not present returning an error message.

Validating Data with Data Macros in Access Services 2013
I’ve recently begun exploring the use of Access Services with O365 just to see what this new capability offers to businesses and developers. Overall, I’m really impressed with some of the complex things that can be done with Access Services.
Setting the stage, let’s say I am working for a company that will be organizing a conference. This conference will be made up of several tracks with multiple sessions. Each room should only support one session per time slot.

validating two dates against each other
I have two dates one is called order date and the other is called date required I need to validate these using a created and coded function. both field are on a form call Orders.

the things that they need to b validated for are:

*the order date must be before the date required
*must be valid dates for example not in he past
*cant be letters must be dates in numbers

also I need to code it so that when it is wrong it clears the date and leaves the cursor in the field.

Input validation with VBA
In this article we will look at several methods of validating user input. Why is user input validation necessary? It is necessary for both security reasons and also for the smooth running of your Microsoft Access application. Since Access databases are now commonly used as database backend for websites, it is even more critical to look at security since we don't want unauthorized users to get access to information contained in a database or for users to input data that is not correct.