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Using the Option Group Control

Using the Option Group Control
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Learn how to Use the Option Group Control in MS-Access Forms. (video tutorial)
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No way to tab stop on option button within group?

This property doesn't apply to check box, option button, or toggle button controls when they appear in an option group. It applies only to the option group itself.

So this really hinders my ability to just tab through my form, as I have an option group and it is quite pivotal to the form. Any other ways around this? I guess I could take the optionbutton's out of the option group and put some code behind them to see if one is selected to deselect the other one,

Displaying a option group value in a report as name

I have a option group that represents the stages of a project. The option group is in Form1 and the value of the option group is in Table

Using an Option Group to Filter a Microsoft Access Form

You can use an option group on a Microsoft Access form, report, or data access page to display a limited set of alternatives.
An option group makes selecting a value easy because you can just click the value that you want.
Only one option in an option group can be selected at a time.
In a form or report, an option group consists of a group frame and a set of check boxes, option buttons, and toggle buttons.

Multiple option groups and drop-down filters

I developed a report menu that uses an option group to determine the report type, and then based on the option selected, can result in the need for the user to further define the query criteria by selecting say an employee name from a drop-down, and even possibly further define the expected results by picking a date range using the calendar control.

Works great, however I have the need to expand on the current menu.

I guess without going overboard, I am wondering if there are limitations to how many of these "building blocks" can be selected, without the who stack falling over.

For example, selecting report option 1 (in group A) could cause for the user to select an option 2B, 3B, etc. from option group B, and then based on what is selected in group B, could determine the need to select an [employee name' from a drop-down combo box, and then filter based on the calendar control, before pressing the "generate report" button.

Multiple Selections in an Option Group

Is it possible to create an Option Group (or some other type of control) where the user can select more than one option? I know I can make each selection a separate check box or radio button which would make multiple selections possible,

Option Group Values Not Stored in Table After Selection

Im an Access novice and Im regularly reminded when the seemingly simplest of things fail to work properly. This is probably something terribly simple, but for some reason an option group value on one of my forms is not stored in the table once the selection is made. The control source appears to be selected correctly. I used the wizard to specify that the value should be stored in the table. Any ideas why my table does not update? I have some programming on the same form that is inserting values directly into the table once a surveyor inputs certain information. I suppose I could do this for the option group as well, but I'm a bit annoyed (at myself) that I cannot get this simple control to behave as intended. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Option Group Reference In VBA

I have an option group on my form comprised of eight check boxes. How do I refer to the individual check boxes of the group in VBA?

The option group frame is frame27, the first buttons name is check30.

Lastly, to indicate check30s state when checked do I use true/false or the option value in its property sheet

Option Group Query

For my latest conundrum, I am trying to construct a query that utilizes an option group selection for its criteria.

So, on a form for entering new equipment into the inventory database, a user utilizes the option group to indicate who owns the piece of equipment.

When the query executes, the column governed by the option group simply returns a number, which I assume to be the ID key for the option selected. I would like to have it return the plaintext name of the division associated with that number.

Setting Properties for Multiple Objects in a Collection or Array Simultaneously

I have a form which includes an option group and multiple controls that I would like to hide if a user selects a certain option in the option group.

The option box is called fmeKnitWovenOther. There is a label called fmeKnitWovenOtherLbl that I would like to hide when any option is selected and a number of controls I would like to hide only if the user selects option 2.
The problem is that I have set the .visible property of every control individually, but I will need to expand this form and add more controls to be hidden for the other two options. If I keep setting the .visible property for every control manually, I am going to wind up with a giant list of controls all manually set to .visible = True and .visible = False depending on theIf or ElseIf condition.

Option Control to hide/show page tabs

I am creating a form where I have an option group with 7 options and a tab control with 7 pages. What I want to happen is when a user selects an option only the corresponding page tab is displayed, all the others are hidden. I would also want all the tabs hidden when opening a new record and no selection has yet been made.