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Using one report and exporting to individual PDF files

Using one report and exporting to individual PDF files
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I am not that familiar with Access; however, I have managed to set up my tables, queries and reports.

The report contains expenditures which are grouped by Approver.

What I need to do is create multiple PDF files (could be some other format) that can be emailed to each approver.

I have seen this question on multiple forums, but no answers.
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VBA to Export Report to Multiple .PDFs

I'm very new to VBA but have cobbled together the following code from a number of more experienced users online. I have a report called ITD Summary (Division) that has page breaks for each different BFR Name, and I'm trying to use this code to export each of these BFR Name sections of the report as individual .pdf files.

but it ends up exporting the entire report for each of the individual BFR Names rather than just the individual section of the report.

Print a report as individual pdf files

I have a report that prints all the transactions for all the accounts into one giant pdf. I email each of the account letters individually to about 35 accounts and right now its a time consuming task to go in to the giant pdf and extract each accounts pdf individually.. I would like to be able to have access loop through each account and print a pdf for that individual account into a specified folder.

question is how can I loop through each account and print a pdf for that account and send it to a specified folder?

Possible to Export Reports to individual files based on Unique Data Field?

I have a colleague that asked me a question regarding Access that I am sure can be done, and am guessing with some VBScript, but am unsure where to start. So, she has a report that is essentially a performance review with kpi's and other data metrics that is 2 pages per each unique technician.

The question is this - she wants to be able to save each tech's individual report in the following way: tech_A-07062012.pdf, tech_B-07062012.pdf, tech_C-07062012.pdf etc.

I know VBScript but do not know all the ins and outs of Access to know where to start with this.

Exporting Report Query To PDF

I am usiung the following code which is correctly running through a query and outputting PDF files. However, its not quite right.

The query behind the report contains 194 lines and raltes to call records. I want to output 194 pdf files with each pdf the report just for the related row in the query, not 194 copies of the entire report.

Private Sub Command0_Click() Dim rs As DAO.Recordset, pdfName As String, MyFilter As String, MyFilename As String, MyPath As String Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("qryCalls") rs.MoveFirst Do Until rs.EOF pdfName = rs("REF") & ".pdf" 'MyFilter = "Unique_Programs_Distinct.Program = '" & rs("program") & "'" MyPath = rs("MyPath") DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "RepCalls", acFormatPDF, MyPath & pdfName rs.MoveNext Loop rs.Close Exit_Create_PDF: Exit Sub End Sub

exporting report to PDF with specific results

I have a report which I need to export to a PDF with a certain filename. I have a PDF printer installed but its not the default so the code would need to specify the printer Named "PDF_Writer"
The report needs to be exported with a certain filename. 2 parts of the filename need to be derived from a form.

Exporting to PDF

I am using MS Access 2003. Is there a way to have an acces report automatically export to a pdf?

Automatically name a report when exporting to PDF

I have a form with a command button that opens my report in print preview mode in Access 2007. When I click the Export to PDF/XPS button, the default file name is the name of the actual report within Access. I've used VBA to change the report caption to match a field on my form called PROGRAM. However, this does not transfer over when I want to save my report to pdf.

How can I make it so that when I click export to pdf/xps, the default file name is named after a text box called PROGRAM?

Exporting reports by group

I have a report in which I want to create individual reports by group in "pdf" format, save it in a folder with the name of the group and name the report in a standard way.

For example, let's say that the group is "Plan ID" and has the values: 101, 102, 204, 405 and in the report there is a variable called: service month (example: 201101). I want to be able to create a report for each Plan ID, save 101 in folder name 101 and so on and in the name it has the month and plan id like: "this_is_thereport_101_201101.pdf

automated PDF file from reports

We have many reports we manually save to PDF files and then print. This can take hours just saving to PDF and printing.

Once a report opens we touch our PDF icon on our tool bar(I believe this was downloaded). Then it saves to PDF as if it was printing( I guess this is the norm since we have PDF printer setup.

I would like to save(pdf format) and print theses reports automatically(button) on form.
The name I would like the pdf to be is(reportname-datestamp).

I'm having issues because of the PDF format

Link PDF files

What would be the best way to link pdf files in an Access database form?

For each record there could be more then one pdf file. I would like to automate the process as much as possible. The pdf file would exist on a network drive and the user would need to go to their record in Access and then link the pdf files.

I started but am having problems with Access not opening the pdf file, it will open word files but not pdf,