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Updating a Combo Box

Updating a Combo Box
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I'm trying to design a form with 2 combo boxes. I would like to enable the user to select a value in the first combo box (currently linked to a list of fields) which will trigger the list of values (in this case the values in that field from a related table) for the second combo box.
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Update Value in Combo Box

I want to be able to update value in text box based on the value in a combo box. This would be in a Access form.

For example, I have the following values in a table.

Name Number
Johnson 1234
Curtis 5678
Jones 2468

So, I did the following.

The Row Source of the combo box needs to include both columns (fields).


This worked (when entering data in name field, number field updates in the form) but now I am finding when I add data thru the form the number fields are not updating in the table. All the other fields in the form are updating.

Prevent combo box from updating a table

My application includes a Combo Box which gets it's values from a query, when I close the form it inserts the value which is in the combo box into the table from which that data came from. How do I prevent the insert?

change textbox value after combo update

I have combo box. Its values are from a query. No I want that after updating value of combo the value of text box will change. For example

1. I have a table named table_bill containing Item & Description field
2. In a form name form_bill containing one combo box. Values of this combo box is items of table table_bill.
3. Now I want that when I change the value of combo box automatically value of text filed Description will change. And the value will be corresponding description of item from table_bill

Updating Combobox when Not in List is Active

This is all about the Limit to List Property setting of the Combo Box. When this property value is set to Yes you cannot type a new value into the combo box control. The user is forced to select/type an item from the drop-down list of the combo box.
Typing a new value into the combo box control will trigger an error message and will force you to select an item from the existing list.

Combo Search Box not updating after Form Edit

I have a combo box on a form where I am allowing users to edit.

The combo search box updates correctly when the user does not edit the record in a form. however, after editing a record an error comes up and the form does not update with the new value in the combo box.


when the error occurs it high lites Me.bookmark=rs.Bookmark

Updating Unbound Combo Box based on pop up form

I have an unbound combo box (Combo9) on a form Fm_Data_Entry. I use a click button to open a pop up form from fm_data_entry which adds in another value to the source table of the unbound combo box, however, I can't get it to update yhe combo again with the new value without actually closing the fm_data_entry and opening again.

Howcan I get the unbound combo box to update the new table value without closing the form down?

Populate combo box based on selection from another combo box

I've been trying to find a way to filter one combo box based on another combo box selection. My problem lies herein. The first combo box is a list of import dates. I need the second combo box to populate with the Vendor names that were imported on the date that has been selected from the first combo box. Based on the selection of the second combo box I then need my form to populate the records that are associated with the two selections. I would like to do this using VBA.

Populate one combo box based on the selection of another combo box

I have a combo box that displays values based on the selection of another combo box. My problem is that when I make a different selection in the first combo box, the text in the second combo box does not change. Although the drop-down items are correctly changed in the second combo box...

Synchronize Two Combo Boxes on a Form

This topic illustrates how to synchronize two combo boxes so that when you select an item in the first combo box, the selection limits the choices in the second combo box. For example, you may want the products displayed in a combo box to be limited to the category selected in another combo box.
Learn how to limit the choices in a combo box when selecting an item in another combo box.

Combo boxes requiring enter key

I have a db that I've used for a couple of years. I was updating a form and now every combo box on every form requires the enter key to be pressed to select an item from the list and change focus to another field. Whyyyyy? And how do I remove the need to press the enter key to make a selection in every combo box