Update one table with data from another table without losing data

I'm trying to update data in one table with data from another table without losing data from the first table. The best I can come up with is adding a new row to the first table. Is what I'm trying to do even possible?

1 data1

1 data2
1 data3

1 data1,data2,data

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Using random fields in Excel to populate Access table
I have a situation where I run a query out of a few tables in Access. This query is sent out and randomly updated by multiple users. There are text fields, date fields and a yes/no field.

There are other fields of data in the Excel spreadsheet that would not need to be populated into the Access table and are just there for the users' reference.

The field names in the table and the Excel spreadsheet are identical.

Here's my dillema. Currently, I am having to manually update each Access record in the table, by filtering on the unique ID and copying the data in Excel and pasting it into the corresponding record field in Access. This is a painful process. I know there has to be a better way to update the Access table, without damaging/overwriting or losing the data that is not being updated

how to update only one field in 1 table?
I want to make one update button, which will help me update data at one any field by add (or deduct, multiplied, divided) with old data exist in that field in table. it means, example as old data in that field is 20, when I input new data is 10 to update in the field, then data in that field will be 30 (=20+10, it means, = old data+update data and etc -, x

Using data entered on a form to update previous records
I am using a form to populate a table. It's in data entry mode. What I want to be able to do is search for the primary key and have the previously entered data appear on the screenso I can update the previously entered data.

For example: I enter 3 new products on my form that populates my inventory table. Once I've entered the basic data, I now want to go back, search for the first product I entered, have the data I entered appear on my form and update its status to "Shipped".

This would of course update the status in the table. I will need to go back a few times to update the status and I wantto avoid having to go into the table to do this.

Can I use the data entry form to also update previous information? If so, how?

Delay of database update
Sometimes when I update or insert data in my Access Database and immediately after the update I have to read the updated table, ADO.NET returns me the data as it was in the database before my update.

How can I know if the data was update?

How to avoid this update delay?

Is there some option to get some event (some trap) when the database table update have done or is there a way to ask ADO.NET to store all the database changes before I proceed with my next database job?

with some basic knowledge of office tools and currently im trying to set up a relationship in between of my two tables which is not working as I would like it to and I can't guess why.

Hope to find an answer here .

I have one table with user data (f name, l name, street etc.) and in the other table I have data when this user has contacted me, why, what did I do afterwards and so.

Here is my problem. I get duplicate data in user table each time when I enter data as access creates new entry in both table, user and usercontact and I would like that entering new data update only usercontact table if I already have that user in user table.

Im entering data using setup formwiz with combined data from both table and I supose that I did wrong relationship when I get that kind of double entry in user table.

I have related ID columns in each table

what's the best way to do this?
so I want an update query, my first few attempts haven't worked they just append not update the table. Anyway what I want it to do is:
check table 1 against table 2 is the record is found then check location in table 2 against table 3 if they are different then update the location from table 1 to table 2, copying the record from table 2 to 3 first.

Basically I want the most up to date record in table 2 but I want history of it kept in table 3. Table 1 is a new data temp import table.

Convert multi tables in one - not a query.
I am using collect data via email process to collect data by email, purpose is to update not to add new records but to update. The condition for update is to have data from one table only.

I have 4 tables data from which should be sent by email. These tables are related. I made a query based on tables and query is update-able. When I use this query, wizard does not giveoption of updating the data but only of adding new records.

I tried to first make a make table from a make table query but that too have the same result.

Access Read only FE
I have to design a system where FE users will only read data from a backend table through a form. They will not be updating/insering new data.

data in the backend table needs to be deleted and populated with new data thrice a day.

What would be the best way to achieve this?
There shouldn't be any data outage when the BE tabel is being loaded with new data.

I made a demo FE and a BE and tried to use the form to view data while running updating the backend (running two queries 1. Delete all data from table 2. Append new data to table) , but the form shows as #deleted till the update is done. Is there any way to avoid this?

I thought I will have and extra field and flag the old data, then insert new data and then delete flagged data. Is this the right way to go ahead?

Replacing data in Table
I have replaced data in my table and now when I run a report I am missing information. Is there something I need to do after I replace data in a table to update all of my queries?

Update different records in a Linked Table
I have an access 2007 table that is linked to a sharepoint site. This table contains data that is imported in from a weekly report. The data may change for each record (Product status may go from great one week to critical the next), and there may be new records that will need to be added. At the moment, all I can figure out is to completly delete the table data and start over, but can no longer do this as a user on the sharepoint site can update the information via the sharepoint. Such changes need to be maintained.

Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? How can I update the record if there is new information

Update and append data in one table from data in another table
I have a local table in my database called t_CompanyData that holds a subset of the fields in another table called dbo_INT_AUX_LISTING.

dbo_INT_AUX_LISTING is a linked table via an ODBC connection. This is a table in our CRM system and the data in that table is updated constantly.

I need to run a query to:
1 - update the data in t_CompanyData with any updated data for related records in dbo_INT_AUX_LISTING

2 - append any NEW records in dbo_INT_AUX_LISTING to t_CompanyData I wrote an query that updates data and adds any new records using the strategy at

New records are being added to t_CompanyData. However, the value in dbo_INT_AUX_LISTING.LISTING_ID field is not being added to t_CompanyData.IA_CompanyLISTING_ID.

I have verified that the LISTING_ID field in the dbo_INT_AUX_LISTING table is a NUMBER datatype (not autonumber). It is a primary key.

Access 2010: Collect data through email forms
I love the tool in Access that allows you to create an HTML (or InfoPath) form and send that in an email to collect/update your data. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way to use thisfeature when you need to update more than 1 table of data? From what I’ve been reading, this only works if the data is all stored in a single table, but I have 3 tables that link togetherthat would need to be editable (a table of customers, events, and then the invitations table which is just the ID’s of the other 2 tables that indicates which person is on which eventmailing list).

Is there a workaround to make this work somehow?

Adding new records to a table
I have a log form in which I want to update a separate audit table if someone updates certain fields, or prints or emails to then update the audit table with the date time, type of update, what the data was before and after update.

I prob want to use the After update command on each of the fields that I want to monitor.

eg. I want to capture date/time everytime someone updates the AUTHORISED BY. it would then create an audit record in the audit table ofDATE/TIME, Type: RecordUpdate, Desc: AuthorisedBy was: {previous data},

Update Query not updating selected table
I have created an update query to update a master file. When I run the select query to view the records I need to update - I see the correct data. When I change query to update query and enter the table to update and run update query. The query is updating the source table (Change Form) instead of table indicated (AMT Per MAS) to update to.Strange. I am using Access 2003
Below is the SQL:

Update table from form
Please direct me on how best to update a table from a form. I have a form with the following column: Description, male, female date and activity. I also have another table with similar details.

I want a situation where whenever there is a change in the male or female data in the form, it should also change in the table. The issue here is that the table gets it data from an after update feature of the form, likewise, I want that if there is a change in the form it should also reflect on the table it is updating to.

Update different records in a Linked Table
I have an access 2007 table that is linked to a sharepoint site. This table contains data that is imported in from a weekly report. The data may change for each record (Product status may go from great one week to critical the next), and there may be new records that will need to be added.

At the moment, all I can figure out is to completely delete the table data and start over, but can no longer do this as a user on the sharepoint site can update the information via the sharepoint. Such changes need to be maintained.

Create query to insert and update records from link table into new table
I am running a query that fetches data(records) form a linked table from another database.
I created this piece of code that queries the data from the linked table into a new table, like this:
Is it possible to create a query that inserts new records from the link table initially into the local table, and continuously add new records to the local table as they become available in the Link table and update existent records in the local table that have been modified in the link table?

Example: Lets say a person changes their address, Can I update or bring over only their address without re-inserting their entire record because of an address change?

Update Data in Table form ODBC Database
I have a table in Access that I have imported from an AS400 using a Macro, here is the Macro that I used;

Transfer Type: Import
Database Type: ODBC Database
Database Name: ODBC;DSN=mvxr10;TABLE=DATA09
Object Type: Table
Source: DATA09
Destination: tbl_DATA09
Structure Only: No

Now I have the table with the data I have added relationships so other tables can get data from this table, however in the AS400 this data can be updated, is there away of updating the table data using a macro without having to delete the table.

If I re-run the above Macro it just creates a new table which is no good.

Need to combine linked tables into one table that will auto update
I have linked tables in my database for each month of the year with the exact same fields (ex. Nov2010, Dec2010, Jan2011, etc.). What I need to do is combine all the data into 1 table or query but I need that combined table to automatically update when the linked tables update.

Is there a way to do this? I already know how to use the append query but this doesn't work for mebecause it does not update when data in the individual tables change.

Create a make table query
The information in this article explains how to create and run a make table query. You use a make table query when you need to copy the data in a table or archive data.
If you need to change or update part of the data in an existing set of records, such as one or more fields, you can use an update query.
If you need to add records (rows) to an existing table, you use an append query.
What do you want to do?
* Understand make table queries
* Create a make table query
* Learn more about query criteria and expressions
* Stop Disabled mode from blocking a query