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Update Multiple Records

Update Multiple Records
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I am using following code to update 1 record in a table named "Evaluators", but this code is updating two records instead of one. It updates my required record and 1st record as well But I want to update only my required record. Kindly guide me.

Private Sub UpdatePassword_Click() DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE Evaluators SET Evaluators.[Password] = EditPass.value WHERE (((Evaluators.Username)=Username.Value));" End Sub
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Update multiple records selected from list box

I am a novice trying to design a form that will update a field in multiple selected records from a list box. The update data comes from a text box on the same form.

I am using code behind a command button to try to accomplish this. The idea is that once the user 1) inputs the desired text data into the text box; 2) selects multiple records from thelist box; 3) clicks the command button - the updates are completed.

My problem is successfully updating only the selected records, versus all of the records that are in the table.

Multiple criteria

I am designing a DB containing website orders. At the moment if I want to update records to show orders as posted, I have the order_reference field prompt me for a perameter value and I update one order number at a time.

What I aim to do is create a query that searches for multiple order numbers at a time and presents all the fields for these records in a continuous form so I can update post dates in a single sweep.

My idea is more conceptual at this stage rather than functional but just wondered if there was a solution out there to help me on my way?

Updating field for multiple records determined by user input

I am trying to create a way to update a field for multiple records at once. I want to have a form where the user can input several Serial Numbers (which is my primary key) and then the desired field is updated for those records. Maybe there is a way to use an update query with the criteria based on the user input on a form

How do I use a query to "add" two text fields together?

I'm trying to update multiple record all at once using an update query. My problem is that I don't want to erase the text that is already in the field. I'm using a Notes field on a pop-up form and the Update query updates the notes field in the table with what I typed into the notes field on the form for all of the records matching a given criteria.

For example, if the fieldalready has "ABC" and I want to update the field of multiple records to have "DEF", then the field will be "ABCDEF" after the update is run.

I looked at the crosstab query, but that looks like it is for numbers and not text. The append query does whole records not just certain fields. butI thought I would ask before I wrote off the possibility.

Updating Multiple Access Records From Imported Excel Spreadsheet

Situation: Access Database 2010 is used to capture progress on accounts. We are able to perform remedies on multiple accounts in the field and would like to update the records in Access all at once (by batch) rather than one-by-one.

Desire: I would like to export specific records from Access into Excel, make the updates to the records in Excel, then import the changes back into Access. I am looking for the updated Excel spreadsheet to overwrite the existing data in Access for that particular record.

Not sure if this is possible. Any instruction or alternative method for performing this "batching update" would be

SQL Update for multiple records

I have a set of records I'm trying to run an update on,

When that code runs only the record with focus gets updated, so I need to manual select each record, press the button and select another record until done, how can I make it so all the records update?

If I remove the productID from the WHERE clause it updates all the records for the order but it updates them all with the first record from the source.

I tried adding the SELECT and FROM to the code but it always brings up a runtime error saying syntax error in statement.

Update dates for multiple (not all) records

What I have:

-TrainingID (PK)
-EmployeeNumber (FK)
-CourseID (FK)

What I am trying to do:

If I have a group of 50 people who attend a course, I want to be able to update the corresponding records in the table.

The problem:

Currently, I have a form with a datasheet subform in which I have to navigate to the appropriate employee, find the appropriate record in the subform (quite the daunting task with the amount of courses there are), and then update it. Then I have to go to the next person's record and repeat the process.

There must be a more efficient way. I have thought of an update query, but can't figure out how to select specific employees to apply the changes to.

Import multiple updates for a single record

I have a fixed number of records that will have updates to a single field. The new information is coming from a template sent to multiple users that will only manipulate the records under their jurisdiction from the master list of fixed records.

Each version of the Excel file will always contain the same # of master records with an identical update in one field.

Update table with multiple combo box filters

I hit a big hurdle that I can't get across. I need to update a table using multiple combo box drop down selections to filter the data. My ultimate goal is once the combo box selections target / goto a record, I can use another textbox or combo box to update a field. How would I do this?Should I be using a query?

: my update works when I use the record navigation buttons down on the bottom but I want to use combo boxes to select the record rather than toggling through the records one by one.

Update Yes/No field over one to many relationship

I have a database with two tables joined by a one to many relationship ("Master" to "Nested"). I have a yes/no column in each table.

I would like to use an update query to update yes/no records in the master table using yes/no records in the nested table. However as there are multiple records in the nested table, the method I'm currently using only updates the master table based on the last listed yes/no result in the nested table for each record.

What I would like it to do is to update the master table yes/no column to yes if ANY of the associated nested table records are yes..