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Unwanted parameter message

Unwanted parameter message
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I created a report that has a parameter for each month so it only pulls up records for the month entered. The report works fine but when I go to print it, it asks for the parameter again twice. How can I get rid of that?
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Unwanted parameter value pop-up

I dont really know what is going on here.

I am trying to open a form and now it keeps asking me for a parameter value:
Service.[Service_ID]. The thing is I have no idea where, in the code, Access is looking for this value.

It seems to be doing this prior to the onset of my form load& before any form events happen (e.g., when I walk through the code, the parameter popup appears before any of these events are kicked off: Open Load Resize Activate Current). Prior to any these aformentioned events kicking off, I make attempts to open a form like so:

DoCmd.OpenForm "00160_Clone_Service_Level_Contacts", acNormal, , , acFormAdd, , strArgs

As soon as I step through the DoCmd.OpenForm line, a message box pops up asking for the parameter value, shown previously: Service.[Service_ID].
So, its looking for Service_ID from the service table, but the form is unbound. So when does it check for this value? And how can I stop it from doing this

Unwanted header in subreport

When I print or print-preview a report with a subreport, a completely unwanted header appears and overwrites the first line of each subreport. It cannot be seen in report view. In appearance it is like a watermark: that is, it is faint while the actual data is in a normal font. The text is the name of the subreport, in this case, Feedback Message subreport. What do I need to do to get rid of this message

Parameter Queries in Crosstab Query

I created a parameter query, and then I created a crosstab query based on the first parameter query. I keep getting an error message that says: "The Microsoft Office Access database engine does not recognize '[start date]' as a valid field name or expression."

In more detail:
I created a query where I have a pop up parameter box that asks for the start date and another asking for the end date. The parameter is written in the criteria as follows:

Between [start date mm/dd/y] and [end date mm/dd/y]

When I run the query, the parameter query works beautifully.

So then, I ran a crosstab query based on the (first) parameter query hoping that it would pull the parameter query forward, but it didn't, I got the error message instead.

Displaying a message box when a form is blank

I have a parameter query that opens a report. I have a parameter query that opens a form. I am aware of the On No Data property available for providing a message box when a teacher enters a class into a parameter query and the report is empty.

Is there such a procedure for providing a message box when the teacher enters a class into a parameter query and the form is empty?

I would like to display a message box that informs the teacher that the class does not exist rather than load a blank form.

No data for result

I have two form base on query. where I one has a parameter another has two parameter


but if I set the code for two parameter values the mean second form it works but it gives another message that like form open action was canceled.

Parameter value from a Form into a Report

I have a form that open a report once I enter the parameter value for the query. Now I want include the parameter value into the report; but when I insert a textbox with=Report![Report_name]![Field_Name] the report start a loop, and give me an error.

How I can put the parameter value directly from the form, without dealing with the message box report asking me the parameter value again?

The result should display: "Old account with more than [Parameter_value(from the form, not the query)] days"

Note: The form closed once it display the report.

message box comes up twice when using parameter query

I have a parameter query which works fine. I have a form which shows the results which works fine.when I open the form the message box comes up and I type in what I want to see.this works fine! My problem is: I then create a list on the form to be able to show the results, and then select one of the results which is then opened in another form.This also works fine except once I create the list box, the message box which has the parameter comes up twice! If I then delete the list box off the form, the message box only comes up once.very odd! Any ideas why this happens and what I have to do to get rid of it?

Enter Parameter Value

I have a form that uses a value list as the row source for a combo box. This works fine. I then added this form as a sub form of another form. When I open the form I get an error message to "Enter Parameter Value". Why is this happening and what do I need to do to remove the error message?

Unwanted Parameter Dialogue Box

I've been having a hard time figuring out why my query always shows up a parameter dialogue box with this query design:

Build Date______ Weeks Left: DateDiff("w",Now(),[Build Date]) ______ Priority: IIf([Weeks Left]>7,"Low",IIf([Weeks Left]>3,"Medium","High"))

These are the different columns in my query design, and every time I run it, it always ask for a Weeks Left Parameter Value. Although if I just click OK on the box, the query will still show the correct output. The dialogue box just annoys me a lot though. I checked the spellings and they are all the same. Anyone can help me out

Help Suppressing Error Message

I currently have a database that is split (front end and back end). The backend is located on a network folder and the front end on the users desktop. I also have vb code written to disable behind the scenes access.

This all works fine to prevent unwanted backend access, but if the user doesn't have rights to the backend, an error message comes up that allows them to see the vb code by selecting debug.

How can I have this message not show up or at least not allow the debug option? I tried just placing docmd.setwarnings = false , but that just makes itautomatically go to the debug screen with no error message.