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Unable to make ACCDE

Unable to make ACCDE
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how i prepare ACCDE file, when i click that button it will give some error msg. like "Microsoft office access was Unable to create the .accde, .mde, or .ade file".

Can anybody help me to resolved this issue..
I am using Access 2007.
file type .accdb
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Unable to make ACCDE

When I click that button it will give some error msg. like "Microsoft office access was Unable to create the .accde, .mde, or .ade file".

I am using Access 2007.
file type .accdb

Accdb makes accde without VBA

After working on the accdb, complied it and created the accde. Now unable to use the accde. None of the buttons on the main menu worked. When we got here, we created a new accde using the same accdb. The newly created accde also does not work. It is as if all the code is gone. However the accdb is working great.

I checked the trust. I compiled, compacted and repaired.

Any other ideas on what happened and how to fix?

dont create accde file

I try to create accde file in access 2007 but he give me this msg " microsoft office was unable to create .accde,.mde or .ade file

Aceessing an accde

I just started a new job and I had to make an enhancement to an Ms Access 2007 application. When I was done the accdb works great, but I noticed that they had it as a accde that the users use. I made on by going to the Database tools then to Make ACCDE and made it. However, when I open it you cannot click on any of the buttons; you can only X out of the application.
I went to another folder where I have sample databases applications, made a accde out of them and they worked fine

ACCDE Recisions

With my db completed I created an ACCDE file, I then realised I needed to change something so I went back to the original file, but this would not reflect in the ACCDE file obviously, so I create a new ACCDE file. The problem is that I then have to tell it again which is the startup page, to remove the nav bar, to minimize the ribbon, to point to the icon etc. etc.

I may do another 50 revisions this month, isn't there a way of updating the accde file back to the original whenever I make a change?

How to make 32-bit ACCDE from 64-bit Access 2010

Is there a way to compile a 32-bit ACCDE file from an Access 2010-64 ACCDB file? I have a client who has both 32 & 64 bit systems and I have an automated way to create a 64-bit ACCDE but a 64-bit ACCDE will not run on their 32-bit systems.

So I need to add code (if possible) to create a 32-bit ACCDE from a 64-bit system.

Here is the code that creates the 64-bit ACCDE:

Set AccessApplication = New Access.Application
With AccessApplication
.AutomationSecurity = 1 'MsoAutomationSecurityLow
.UserControl = True
.SysCmd 603, sourcedb, targetdb 'this makes the ACCDE file
End With

Is there a way to change this code to create a 32-bit ACCDE as well as the 64-bit one?

ODBC connection for ACCDE

I created a data enter forms and works will linkedtable that by ODBC in Access 2007 .
Yesterday, I made a ACCDE and works well.
Today, I made a ACCDE from access application and does not appears a ODBC connect box.

Why ACCDE does not linke to ODBC? are there something I make changes?

accdb to accde size

I have 2 databases which I have both converted to accde (MS Access 2010)

The 1st database was imported from a AC2003 db. The accde size is around 30mb and once I publish as accde it is around 27mb. Both DB are split to FE/BE.

The 2nd database was created from AC2010. The accde size is 29mb and once I publish to accde it is around 9mb(!)

The thing is the 2nd DB has more reports, forms and queries and yet once I publish it to accde the size is much smaller compared to the 1st.

I am stumped at this and there doesn't seem to be a way to check component filesizes. Can anyone explain why? I do have 2 image files I use as form background in db1 but they are shared an only around 150kb in size each. even with their original size (2MB) I still shouldnt get such a big file after publishing as accde

ACCDE Question

I am using Access 2010 with Windows 7. I wanted to deploy my app to user and I thought "Make ACCDE" would do that. But after I executed the compiled executable file, I can not get my reports to run or display. I did check the queries and they are working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Correction: Reports are working. But I am unable to run reports from menu.

I select report option from menu then next form let's me enter report date range and upon clicking OK button, I should be getting a report. Now when pushing button, I get no response.

Convert db to accde

I am working in Access 2007 and have recently converted a front-end to accde. When opening this new accde db though, none of my code can be run ( linked to command buttons on menus with click() event).

Am I missing something or could there be another reason?