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Unable To Create An Accde File

Unable to make ACCDE
how i prepare ACCDE file, when i click that button it will give some error msg. like "Microsoft office access was Unable to create the .accde, .mde, or .ade file".

Can anybody help me to resolved this issue..
I am using Access 2007.
file type .accdb

dont create accde file
I try to create accde file in access 2007 but he give me this msg " microsoft office was unable to create .accde,.mde or .ade file

Unable to make ACCDE
When I click that button it will give some error msg. like "Microsoft office access was Unable to create the .accde, .mde, or .ade file".

I am using Access 2007.
file type .accdb

ACCDE Recisions
With my db completed I created an ACCDE file, I then realised I needed to change something so I went back to the original file, but this would not reflect in the ACCDE file obviously, so I create a new ACCDE file. The problem is that I then have to tell it again which is the startup page, to remove the nav bar, to minimize the ribbon, to point to the icon etc. etc.

I may do another 50 revisions this month, isn't there a way of updating the accde file back to the original whenever I make a change?

How to make 32-bit ACCDE from 64-bit Access 2010
Is there a way to compile a 32-bit ACCDE file from an Access 2010-64 ACCDB file? I have a client who has both 32 & 64 bit systems and I have an automated way to create a 64-bit ACCDE but a 64-bit ACCDE will not run on their 32-bit systems.

So I need to add code (if possible) to create a 32-bit ACCDE from a 64-bit system.

Here is the code that creates the 64-bit ACCDE:

Set AccessApplication = New Access.Application
With AccessApplication
.AutomationSecurity = 1 'MsoAutomationSecurityLow
.UserControl = True
.SysCmd 603, sourcedb, targetdb 'this makes the ACCDE file
End With

Is there a way to change this code to create a 32-bit ACCDE as well as the 64-bit one?

Accdb makes accde without VBA
After working on the accdb, complied it and created the accde. Now unable to use the accde. None of the buttons on the main menu worked. When we got here, we created a new accde using the same accdb. The newly created accde also does not work. It is as if all the code is gone. However the accdb is working great.

I checked the trust. I compiled, compacted and repaired.

Any other ideas on what happened and how to fix?

Disable the F4 key in ACCDE
I've created a database and I distribute the front end using the ACCDE format. One of the forms I have is set to open Read Only and I have disabled editing, deleting, etc., in the property sheet.

However, when I create the ACCDE I hit a problem. On opening the ACCDE file, I click the button to open the form and all works well. However, I can press F4 and it shows the Property Sheet where I can change values to allow editing.

Is there any way to disable the property sheet in the ACCDE file

Needing more info about using Access runtime vs. ACCDE
I'm trying to understand Access Runtime, as compared to an ACCDE file.

1) If I use Runtime, does it eliminate the need to hide the navigation pane, menus and ribbons?
2) Does it create an executable file that can be used on any computer, regardless of whether Access is installed or not?
3) Does Runtime need to be previously installed on the Users' computers?
4) Is a Runtime file a smaller footprint than an ACCDE?
5) Are there disadvantages to distributing a Runtime file instead of an ACCDE?

The sources I've found so far on Runtime are a bit confusing.

Cannot create ACCDE file
I receive the following error message when I try to create an .accde file. "Microsoft Office Access was unable to create the .accde, .mde, or .ade file." When I click on Show Help this is the message contained in it:

"This error is usually associated with compiling a large database into an MDE file. Because of the method used to compile the database, a considerable number of TableID references are created for each table. The Access database engine can only create a maximum of 2048 open TableIDs at one time. Exporting a database as an MDE potentially can exceed this limit if the database has a large number of objects (table, macro, form, report, etc).

There is no accurate method to estimate the number of TableIDs the Access database engine uses during the process of compiling a database as an MDE. However, each VBA module and each form uses one TableID, as a result, if the database has 500 forms, and each form's HasModule property is set to Yes, as many as 1,000 TableIDs are used."
From reading this, could the issue be that we have too many tables, forms, and queries existing in the database to be able to create the .accde file?

VBA Module(s) not available to ACCDE file
I saved my ACCDB file as an ACCDE for another version of my app. Previous versions of ACCDE work fine. This time, anything that requires VBA does not work. It's like VBA modules are not there.

When in the ACCDB version of the file, everything works fine. In the ACCDE everything is visible, including the Code Modules, of course they can't be opened as it's an ACCDE file. Everything works, except things that need VBA.

For example, one form loads fine, but a portion of it doesn't get populated because it's reliant on VBA. Command buttons don't respond, etc.

I can't think of anything I've changed since the creation of the last ACCDE that could cause this.

Converted ACCDB to ACCDE but ACCDE fails
I have an large Access 2003 database that functions 100% as both an .mdb and an .mde file in Access 2003. I converted the file to an Access 2010 .accdb file, and then compiled and compacted that file. The Access 2010 .accdb file works 100% also.

When I 'Save & Publish' the .accdb as an .accde, the .accde file fails right away and on most function buttons. I have listed the folder these files reside in as a "Trusted Location", but I am stuck.

Hard to understand how the .accdb can work and compile flawlessly, and the .accde fails consistently.

accdb to accde size
I have 2 databases which I have both converted to accde (MS Access 2010)

The 1st database was imported from a AC2003 db. The accde size is around 30mb and once I publish as accde it is around 27mb. Both DB are split to FE/BE.

The 2nd database was created from AC2010. The accde size is 29mb and once I publish to accde it is around 9mb(!)

The thing is the 2nd DB has more reports, forms and queries and yet once I publish it to accde the size is much smaller compared to the 1st.

I am stumped at this and there doesn't seem to be a way to check component filesizes. Can anyone explain why? I do have 2 image files I use as form background in db1 but they are shared an only around 150kb in size each. even with their original size (2MB) I still shouldnt get such a big file after publishing as accde

Unusually Large .accde File
I created a database for a department in our company to track the projects they work on (15+ users). In order to protect the data and design, I split the database and also created an .accde file for production that the staff use from a shared location.

Today, I noticed that the production .accde file was unusually large at 128MB. My back-up .accde file is 3.3MB, so I tried using that to overwrite the production db, which worked; however, the file size increases back to the 128MB once someone opens it again. The back-end (_be.accdb) file is about 5.6MB and my database pre-split was only 31.3MB.

The database has been in use since the beginning of 1st quarter and I've never seen this before. Any ideas why this might be happening

32 and 64 bit Access Compatibility
I wrote and published an accde file using Access 2007 (32 bit). Recently, I installed Access 2010 in my new PC and set it as 64 bit.

I just realized I can no longer open the 32 bit accde file. I can still open all other accdb files.

I am seeking answers to help me decide if I need to reinstall Access as 32 bit.

- Can I download and install 32 bit Access Runtime in the same machine in order to open any 32 bit accde file?
- Can 64 bit Access publish 32 bit accde file?
- If I open an old accdb file and make changes in Access 64 bit then save, does that make the accdb file accessible only by 64 bit Access? My users are using 32 bit MS Office and installed Access runtime 32 bit.

Converting Access Database File to a MDE File or ACCDE File
To help lock down and prevent certain objects especially Forms, Reports and any code being modified (via the design mode), you can convert your database file into an ‘executable‘ file format where the .MDB becomes a copy as an .MDE and the .ACCDB to a .ACCDE.

Issue after splitting the dB
I use Access 2007 and split a dB. Now I have front end and back end. After this I converted front end in accde and distributed accde to users.

So at last I have three things:
back end
accdb file
accde file

My accdb file contained one additional file after accde conversion named "Sheet1$_ImportErrors" which on opening shows three columns which shows errors as "Null value in an auto number field" in a field "MachinePK" in total 63 rows. what does that mean? else dB was working fine.

backend shall remain on server, Now what about accdb, shall it be used for working behind the scenes.

Make accdb which has forms into accde so that VBA code remains hidden
I have an Access database which has 18 forms. I learnt that if we convert accdb file into accde the VBA code will be hidden from the users.

I tried to convert my accdb file into accde but as soon as I try to save it,

So I created a new blank database and imported only the main form and tried to convert it into accde. Even then the same error is thrown.

Compile problems
I'm having probs trying to compile a 2010 accdb into an accde. I've done Alt F11 and compiled the code before saving it as accde.

Everything works just fine in the accdb file - and the conversion to accde process appears to run OK.

But when I open up the accde file none of the buttons on the "switchboard" form will work - and one of the buttons gives an error "Undefined function in expression".All of the switchboard buttons simply open different forms.

How to disable "Relationships" button in accde on Database tools.
In my accde file, one can see relationships and also create new ones. I have already disabled design and navigation panes. I am using Access 2007.

ACCDE Question
I am using Access 2010 with Windows 7. I wanted to deploy my app to user and I thought "Make ACCDE" would do that. But after I executed the compiled executable file, I can not get my reports to run or display. I did check the queries and they are working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Correction: Reports are working. But I am unable to run reports from menu.

I select report option from menu then next form let's me enter report date range and upon clicking OK button, I should be getting a report. Now when pushing button, I get no response.