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#Type! error

#Type! error
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I created text box and wanted to sum two text boxes values in form (=[Koli ina bruto:]+[Koli ina bruto1:]). I receive error #type!. what is the problem
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How to calculate a percentage on form

I am attempting to calculate a percentage on an Access form with the expression builder using the information from the following query results. Please see below. What I need to do is determine the error capture rate for each error type. For example, for Coding (highlighted in yellow) the formula would be (35) / (35+6) = 85.36% Anotherwards, (Error Type "Items Failed") / (Error Type "Items Failed" + Error Type "Fin Err

Error - User defined type not defined

On Compiling my assecc database VB code I get the following error message "User defined type not defined". I understand it is beecause I have not declared the Variable Type, but have no idea to exactly which part of the code the error is referring to.

How do I find out WHICH User defined type is not defined, especially when I have not got any (or do not want to use any) user defined types?

Thank you in advanced programming wizards. Kind regards, Adam.

Change field type

I have a table with 260,000 records. I need to change a field type from character to date. When I try to change a field type from text to date I get the following error:

Microsoft Office Access can't change the data type.
There isn't enough disk space or memory.

What causes this error and what can I do to fix it?

Error 438 error in Access 97

I am relatively new at Access code but having an issue with this. I have an 'event' code on each of 2 different checkbox fields that is working just fine. PreferredArea is a text field. The code is as follows:

Private Sub AreaCalc()
Me![PreferredArea] = " "

If Me![Oregon] Then
Me![PreferredArea] = "Oregon"
End If

If Me![Washington] Then
Me![PreferredArea] = Me![PreferredArea] & ",Washington"
End If

End Sub

The following code should do the same thing on 3 different check box fields. All I want is for the 3 underlying fields (if checked) to add the text to the [Type] field. The field [Type] is also a text field.

Private Sub TypeCalc()
Me![Type] = " "

If Me![TypeHouse] Then
Me![Type] = "House"
End If

If Me![TypeCondo] Then
Me![Type] = Me![Type] & ",Condo,Plex"
End If

If Me![TypeApartment] Then
Me![Type] = Me![Type] & ",Apartment"
End If

End Sub

I get the following error message:

Object doesn't support this property or method (Error 438) .

Help with error 13 type mismatch

I am getting a Type Mismatch error with the following code. This is called when there is a discrepancy in calculations.

1) MsgBox "Total trip miles = " & lngTripMiles & vbCrLf & _"and the leg miles total " & _ DSum("LegMiles", "qryCalculateTripLegs"), , "Trip calculation error[/indent]"
I'm also getting a Type Mismatch error with the following SQL. I've searched and everything I can find seems that I have my quotes correct. I even tried replacing the form control reference with a variable, which evaluated correctly, but still did not work.

Syntax error on WHERE clause, possible type conflict?

I'm trying to run this piece of

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM ORDER_DATA WHERE ORDER=" & curOrder rst_orderData = db.OpenRecordset(strSQL)

The ORDER column from ORDER_DATA is a double number type, and curOrder is of type double as well.

The error I'm getting points to the second line and says "Syntax error on WHERE clause".

Why do you think this is? Is it a possible type conflict

type mismatch error 13

The part that's in bold and is underlined is where I am getting my error , I have changed my code from the replies I got before but I am still getting this error

Run-time error '13' Type mismatch

I have difficulty in solving the run time error 13 type mismatch. I do not know how to solve it.
Value = Right(List225.ItemData(icount), 4) + 1". The error will appear.
If I remove " + 1" in the code, no error will shown and the whole code works normal.

Excel import error

I am desparate for assistance! Cannot figure out what it going on.

Ill trying to import an excel spreadsheet thusly

DoCmd.TransferDatabase acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12, table1, acTable, "C:\test.xls"

Plain and simple, done it hundreds of times years ago, however I am getting this error:

Run-time error '2507': The 9 type isn't an installed database type or doesn't support the operation you chose.
How can this be? I have Excel 2007 installed? I have googled everything I can think of and found no other example of this error in relation to Excel. I have switched on all the main reference librarys I can think of, and when I search the object library for "acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12" it shows up, however nothing comes up as a list option for database type, the way I remember it used to. (eg; the way vb pops up a list of selectable constants) It does pop up for transfer type however.

I am at a loss. Without this function I cannot continue

Type mismatch error when calling function

I'm receiving a type mismatch error when calling my Function. The Prioritization_Score field is a number of type Byte. Me.Saftey is a checkbox. When I debug the code Me.Saftey shows as either -1 or 0, Prioritization_Score = 100. But the Score(.) Function shows Type Mismatch. Anyone got an idea where I'm messing up