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Transfer data from form to another form

Transfer data from form to another form
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I Created a combo box with ID N0 what I want if I click the ID N0 this one transfer the information to man form instead of typing one by one your help please if you have demo just post the link here...
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form data transfer to a report

I am really new to access. I just started using it a couple weeks ago so I only know how to use the basic buttons.

So I have this form that I created and it has a list of textboxes for words and number data. I would like to transfer this data to a report. I want the report to pretty much look like an excel template with a table. I want the data from the form to be transferred to the report at a push of a button. However, I have no idea where to start. So where do I start? And is there any programing involved in this

Additional Data on some records in continuous form

Access 2010 accdb.
A continuous Form has records of Loans Issued on a Date.
It includes how the funds were issued and this works fine where One transfer was done.
Where there may be two or more funds transfer records, it would be handy to have a 2nd or third row in the form (and report) that displayed the additional data. This would be like a sub form to a continuous form.

Is there any way to achieve this ?

If there was just one Loan Issued each day then a Main Form and numerous Sub Forms would achieve the result but with multiply loans then ?

This would be like a 2nd line of description in a price list

BarCode Input

I have a form that I want us a Bar Code Scanner as its input device. I have no problem scanning data into a text field when the cursor is in the text field. But, what I want to do is to have my application be aware of when a barcode scan is entered. For example, I have a main menu for with no text boxes for data input. What I want the user to be able to do is scan a Work Ticket Document and based on the data input automatically transfer to another form.

How can I capture data input from a scanner without displaying it into an actual text box. If a barcode with certain text in it is scanned, I want the form to transfer control to another form for further processing.

Or, must I enter the text into a hidden field for the purposes of capturing the data first and then using the Timer Event ot process it? I use the Form_KeyPress Event to see if that would capture the data input, but it does not do that. What event would capture data input from a barcode device without having to display it on a form?

Transfer multiple textbox data to table on click

I have multiple textbox in my form Textbox1 to Texbox10.I need to transfer this data into Table1 with Fieldname Data1 to Data10.

Access 2010: Opening a Second Form using First Form data

I'm currently doing an order system. This is the flow of data:

I first add a new customer, giving him a unique CustomerID and his/her details. Then I press a button named Add Order to open up a form. My problem is on how I could transfer the current CustomerID to the second form

Save & Clear Button + Disable Enter

I have one command button in my form. I want my button to

1. SAVE the data upon click of button and CLEAR all fields for new data entry

2. I noticed that when I press the ENTER it will do same action as clicking my button. I tried the "on Enter event" and create a Message Box when Enter is pressed. it works, but when I press Enter again. it will proceed with the data transfer. I want to DISABLE the Enter command to transfer the data. I want the user to use the Button Only to transfer the record

Using established forms

and new to access and excel, so please excuse this question. I am very definitely a novice.
I am trying to use an old Excel form that I have in the computer currently. I need to transfer this form to Access. I want to be able to collect data on that form and revisit the collected data some time in the future.
The Excel form has the company logo on it and the layout is perfect for what we use it for.
I can't believe this a really difficult thing to do, I just am not familiar with this kind of computer stuff

Transferring data to a second form

I have created a database that deals with inventory control. My next step that I have been approaching is to click a command button that opens up a separate from but takes specific information from FORM 1 into the new FORM that I just created.

So if a specific Employee takes out 4 aprons from a total of 50 and there are now 46 left, I would like the submit button to transfer that data over accordingly to Inventory control form in the correct text boxes.

Specific Example: If employee John Doe takes 4 aprons from a total of 50 which now leaves 46 how can I transfer that data into the other form showing specific information like 'Product ID' taken, 'Date' it was taken, 'Product Description', 'Employee' who took it, 'Amount Taken' and, 'total' left. I need the extended information to show up in the text boxes on form 2.

Is there a certain code that does this? Here are screen shots so you can get a visual

Data transfer from Forms to tables.

How is the data which is input into a form stored in the relevant tables?

I have a feeling it's by using macros but I'm unsure.

If it is would it simply be the case of recording the copy and paste of data from the form to the table?

Data won't go from Form to Table

I have a very basic database set up. I created a form for data entry. When I enter data into it, it does not transfer to the table. The info that was already in the table did go to the form, however.

Once in a while when I first turn it on, it will take the first record I enter and pull it over, then that's it.

Tried setting it to always enable macros and that didn't