Too many fields defined??

Yesterday my database was working today it is telling me that I have too many fields defined on a form and it will not open? I deleted 8 fields and added 2, so why all of a sudden will it not work I actually have less fields today than I did yesterday

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Error - User defined type not defined
On Compiling my assecc database VB code I get the following error message "User defined type not defined". I understand it is beecause I have not declared the Variable Type, but have no idea to exactly which part of the code the error is referring to.

How do I find out WHICH User defined type is not defined, especially when I have not got any (or do not want to use any) user defined types?

Thank you in advanced programming wizards. Kind regards, Adam.

Report - Too Many Fields Defined - Expression Error
I have a Summary Report with appoximately 250 unbound fields that will have count expressions. It was working fine until I entered the last set of expressions and now when I try to run the report it tells me there are "Too many fields defined". All this report does is count various data to summarize that database. What can I do?

Too Many Fields Defined in a Microsoft Access Database Table
Ever received the "Too Many Fields Defined" Error message when saving your database table?
Microsoft Access keeps an internal count of the total number of fields in a database table and has a limit of 255 fields per table.

What does error: User-defined type not defined mean?
What does The expression On open you entered as an event property setting produced the following error: User-defined type not defined mean? And how can this be resolved?

Importing excel file - Too many fields defined
I have a database that imports various excel files with the help of TransferSpreadsheet macros

When importing one of the files I keep getting the "Too many fields defined" error message (however all the other files are working fine, and these files are all very similar)

Could you please advise on what can cause this error

"Too many fields defined" error
I modified a query of mine but since then I can't run it because it gives me a "Too many fields defined" error. I have tried selecting Repair and Compact Database to get it to work but that has not. I'm not sure what else to do. The query has a ridiculous number of fields because it basically compiles all tables into one query, and then other queries run off of that for reporting (horribly inefficient, I know, but when I set it up I know virtually nothing about Access or how to set up a database). There are currently something like 120 fields, and when I added one more, it stopped working and gave that error. I am planning on redoing the database to make it easier to use and more efficient, but don't have time right now. I'm looking for a fix that I can use until I have time to redo this monstrosity. Anything that I can do that is fairly quick

Calculated fields as criteria
I've created a query that finds the last non-zero field in a series of fields and captures the year and amount in calculated fields. I've defined the fields in the calcs by wrapping the expressions in CDbl().

When I try to use the calc fields as select criteria, however, my calculations break down, do youthink?

OpenFunction Macro Action
In an Access project, you can use the OpenFunction action to open a user-defined function in Datasheet view, inline function Design view, SQL Text Editor view (for a scalar or table user-defined function), or Print Preview. This action runs the user-defined function when opened in Datasheet view. You can also select the data entry mode for the user-defined function and restrict the records that the user-defined function displays.

Maximum fields exceeded?
I am trying to execute the SQL Insert statement below:
I've confirmed that there are matching fields and the number of fields is 20.

But I get a message, "You cannot record your changes because a value you entered violates the settings defined for this table or list (for example, a value less than the minimum or greater than the maximum). Correct the error and try again.

Does this mean that I cannot have 20 fields in my statement? If so, how do I change the setting?

Clicking on any button: user defined type to defined
My database takes around 3 minutes to compress and repair. It will make a slow computer to hang for that period. Again there is this form that whenever Itry to open it, it gives this error:
"the expression on Load you entered as the event property produced this error: user-defined type not defined".
the strange thing is that the form has no event on Load.
In addition, when that form opens, trying to move the mouse gives the mouse move error:
"the expression mouseMove you entered as the event property produced this error: user-defined type not defined".

Clicking on any button gives:
"the expression on Click you entered as the event property produced this error: user-defined type not defined".

Closing gives:
"the expression on unLoad you entered as the event property produced this error: user-defined type not defined".

Unable to add record: user defined type not defined
I took my 2003 MDB secured database and imported it into a new one on another PC running Access2010 thus creating a accdb file so that I could work on the manual permissions deal. Now I'm at work and the database will not allow me to add a record! The error that I get is:

Compile error:
User defined type not defined

Dim MyConnection as ADODB.Connection is what is highlighted as the offending code.

How to fix queries that add fields on their own?
Not sure how but on any query that I run it somehow adds all the fields in the table.

For example I have a query with 5 fields. the table I chose them from has 100 fields. When I run it I see all the fields even those I didn't choose. On some queries I get "Too many fields defined." I don't know what I clicked on that gives me this error. everything worked fine yesterday.

Cannot retrieve data via Excel if query got user-defined function
I would like to retrieve data from Access using Excel VBA through ADO. This was successfully done in the past until a user-defined function was added to one of the fields in the Access query. On Access, the query can run successfully. On Excel, an error "Microsoft Access Database Engine -> Undefined function in expression" is returned.

Has someone encountered similar problem before? Any workaround? I think using user-defined function in queries should be quite common because it is so useful.

ADO Compile Error: User-defined type not defined
I am trying to resurrect an old DB (Access 97, I think) And every time I run it I get an error:

Compile Error: User-defined type not defined. I do not get the error in the original.mdb file. I was unable to convert the file to Access 2010 format so I copied everything to an Access 2010 file.

Dim rst As New ADODB.Recordset

How to Create Field in Template
How can I add a newly-defined field to an existing template?

I am able to add a copy of an existing field, but cannot determine how to create a new field - either straight to the record or to the list.

We have a database of around 500 members with 40+ fields for each record. I need to import that database either from the FileMaker original or an Excel version, and need more uniquely-defined fields than the template comes with - in this case the "Addresses" template.

" "Professional Orgs,""Contributions to," each of which needs to be indexed and searchable.) I would really like to not have to build a whole new database from scratch.

Saving memory space
I have a field named as "StockNumber" and is defined as Integer (Long). The values of this field range from
000001 to 999999. My question is this, what defined is more optimal in storage amount? Would it be better to leave it defined as Integer (long) or should as redefined as Text with length of 6. Which definition would have more space

Trobule insert into table
I have a form that is based on Scope table. Within that form there are multiple fields(text box, combo and list). I have some of the fields pre populated based on a form upon the form opening. I have looked at the form properties and I have
Data Entry = Yes
Allow Additions = Yes

When I go to make an update to any of the fields I receive a ding sound. Does each one of the fields need a after update procedure defined prior to the user being able to update the fields.

Any guidance would be appreciated as I have another form that I will be doing something similar.

Application-defined or object-defined error
I have created a query to get a bunch of information for a specific year and name. I went to create the subreport using the wizard for my report but I receive an application-defined or object-defined error. I have deteremined the problem but I do not know how to fix it. When I was creating the tables I had inserted the wrong name and the column is no longer there but it still comes up in the table information when I created the query but does not show in the table. The name of the column that is 'hidden' is DemAmpAJan but the one I can see/want is called DemAmpsAJan. Any suggestions on how to completely delete his 'hidden' column would be

Retreive individual components of a user defined type in a query
Access 2007, win 7 32
I have a user defined function that creates a user defined type from a number of tables. I am trying to figure out how to access individual parts of the returned type in a query for producing a report.

Total Number of fields in a query
Is there a limit on the number of fields that could be included in the query? While designing a query I get an error message "Too many fields defined".