Text is cut in memo datatype textbox in Report

Here's another issue with Access 2007. I have a subform that have two group headers; Branch_Name and Commit_ID. The Detail of the subform have four columns; Section (Text), Date Completed(Date), Action Progress (Memo), Action Location (Memo).

The issue that I am having right now is that text that is in the Action Progress field is being cut. I set the Can Grow, Can Shrink of the text box and the Detail as YES and it did not solve the problem.

Then, I set Can Grow, Can Shrink of the text box as YES and NO, respectively, and the Detail as YES for both cases, and it did not solve the problem either.

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Determining if textbox.controlsource is Memo or Text datatype
I have an Access 2007 database. I would like to determine (using VBA) if the control source for a particular text box is a Memo or Text data type. I don't see anything specific on the control properties that might indicate it.

Missing text when exporting Access report to Word
I have an Access report which I need to export to Word, to further edit and then for our graphics person to use the text for a brochure. When I export it into Rich Text Format, and then open into Word, occasionally the text is cut off, even though in the Access version all the text is there.
The particular field of concern is Memo data type. What is strange is that some of the ones that are cut off are actually shorter than some that export correctly. In addition, there is another field occasionally cut off, which compiles three different text fields.

Report Text Box
Currently I have a text box in a report and I was wondering if it is possible to change the height, width, top and left values and the size of the text within the text box based on a string in another textbox. The strings can be TTC, DVM, SYF etc. and are not long or complex.

The reason for this is that I insert text files into a memo field which is linked to the text box on the report. The text files are of different sizes and I would like them to be centered on the report. I cannot just centre the text as this messes with its format

Memo field in linked SQL table
We have an SQL table named OITM on a server running SQL server 2008 which has a field named: U_MAX_COM which has a datatype Nvarchar(max) and set to allow nulls.

In access (either 2003 or 2010) we link to this table but often the field shows up in access as a memo field, whilst other times it shows as a text field. We really need it to appear in access as a text field because it needs to be linked to another table/field in a query.
I dont understand why sometimes access sees it as a memo field and sometimes a text field. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? and how to ensure shows as a text field in access?.

(I dont think we can amend the current datatype of the field

Report Memo Field Showing ?? in Boxes Instead of Results
Created an Access report. Within the report/data, I have a memo field. The report is pulling the information (memo field and other data collected) from a query. When I display the report, the result in the memo field is? each in a box with a light blue border.

The text in the memo field is pretty short (so far) and doesn't reach the character limit. I've set the propertyto can grow, and still receiving the ? instead of the results. Not sure where to go from here to get the actual data displaying on the report.

Truncation of Memo fields
In Access tables, Text fields are limited to 255 characters, but Memo fields can handle 64,000 characters (about 8 pages of single-spaced text) - even more programmatically. So why do memo fields sometimes get cut off?Identifies the reasons why Memo fields may be truncated after 255 characters in queries or exports in Microsoft Access.

Text to Memo but field size remains unchanged
I am making a database for student reports where I need field size to be more than 255. Googling has led me to an answer that text fields are limited to this amount, but a solution is to use type "memo" instead as the base datatype of the field in the table.

The problem is, that while this does appear (at first) to allow me to type more in, as soon as I leave the field (to typeelsewhere into the form), the length nevertheless snaps back to the shorter length,

I don't see "field size" as part one of the General properties now that it is of type Memo, but this sure seems to be the effect it is using.

I really need this to store the report comments for my classes.

Memo Field Not Growing on First Page of Report
I have a report which is basically a form letter. The text of the letter is in a memo field, which is set to "can grow". This works fine - on all pages except the first page. On the first page of the report the text displayed in the memo field is limited by the actual height of the text box.

On all other pages the text displayed in the memo field expands appropriately.

The report is set up as follows:

Appending 2003 Memo to 2007 Rich Text Memo
I have a query to append memo field data from an Access 2003 table into a 2007 memo field (with the Text Format set to Rich Text). The carriage returns in 2003 seem to be lost in theprocess as the text appears as one single paragraph in both the form and report display of the 2007 memo field.

How to flow a memo field to another page in a report?
I have a report that comprises 3 memo fields, a text field, and a date field. What I want the report to do is to print the 3 memo fields (which are arranged as side-by-side columns),flowing them as necessary from page to page, and, in the page footer, print the text and the date fields.

I have the text/date fields in the page footer, but they print only on the last page of the report, not on each page. Also (and actually a bigger problem), even though I have CanGrow and CanShrink set to Yes, and the memo fields are sized to the height of about 3 text lines, the memo fields seem to insist on printing their entire length.

Contents of Memo field chopped off
I have a database with a number of memo fields on a report. Depending on the text in these fields sometimes the text on the right-hand side of the memo fields will get chopped off. Refer toattached PNG file for an example.

We have tried altering the size of the memo field with no resolution to the problem.

We have looked at the property of the memo field on the report and modified setting for 'Can Grow', 'Can Shrink', margin settings, text size and alignment. None of these modifications resolved the issue either.

I have also tried deleting the field from the form and re-adding. Same result (or lack thereof).

Print a Memo field
I have a Memo field on a form. I would like to print the field. The best option would be for the user to be able to right click on the text box and select and print, or to put a button on the screen to print the contents to a printer.

No formatting is required. I just want to print it out on white paper like you do with Notepad. I don't want to have to create another report.

Is it possible to send the contents of a Memo/textbox directly to the default printer?

rich text memo field
Creating a report. In a label I want to be able to format certain words. I've created a rich text memo field in the table.

Do I need to put the text into the table and drag onto the report design form or. Can I just select the empty memo field from the table and place on report then type in the text? The formatting option doesn't seem to work either way. It's formatting the entire box. All places are set up for rich text.

Linking Text Boxes in MS Access
How do I link a textbox in a report to a textbox in a form so that the textbox in the report displayes the exact same value as the textbox in the form, as I want to send this report as an email because I can't do this in a form.

Display Memo in text box (255 limiting issue)
I have a table, with one of the fields being of type memo. I want to display a member from that table, selected by user via combo box, in a text box.

I have a combo box which does allow the user to select a row in the table with the "after update" event being:

Me.textbox = Me.combo.Column(0)

Which works, but the problem is this only shows the first 255 charactors of the memo field. Is there some way (mabie using the Control Source property of the text box) to show the COMPLETE Memo data member?

Character limit for Unbound Textbox on Form
I have a form with a couple of unbound text boxes and combo boxes. I can edit the text boxes and select different options in the combo boxes, and save with these updates in a table. For this I use an update query, that runs whenever I click on the save button on the form.

The problem: when I try to put large amount of text (exceeding 255 characters) in one textbox, say txtNote and save it, I get a runtime error - 3271 : Invalid property value.

Points to note:
- The field in the table (say Note) where it saves the txtNote entry is a memo datatype. So thats not the reason for the problem!
- Our software application reflects the data from this table in its fields.
- When I input the text in the software in the concerned field directly (even more than 255 chars can be typed in the software side) and then try to display it in the form, it does so in the txtNote! It doesnt truncate the extra characters.

So now the question is, how do I make the textbox on the form accept more characters than 255 and save it?? Let me know if I should provide more information.

Convert text to numbers
I have a .CSV file that I imported into a database and includes 900,000 records. When I import the file I have to import all fields as text otherwise I receive errors importing.

One of the fields is Days and contains negative and positive numbers. I am needing to convert this field from text to number datatype. I have tried to change the datatype in the table and get a error message stating "Access can not change the datatype there is not enough disk space or memory". I believe this is due to the amount of records I have in the table.

I need to find another way to change this datatype from text to number. I have tried to do a update query from the field set as a text datatype to a field set as a number datatype and this does not work.

Can this be done through VBA or SQL? Or maybe some other way

Limited characters in a memo field
I have several forms that are linked to a memo field in the main table. This is also linked to a report for printing. I have to limit the characters in the memo field so that the text does not go beyond what can be seen on the report. So, I need to know how I can limit the number of characters that can be netered into the memo field to, say 1500, and I need to show a message box when that limit has been reached

Memo field cuts off on Dataset insert command
I have a MS-Access DB with a table with field "HTML" that is set as a "Memo" field

I have added DB to Dataset and created an insert command:

INSERT INTO `Site_Results` (`Site_id`, `Chk_Date`, `HTML`, `Hash`, `Flags`, `Load_Speed`) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)

in the Form I have the command executed:

tbladpt2.InsertResult(siteid, Now, str, GenerateHash(site_hash), site_rules, tm_end.Subtract(tm_start).Milliseconds)
Being the str variable the variable injected to the HTML (Memo) field.

This str variable usually carries the full HTML code for a page - so is quite big (but should fit to a Memo field).

The command executes well (does not through exceptions) but when I check the field on the DB I find that not all the str variable has transformed - most of the field got cut off and the data is gone.

It's almost as if the Dataset regarded the "HTML" field as a TEXT field and cut it off after about 1,000 chars.

Query returns null..based on two tables
I have two tables and following is there datatype
Products Table:
P.ID-AutoNumber as datatype
ProductName-Text as datatype
ProductType-Text as datatype
Price- number as datatype
Packing-number as datatype

Packing Table:

PackingID=Autonumber as datatype
PackingName - Text as datatype

and I am bit confused as how the query will be to get the price of the product based on above tables bec when I run

SELECT distinct Products.CPrice
FROM Packing INNER JOIN Products ON Packing.PackingID=Products.Packing WHERE (([WHERE Products].[ProductName]="@prod" And [WHERE Packing].[PackingName]="@pac"));

I get nothing in result.any help please.I really need this somehow to solve