Text Box control and character limit?

I have an unbound text box on a form. The form is bound to a query but only for reading records. The unbound text box is programatically populated with data from the form's recordset. If the text gets around 2038 characters long trying to save via the form produces the error "could not update; locked by another session on this machine." I can still update via the table, just not the form. Also, if I have the form viewing the record containing this long text then even via the table it says the record is locked and cannot be updated.

**The field in question is in its own table because it is a memo field that gets changed regularly in production. The production environment has this as a bound control but I am trying to implement unbound controls to avoid excessive record locking.**

Is there some limit on text controls regarding length of text? I cannot find anything by googling or searching this forum

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I have created a form in Access 2003. One of the fields titled "Description" typically will have more than one line of information entered into it. Right now, there appears to be a character limit.

It does not allow me to enter any information beyond just one line. Is there any way to extend the character limit of this field, or even better, make it unlimited?

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You can limit the items that are listed in a combo box based on what is selected or displayed in another control, such as a text box or even another combo box.

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I have a button to send automatic emails confirming interview times. The action works well, but I've reached the alotted number of characters and I'd like to add more text to the message body. Any ideas on extending the text limit?

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I'd like to only output part of a field value to a Combo Box ( as it is, its control source, is set to this field ) The reason is, I have prefixed a single character a,b,c,or d - to the field's value, to ensure I sort the records in the order I want.

However, I don't want or need the user, to see this 'control character.

Tab Control - Pages
I have a common text box control which appears on all 4 pages of my tab control. (Common text box control achieved through pasting a text box control onto the tab)

I only want the user to be able to change the data in this text box control if they are on Page 1. If they are on any other Page, then I would like to Lock the text box control.

If there was a Got Focus event for a Page then I could do what I need; but there isn't!

Is there a way to determine which Page of my Tab Control is active

Form Text Box Control Events
Using Access 2010 accdb, I have a form with an unbound Text Box Control. The Control Source is defined by the Form On Open Event. One option is for a string (function) to populate the Text Box Control and the other is for a Value to be placed in the control.

Both options result in automatic population of the control with a Currency value. I would like a Command Button control to be Enabled - True or False depending on the value. as per the code below.

Exceeding character limit of control source with multiple subreports
I am using Access 2007 on Windows XP. I am trying to build a report that contains up to 4 subreports. The main report should add the subtotals of the 4 subreports. Not every report will contain all subreports so I am using IIF to identify subreports with no records. In the main report I can add three IIF routines just fine.

Here is my control source expression that works:

=IIF([srptInvoiceDetail].[Report]![HasData], Nz([srptInvoiceDetail].[Report]![txtSubTaskTotal],0),0) +
IIF([srptAddFLR].[Report]![HasData], Nz([srptAddFLR].[Report]![txtFLRTotal],0),0) +
IIF([srptAddParts].[Report]![HasData], Nz([srptAddParts].[Report]![txtPartsTotal],0),0)

If I add the 4th IIF for the last subreport I exceed the 256 character limit of the expression field.

How can I work around this limitation?

I can envision two ways to accomplish this:

1. Perform the IIF in the subreport to ensure that a valid value is passed to the main report. If the subreport has records, the value would pass through correctly. If the subreport has norecords, the HasData flag will reflect that and the value will be set to zero.

2. Perform the IIF calculations in VBA in Report_Open (or some other report event). The IIF calculations would be performed in the Report_Open event and pass the total to the unbound text box in the main report.

Count row before text in a control
I have a report with a text box and I want to be able to start with on and count for every text box for each record like:

1) Some text
2) Some text
3) Some text.

Right now I have a text box that has =1 as its control source but I need it with the text it self not in its own text box.

In the text box I want to add a number its control source is =" " & [BasicJobSteps]

Add a text box control to a form or report
The text box is the standard control used for viewing and editing data on forms and reports. Many different types of data can be displayed in text boxes, and you can also use them to perform calculations. This article explains how to create and use a text box and also explains some important text box properties.
What do you want to do: Add a bound text box, Add an unbound text box, Add a calculated text box, Understand text box properties.

Unable to get text value
weird one here. When I try to get the .text value from a combo as the user is changing the value, I get a "Control must have focus" error. But it should have focus, I'm editing the @#$@# thing.

Here's the only code on any of the control events:
Private Sub cmbDefendant_Change()

Debug.Print "text: " & Me.cmbDefendant.Text

End Sub

The list of possible values can be huge so I'm wanting to wait until the users typed 4 characters in the combo before I go get a the list of values from the database. I've done the same thing on another field on the form so I don't understand why its a problem on this one. I've tried changing the limit to list property for the control but that didn't help. On the other control I have it set to Yes to limit and it works fine

255 Character Limit
When using the 'text' data type in access, it appears that the max number of characters you can allow is 255.

Is there any way you can change that limit to allow more characters?

How to limit input, if cell is empty
I have a form with text boxes, for example, Order and Job.
I need to limit Job number input in Job text box, if Order text box is empty? For example - I need, if Order box is empty, then allowed numbers in Job text box is only 500, 501, 502.
If Order text box has a record, then Job number input no limited.

Why is text box not updating?
I have a form named frmPaymentDetails with following control:

[DefaultFees] - Text box. Control source is taken from a field in a Table.
[AmountPaid] - Unbound text box control.

Problem: I update the value in DefaultFees by manually typing a new value in the text box. And then I hit a button which calls a subroutine.

Private Sub DefaultFeeUpdateButton_Click()
' Refresh the [Amount Paid] text box
Me.AmountPaid.Value = Me.DefaultFees.Value
End Sub

However, inside the subroutine, Me.DefaultFees.Value shows the old value, which I've already overwritten in the text box manually. It is not reading in the new value which I typed...

Character map missing my image
I am looking for an image of a circle with an x through it. I searched the character map and did not find one. I searched google and found here that I could make my own character. The issue with this is that the machine that I will install the db on, I don't have admin rights, so I don't know if I will be able to install a custom character. The end result is that I need a combo box on a form and a control on a report to display -,0,/,X, or the custom character. Anyone have any input on how to handle this?

Automated Character Count for Text Box
I am looking for a way to automatically count the number of characters that a user enters into a Text Box AS they type in the information.

I know that if you setup a text box with the control source as "=Len([Field])" that it will display the count of characters in that field, however that is only after you move from the text box on the form will it update to reflect the number of characters entered. I have even gone so far as to in the On Key Down, On Key Press, On Key Up, and On Change events of the text box the user is entering the data to run the expression:


But it doesn't requery until a user moves off of the text box.

Am I missing something here, or does anyone know of how to make this work, or am I wishing for something I can't have in Access

Limit to List difficulty
I am looking to put a combo-box on a form. The box is set to query Table2 and get the ID, and Type. The selected index will store the ID in Table1.Type. I would like to hide the Index column and set the combo-box to Limit to List: NO so that the user can either click on the Type or Type in a new Type which will be added to Table2. Can anyone help me with this one. When I try to set Limit to List to NO, Access yells at me because my first column is hidden and I have to fix my Columnwidth then set Limit to List to NO.

My Database:

ID - autonumber Type - number Description - text


ID - autonumber Type - text

Table2.ID has a one to many relationship with Table1.Type

Set unbound text box with value of slider control
I have a microsoft slider control (6.0) on my form. I also have an unbound text box on my form. I would like to have the text box hold the value the user has selected on the slider control. I tried using the "On Updated" event of the slider control to set the text box like this:

Me.txtbox1 = Me.sldControl1.Value

but this doesn't work. Could someone help me to acheive this? Or piont me in the right direction?

Count before text in a reports control
I have a text box in my reprots detail section and its control source is

=" " & [BasicJobSteps]

Now, when I open the report it gives the info record after record straight down the report like this:

Some text
Some text
Some text
Some text.

I need it to say this:

1) Some text
2) Some text
3) Some text.

I know I can just add a text box with a =1 as it control source in front of that text box and it will count each record but I want it in the same text box. I tried:

= 1 & " " & [BasicJobSteps]

But no go it just looks like this:

Text control to act like combo control
I need a text control filed to display the text in a combo box, not the lookup field the combo box is based on.

The combo box stores values for fieldA in it, but displays fieldB. I need a text box to display fieldB based on the combo box selection.

Text control to act like combo control
I need a text control filed to display the text in a combo box, not the lookup field the combo box is based on.

The combo box stores values for fieldA in it, but displays fieldB. I need a text box to display fieldB based on the combo box selection