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Table Linking From Frontend to Backend With 3rd Database VBA

2007/2010 Usysribbon
I am converting (hopefully) from 2003 to 2007.
Have created a QAT ribbon xml.
My system is split into a frontend and backend, with the frontend linking to the backend tables, all users have their own frontend.
Can the Usysribbon table be on the backend or does it need to be with the front end

Linking tables from password protected Backend db
In my Frontend db, I use 'J Street Access Relinker' (link), as suggested in another post, to link to my Backend db.

If I protect my Backend db with a password, from the Security menu in Access, it is no longer possible to link to the Backend db, or at least the Frontend can't open the links.

It there a way for me to set the password via code in my frontend db, so the linking can be done

Linking frontend access into SQL database
I have a access 2010. Database which I split into frontend and backend which works well.

I have decided to move the database into SQL, I used the export wizard and moved the database into SQL which seemed to work, and it I look at the backend which SQL made I seem to see mydata, and if I open SQL it seems to be in that to.

But my problem is, how do I link the access frontend to the SQL backend.

2010: Frontend with VBA and backend change breaks VBA form calls (onLoad etc)?
When I have a frontend with VBA (for table additions etc) and a backend (all tables except Switchboard Items), when I change from my test-backend (USB) to the realtime-backend (Network drive/directory) the tables work, but all VBA calls (events like onLoad etc.) break (I get an error message).

The only way I can fix it atm is by using the Compress and repair database,which restores the links between VBA and the forms etc.

What causes this to happen? Is it a known bug in Access 2010?

Access 2010: Frontend with VBA and backend change breaks VBA form calls (onLoad etc)?
When I have a frontend with VBA (for table additions etc) and a backend (all tables except Switchboard Items), when I change from my test-backend (USB) to the realtime-backend (Network drive/directory) the tables work, but all VBA calls (events like onLoad etc.) break (i get an error message). The only way I can fix it atm is by using the Compress and repair database, which restores the links between VBA and the forms etc.

What causes this to happen? Is it a known bug in Access 2010?

Frontend showing data, backend not updating
I have a very strange problem.

I have a backend-database on a network disk shared by 6 users. All users have a frontend client wich they use to administer the datebase. Everything in the frontend looks ok and they can query the latest data. However if I open up the backend database tables nothing has been updated since the middle of december. If I make a copy of the backend I can open it up and create new posts with ID-numbers that has already been taken by the frontend.

Ofcourse I have doublechecked that the clients are connected to the right backend file (there's only on backend file in the directory). Its all very strange and confusing, anyone with a good idea whats going on

Linking my SQL backed to frontend
I have just converted my access backend database into SQL using the access tool, and it seems to be in SQL server which is good, and on the desktop I have a file which seems to bethe access/SQL file which is call database.VCS and a logo which looks like a yellow tube.

But the problem I have is linking the frontend to the backend, if I us the link tool it want a OBDC and not a VCS.

Frontend Compact Backend
I have a database that is split and is set to make a backup copy of itself when it is started. This database loads multiple spreadsheets into a temporary table in the backend, summarizes the data via queries, and appends the summarized data to permanent tables.

Before the database is closed, I would like the user to be able to compact the backend of the database. Is itpossible to compact the backend of a database from the frontend? Or is this something that just needs to be done manually?

Importing backend automatically with VBA
For a database being used in different offices, I want to provide a config page within the DB App itself so that the user can specify a custom path for the database backend for linking.

I've been messing around with it and am able to link to a backend, if I specify in vba the table names from the back end. I'd rather not do this.

I'm also able to load the backend (importing it, it seems) through VBA. If I check the tables for a connect status, it says it's zero, which is what I get if the tables are not linked.

What I want to do is use VBA to link every table in the backend without having to know the names of the tables.

If I try to do a for loop for each after loading the database with :

'Set wrkAcc = CreateWorkspace("", "admin", "", dbUseJet)
'Set dbs = wrkAcc.OpenDatabase("C:\testdatabase_be.accdb")

It doesn't seem to want to work. I suppose I need a way to get each table name before linking all the tables with code such as

Got a problem with Moving into SQL
I have moved the backend of the database in SQL using the access wizard which seemed to work ok.

I have tried to link the frontend of the database onto the backend/SQL which I have followed the guide on MS (I hope is right ),

1st have I done it right by only moving the backend into SQL, 2nd when I have linked the frontend to the backend in SQL, I try to open one of the forms and it does not work, when I try and open the table in the frontend I get a message with says"ODBC - Call Failed" and when it opens it only has 63 recordes and not the 4500 which it should have and every field has #Name?

Cant see any record in the main database
i have a very simple database wid one table & around 30 attributes. i linked the forms, queries & reports to it. In the end i split the database into frontend & backend. Backend is on the shared folder & frontend is distributed to all the users on their desktop.

now i want to ask that whether the records saved from the frontend of the users should get saved in the main file???? because i can see the records in the table of frontend & backend but not in the main file (which was split)

Backend folder vs. frontend database
If I have an MS Access frontend that connects to an MS Access backend, is there a way to hide/permission block the pathway to the backend's folder but still allow access via the frontend db?

Right now I can't dedicate a server to a more "secure" form of DB or anything like that so I'm stuck with MS Access for now. say, a link table path and then navigating to that folder and getting access to backend information. What might be some solutions to this?

Programming the BackEnd path
I'm developing a FrontEnd/BackEnd application for a school.

Naturally the path to their version of the BackEnd is different to the path on my development laptop.

How do I tell the FrontEnd where to look for the BackEnd? If I just give them my copy of Front + Back, then the Linked table manager is looking a path that only exists on my machine.

Linking a frontend to a backend containing linked tables
I have a multiple-user environment where several users needs access at the same time, so I have created a frontend filem, with a copy to each user, and a backend file on a shared drive.

Using the Database Splitter, I can easily link the first table in the BE to the form in the FE, but the linked tables in the BE are converted to direct links Excel -> FE (instead of Excel -> BE -> FE).

This create a problem as the Excel files are locked whenever a user accesses the FE. Trying to manually create a FE and BE meets with a similar fate.

How to run a Macro or VBA code in another database
I am designing 2 databases (frontend and backend) and writing all my macros and vba in the backend database. In the frontend database I basically have a form for user to select options (button commands).

I want to link this command buttons from Frontend database to run VBA codes/macros in the backend database.

So far I tried 2 options and none of them are working

1) Shell command - I used the following command found on internet
Call Shell ("filepath \x Macroname, 1)
I get run time error 76

(It allows ONLY to run queries and NOT Macros)

Dim db As DAO.Database
Set db = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("filepath")
'db.Execute "query1"
db.Execute "query2"
db.Execute "query3"

This runs query 1 and query 2 but give RUN TIME ERROR 6 (overflow for query3)

Frontend / Backend Question
I have created a frontend / backend Access database. The backend holds the tables and sits on a network drive that users have read/write access to. Each user has their own FE (not a shortcut to a FE).

My question is regarding the best setup to prevent record locks and corruption in a system like this?

Trouble with split database
I added a new table to my frontend database, forgetting that it was split. I then copied the table into my backend database and tried to use the Linked Table Manager to refresh the links. I've had trouble with the Linked Table Manager before, as it never seems to work as expected.

I was never able to get the tables linked, so eventually the only thing I could see to do was try resplitting the database using the Wizard. After all, This worked really smoothly, except it apparently allowed me to effortlessly wipe out all the data in my backend database. If nothing else, I want to post a warning to others that this thing is a menace.

My next step was to restore my backend from yesterday's backup by copying it over the old corrupted backend, and using the Linked Table Manager to refresh the links. Maybe it wasn't necessary to refresh the links, but my applications seems to be working again.

I still don't know how to add the new table to my backend database. This is another subject not addressed in any of my reference books. And now, the table is missing from the frontend too, though it is still listed as an object. When I try to open it, I get the error message that the Access db engine cannot find the input table.

BE / FE new table linking
Microsoft Access: How do I link backend new table to frontend...

Recordset not updateable
I am having a problem with a network computer unable to update data in any linked tables. I recently separated a database into a frontend and backend, linking tables from the backend mdb files to the frontend mdb file.

The problem is one of the computers on the network has read-only access to the frontend mdb file whereas a different computer on the network as well as the host computer have full access to the database.

At first I thought the problem was read/write permissions for the computer on this network drive, but that is not the issue. I can add/delete/modify files on the drive from this computer.

How to re-link tables
I have a database with the frontend and backend on same network. Now when I have to do changes to it I take a copy of the frontend or backend home and re-link the table on my computer.

Now when I finish it all I want to be able to do is email the frontend or backend to someone without having to drive out there and this computer only has access runtime installed. So I have to go up there, bring my laptop, access their server, and link the database on my laptop, then take the files and drop it on their computer

I would like it when I email them the files an option could pop up to re-link the files since they are just using access runtime