Tab Control - Pages

I have a common text box control which appears on all 4 pages of my tab control. (Common text box control achieved through pasting a text box control onto the tab)

I only want the user to be able to change the data in this text box control if they are on Page 1. If they are on any other Page, then I would like to Lock the text box control.

If there was a Got Focus event for a Page then I could do what I need; but there isn't!

Is there a way to determine which Page of my Tab Control is active

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add subform to TAB control?
I have created a subform on my main form and it works fine.

I now decided I want to add this subform to a TAB control.

I followed the instructions that are identical from numerous sites, postings on the internet. However the subform keeps showing up for both of the 2 default tab pages.

Is there a trick to dropping the subform onto the TAB control so that it is associated with only one TAB page and is not visible in all TAB pages

Anchor pages in tab control
I have a form with tab control which contains 2 pages. I wish to anchor them down. I defined anchor setting to tab control and to the pages but only the first page is stretched down.

How can I make the second page (which is not visible when the form is loaded) to be anchored down?

Anchor pages in tab control
I have a form with tab control which contains 2 pages. I wish to anchor them down.
I defined anchor setting to tab control and to the pages but only the first page is stretched down.

How can I make the second page (which is not visible when the form is loaded) to be anchored down

Establish tab order between objects in tab control pages
In Access 2003/XP/2000/97, I have a form with a main tab box (created with a tab control) with four tabs on it and each tab has a number of text boxes on it. I have indexed these tabs so when the user tabs across, it goes from one tab page to another. However when it reaches the last text box on a particular tab instead of going to the next tab, it goes to the next record.

Main Tab Control with Child
I'm using Access 2003. I have a form with a tab control. I want to have another tab control within one of the page of the main tab control. So when you go to a certain tab, I'll see 3 sub pages. I can't seem to drag a new tab control onto a existing page of the main tab

Catching Tab Control Page Changes with VBA
I currently have a form which contains a tab control (which has six different pages). I am trying to find out how I can catch a page change on the tab control in order to trigger certain

Refer to Tab Control Objects in VBA
You can use a tab control to present several pages of information about a single form. A tab control is useful when your form contains information that can be sorted into two or more categories. Learn how to use tab controls on a form.

Set Focus to specific tab on a Tab Control
Is it possible to set the focus on a specific tab on a tab control via VBA? My goal is to set the focus to the tab when the form opens.

Different iterations of Me.TabCtl0.Pages.Page1.SetFocus doesn't work. I am unable to find the correct syntax to reference the tab.

Tab Control in Access 2003/XP/2000/97 (page 1 of 8)
What is a Tab Control?
A Tab Control is an Access object that allows you to create tabbed pages on an Access form. See picture below.

Designer manipulates control in unusable fasion
I have a form that has a tab control on it. The tab control contains three tab pages.

I have been coding for some time now and just discovered that I could not access one of the pages; the IDE complains that the object is undeclared.

So I took a look at form.designer.vb and found this: Instead of being defined as a friend it is being dimmed in the designer class.

The following code snippet illustrates whats going on:


I've tried adding the missing code myself but this results in the designer failing to load design mode.

Is there a way to have visual studio fix this? I'd rather not recode the form since it is already very well populated with controls.

Add page to TAB CONTROL
I use MS OFFICE 2007. When insert a TAB CONTROL (from the ribbon) in my form, it has 2 pages. But I need more and I can not find a way to do that.

Tabed Control 2007
One form
Fields - Name etc
Billing Address
Delivery Address

Other in - Not on Tab-Control

I have tables for Addresses, Address type, Suppliers name etc. I need to put each address for the Supplier on the tabed- Control

Is this possible without having 3 sub Forms.

Disable Tab pages
I'm a bit stuck with how to go about disabling tabs with in a tab page control in a form.

The form which the tab page control sits in is called 'frmDataEntry' and the tab control itself is called 'tab1'.

Now what I want is for the user to access data from a table through sub form 'frmsubIndicators' in form 'frmAdministration'. The subform is linked to data in a table called 'tblStdIndicators'. This table has two fields. The first is the name of the indicators (This is exactly the same as the tab page names) and the second is a checkbox which I want to use to enable and disable the tab pages dependent on which indicators are checked as enabled.

I was hoping to use the OnOpen event of the form with the table control to disable/enable tabs based on the checkbox selections in the Admin form. I imagine some sort of a loop that looks up the indicator name and checks if the enable check box is true or false and then disables/enables depending on the selection

Access 2003 MS Date Time Picker on a Tab Control
I have a tab control form, it has 2 pages. The first page contains some text boxes etc and a MS date time picker which lets say controls a "Request Date"

In the second tab I have various text boxes etc and another MS Date time picker.

By default when the form opens the tab control is disabled and you select a record from a combo box which then enables the control box and populates the various fields etc.

As page1 in the tab control is always the one in focus by default, the ms date time picker updates to the correct date for the select record. However, the ms date time picker in page2 of the tab control does not update.

Using Tab controls within a form
On a form, I have a tab control with 3 pages. How do you create a recordset to be used on only 1 of the pages? I'd like for the user to select a record via a combo box, then display all the fields associated with this record, and give them the ability of editing these fields

VS2010 - Windows Forms - GroupBox inside a tabcontrol does not honor anchor settings
I updated a VS2008 application to VS2010 targeting the .Net 3.5 framework. This application has a windows form that contains a tab control. This tab control contains 6 tab pages. The tab control's tab pages contain group boxes.

The group boxes have their anchor property set to Top, Bottom, Left and Right. The tab control's anchor property is also set to Top, Bottom,Left and Right.

When I open this form in VS2010 and resize the form, the tab control is automatically resized. The group boxes inside each tab page appear to automatically resize. If I close the form andimmediately reopen it and click through each tab page; the first tab page's group box is resized, but each of the other tab pages's group box has not been resized.

I reported this issue through Microsoft Connect - [LINK]

Microsoft has acknowledged the bug, but will not fix the problem. Their suggestion was to post a message on the forum with this statement - "Many customers have found it useful todiscuss issues like this in the forums where Microsoft and other members of the community can recommend ways of achieving the behavior you are interested in."

This worked in VS2003, VS2005, VS2008 but was broken in VS2010. I really want the behavior that existed in the previous versions of visual studio. Right now, I have to manually resize eachindividual group box every time I bring up the form in the designer.

Multi Row Tab Control
I have what seems like it should be a very straightforward problem using a tab control. I want it to display as a multi row form. I created a tab control and added a dozen or so pages. After adding all the captions, the control was about 20" wide. I set the multi row property to yes and tried to resize my control, but couldn't. I've tried to drag the width, but it snaps back to 20" wide. I tried setting the width in the property box and it also resets back to 20". In short nothing I have tried works. Advice on another Access forum has been sorely lacking

Print form with multiple pages
I have a form with a tab control with 5 pages. How can I control which pages I print and print properties for each page. Example: I have some I want to print landscape and some portrait. (Why is there a print form function then?)

Video: Create a tabbed form
Adding a tab control to a form can help you create a more organized form. Placing related controls on separate pages of the tab control reduces clutter and makes it easier to work with your data.

Disable Some Tab Pages on adding new record
I'm kinda new here and so as to ms access 2010 so I hope you can help me out.

How to disable some tab pages while adding new record?
My form has 4 tab pages the first 2 are for users details information and the other two are for the qualification and courses. I need to disable the last two tab pages during adding of new user records 'coz it cannot add the datas on qualification and course tables yet since the id of the user is not yet been added/save.
I kinda confused how to do this. I hope you guys can help me out