Subformss, Tab Controls, and Forms

I am creating a case management database. I have created a Main form called Participants.

There are several themes which must be completed for each participant: Personal Information, Personal Assessment, Personal Plans, Notes, and Other.

I thought of using a tab control for each theme.

I want to create subforms for each theme. That is, I want to create subforms for each subject area, etc.

I read on this board that you can't but a tab control within a tab control, but you can create subforms that would individually contain a tab control.

The issue is not creating the subform but I get the message "Can't build a link between unbound forms".

The SourceObject is set to the name of my subform. On this form, I have a form control with 2 tabs for each of my forms.

How do I get this to link to the master (I.e. main) form?

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I have created two forms. Each form contains a tab control. I would like to combine these two forms and incorporate information from both tab controls. What is the easiest way to complete this task? I really don't want to recreate the forms.

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At what point in time is MS going to alter Forms so that controls only tab between controls on the same page? Building a wizard where you want the user to be able to TAB, just like the rest of every application out there, would be so much easier.

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When you use a form, you can switch between controls by pressing the TAB key. You can specify the order in which the controls on a form respond to the TAB key. The controls should respond to the TAB key in a logical order - for example, from top to bottom and from left to right - so that the form is easier to use.
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Every once in awhile when I double click on a form in design mode (Windows Forms Application) that contains a tab control, all of the controls on the tab control disappear. I have to reopen the form to get them all back.

In addition to this, the column order of my columns on any datagrid inside a tab control get rearranged when this happens. Is this a known bug and if so isthere a hot fix or patch?

Best database setup?
I am creating a farm audit database, and so that I can go through the whole audit for a single farm I am using tab control forms. (I hope this is the right thing to do)

But I want it so that at the top of the page you enter the customers name and date, and then work your way through the forms on the tab control to fill in the data.

But I am wondering how do I go about entering new customers. Should my customers form be within the Tab control or should it be seperate and put all my tab controls into that form. If that makes sense to you

Access 2010 Web Form with regular Tab control ?
Are Tab controls of any use in Access 2010 Web Forms? In web forms the tab change doesn't appear to expose any properties to know what tab was selected. I tried using the navigation control first but didn't want to always requery my main page automatically as the navigation control does.

Referring to fields in tab controls
do you know how I can refer to a field which lives in a tab control page from another form?

I have tried [Forms]![mainformname]![tabName].[pageName]![fieldName] and variations but no joy.

Set tab index of controls on tab
and thanks in advance,

I have an Access 2003 db with a form that has a Tab control and some unbound textboxes on each tab.

When the user presses the Tab or Arrow keys I want to set the tab order of all the unbound textboxes on a tab so that the user can navigate the form horizontally or vertically like a spreadsheet.

I inititally thought to capture the key pressed and simply set focus to the appropriate textbox but that caused the controls on the tab to flicker. I posted a thread on this but got no response.

The problem with resetting the tab order via VBA is that once four or five textboxes are set, they then start to renumber randomly and do not keep the tab order I set.

I tried ordering the tab index of each textbox from zero upwards and also from the max index downwards but I end up with the same problem

Tab Control
is it possible to change a controls 'Tab Stop' setting through code.

1.cboCode - Tab index 0
2.txtProd - Tab index 1
3.txtQty - Tab index 2

When the form opens a new record controls 1 & 3 are enabled and tab stop is set to yes, control 2 is locked and tabstop is set to No.

If the users enters a cboCode then when they tab across the focus goes to the txtqty control.

However if they do not enter a code and hit tab I want the focus to go to txtProd to be the next control

Is this possible? and I am assuming that as the tab indexes are there enabling this one won't bugger up the order

Issues with Tab Order
I am trying to set my form up so that the user can move between controls with the tab button. I thought this would be very simple but I have an issue.

I have 4 labels one below another, and 3 buttons to the right of them, one below another. I want to tab down the labels and then across and down the buttons.

In the Tab Order Dialogue box in the Detail section, only 4 of the controls are visible. They are not in Form header or Form Footer neither

Tab control quetion!
I've created a customer Information form (CustomerInfo) with an order details subform containing two tab controls.

I want to show the first half of the order in tab 1 and the second half of the order in tab 2.

I want the tabs to behave in such a way that when I navigate to another record from the tab 1, I want the tab 2 to display the second half of the newly navigated record from the tab 1 -

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I was wondering if its possible to do the following: scenario is 2 checkboxes on a sub-form which sits on a tab control. If both boxes are unchecked, the tab control is coloured red; if one is checked without the other the the tab is amber, and if both are checked then the tab is coloured green

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2. Can I hide active controls command button depending on forms control check box. (If its turn on I can see buttons, else I can't.) and if I can how?

Create Simple Forms
Access 2010 Form provides an easier way to navigate, create and modify the database records. It makes database look fascinating with different colors, charts, themes and fonts and increase navigability by providing buttons, hyperlinks, tab controls and web controls.

Linking Tab Controls
I am trying to have 5 tabs linked together so that when I select a record from the first tab it will update the other 4 tabs with the information relating to that record.

I know I can do this using a Main and sub forms by linking Master to child but that isn't what I am trying to accomplish.

The Windows Controls of a Form
A typical database is made of forms (and reports) and these objects are equipped with Windows controls that allow a user to interact with the computer. To create such a database, you add forms and reports to it. Then you populate them with the necessary objects. This is the essence of application design and you should know how to design the controls.
Form and report design consists of populating them with the necessary controls that would allow a person to use your database. To perform this design, you first open the form or report in Design View.
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Data Field Design
As a database is expanding, so are its objects. For example, many of the tables created by the Database Wizard lack some fields that otherwise would not suit a particular scenario. As we learned already, you can add new fields to a table. Since such new fields are not added to the corresponding forms or reports, you have to insert these fields in the appropriate objects. Even though the Form Wizard or the Report Wizard can be used to create quick objects, you still have the option of changing or improving their look by moving fields around and changing the sequence of fields' navigation. Learn: Fields Design Techniques, Form and Report Design Accessories, Forms, Reports, and Data Existing Fields, Forms, Reports, and Queries Fields, Form and Report Design: Controls Insertion, Form and Report Design: Controls Selection, Form and Report Design: Controls Moving, Form and Report Design: Controls and Sections Sizing, Form and Report Design: Controls Deletion, Tab Order, Opening an "Un-Openable" Form.

Tabbing through tab controls
Is it possible to make it so the last tab on a tab control will send you to the next tab control?

Tab order vs. page layout
I recently added 2 new controls to a form. I reset the tab order to reflect where these 2 new controls go, but when I open the form both still show up as the last 2 on the page. I'm missing something somewhere?

Font Issue on Form that uses tab controls
I have a table that has two tabs for the user to click on. The problem I am having is that the font on the 1st tab and the 2nd tab look different.

I have checked under both font properties and verified that under both tabs I am using the following.
Font Name: Calibri
Font Size: 9
Font Weight: Bold

It appears that no matter what font I change it to there is a difference between the font on the 1st Tab and the on the 2nd Tab. It is almost as if all the font on the 2nd tab is a heavier weight than the 1st tab.