Split records

I have a list of over 20000 records and would like to split them based on different percentages between different users.
Records are organized by SSN and they should be sorted by the last two digits (from 00 to

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Copy records from split form's datasheet section to another table
I have a split form (frmPatient Schedules) that shows me my records in the datasheet view at the bottom section of the form. My records have a field with a checkbox (ckbxHOLD). How can I get the records that don't have their checkbox checked to be copied as new records to a different table (tblHome Visits

Split Forms
I am attempting to design a split form where I would like to filter the split form to show only show those records of a particular member chosen by a combo control on the parent form

Split Database Issue
I have a split database. This has a "multiple items" form (acting as a record search form called frmSearch) where they are able to click on the row and it will open up the detailof the record on a different form (frmLostItemEntry).

Now, this works perfectly from my home computer both before and after the split. Once I split it on my company's network this is what happens:

When you click on the row in frmSearch, the detail from shows up blank for records added after the split. If the record was added BEFORE the split the detail shows up correctly.

Here is the code that is in the OnClick event of the row in frmSearch

Split Form Issues
I'm having problems with my Split Form. I have certain code in the On Current event of my form, and when selecting different records with the record selectors on the bottom of the form, all the code executes perfectly (hiding controls, etc.). However, when I try to select different records with the Split Form datasheet record selectors, the same On Current code doesn't execute. Is there a way to work around this? It seems like the Split Form doesn't adhere to the On Current event.

Split Form Issues
I'm having problems with my Split Form. I have certain code in the On Current event of my form, and when selecting different records with the record selectors on the bottom of the form, the code executes perfectly (hiding controls, etc.).

However, when I try to select different records with the Split Form datasheet record selectors, the same On Current code doesn't execute.Is there a way to work around this? It seems like the Split Form doesn't adhere to the On Current event.

Filtering split form records from combo box
I have a split form with a combobox.
How can I filter the records displayed in a form based on a combo box selection?
Can someone explain how to build this mechanism and write a sample

Problem copying table in split database
This is a split database. My goal is to allow the user to click on a control and delete old data from several tables to prepare the database for the next event.
which is supposed to copy a table (Attendance) to a new one (BackupAttendance) and then delete the records from the original. However, the records in both tables are being deleted and I don't know why.

I know I can simply copy the back end to a backup file and delete the records, but that doesn't automate the process.

split form select records based on a criterea
first post.
I had been using excel to track some basic data on some assets but it has grown to big and I require better query abilities. anyhow I am using access 2007 and my database is like this
table: assets; serial number, model, purpose, etc
some of those such as model and purpose are related to other tables that list models and purposes
I have a form where I have me and a few other people make changes. It basically just limits access to stuff like serial number but.

It is a split form so it shows all records at a time but I want to be able to filter the shown records based on the purpose and/or model I just need help how to get it to show the list of records that meet the critera.

Retrieve rows from 11 to 20 ( Selete TOP 10 gives first 10)
Using 'Select Top 10' gives me first 10 rows of my table. I need to retrieve the next 10 records.
I am writing to an excel spreadsheet where I need to write top 10 rows starting from B2 and next 10 records starting from I2. So how can I split them? Every time I have to split into 10rows each.

split records based on the values present in another column
I am trying to update a table which has a zillion records. the columns in the access are shown in the attached excel file

I want to update the column "Send to" based on the following criterias:
1. same state
2. not processed by any desk
3. all customers from a state should be services by one or two three or all four desks equally

State PA
not processed by any desk,
belong to client 1
split among desk 1,2,3,4 equally

e.g. 2
state FL
processed by desk 1,3
belong to client 3
all customer that belong to state FL from client 3, have been processed by desk 1 and 3 should be equally split among desk 2, 3

I have been trying to update it manually but there are around 3000 such record which belong to e.g.1 and e.g 2 and so on that its becoming very difficult to update records manually

Split Forms
I’m new to both the Navigation Forms & Split Forms in Access 2010, but I can see that there is a lot to be gained from their use. What I could do with is some advice as to whether a split form can run in a navigation form? From my experience when I linked a split form into a navigation form it rendered as a single data entry form, however it still continued to work properly as a split form when called from the navigation pane.

Data Exceptions Split
I have a import routine that imports a monthly data file into my database. As part of the routine the data is imported into a Temp Table and then split, firstly all the records are sent to an Exceptions table. I then move all the files from the exceptions table that are going to worked on, by transferring them to the Main Data Table where all the files are set into the specific regions that the records belongs to. Once all the records have been transferred successfully the Temp Table is cleared to save space.

I have this same routine working for 3 other database systems and I’ve never had any issues with the data. With my new system I have specific records that I need to keep in the Exceptions table but when I run a query to keep specific items within the exceptions table it will only keep the first item and nothing else, like in this example when I run the query it will only keep the records "Proprietor" and delete everything else.

Hyperlinks in a split database
I recently split my database to have a front end and a back end. For the most part everything has worked well, however I have a field with hyperlinks to files on my computer that no longer work. There are over 2,000 records; is there an easy way to fix this problem

Importing text file performance question
I am importing a pipe delimited .txt file (500k records) into Access via VBA. I'k using the Split function to both split the .txt file into records and the records into fields.

While importing the .txt data, I clean the data by skipping some fields and also some records. Is there something I can do to speed the process?

Would it be faster (much faster) to first import the entire .txt file into Excel, clean the data there with VBA and then import the outputted .txt file into Access using a saved import routine?

Splitting a database
I have recently split my database using Access 2007 which has worked fine, but still feel unsure about how it works from here and can't seem to find any information on what happens next.

All the literature told me that when I split the database there would be tables in the BE and everything else in the FE but the tables are still showing in the FE with the link icon at the side, is this a new feature of 07 or am I mis-understanding.

* Do I keep the split FE copy as my copy (which is in the shared drive) or do I have this one or a copy in my local drive as well?
* When I make changes to the tables/forms etc is it just a case of sending the updated FE version to my colleagues?
* Is it possible to create a switchboard after the split or would I need to go back to my back-up copy to do this? (Have I split too early)
* What changes or additions can be made once a database has been split are you limited to what you can do

Code to sort data shown on a split form
I created a split form that I want to use as a search function for my database. The idea is the top will have 5 or 6 boxes for information to be out into. When those boxes are filled filters will be applied and the table will show the records that apply.

Then from there I want to be able to select a record and have it display on the main form.

Split Form Slows Database
I have Split form with a searchbox on it. I can filter the records based on what is typed in the searchbox. However this is a multi user database. When someone has open that form and it is filtered, everyone else using the database comes to a slow crawl. Most of my forms are unbound, however I don't know how to create a datasheet with thousands of records unbound so that it doesn't slow down the database. When someone is viewing entire tables. No changes are made on this form.

Any links or arrows or examples would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking for someone to do it for me, just a place to start looking.

Remove Filter and then sort by field
I copied a form to use as another albeit after 'tweaking' it. It has a search box which is used to filter the records and show them in a split form and also has a buttom to remove the filter and show all records.

However, when I click this, all the records are shown but they are sorted by the field I don't want to sort by - how do I change which field to sort the splitform by after clearning the filter.

Before any filter has been applied, the split form is ordered in the correct way - by ID which is a hidden field.

I'm using Access 2010 - although I've just realised I'm going to have to change these to sub-forms as my end-user will be using A2003.but that can wait until another day!

Find records based on a field in a form
I have two tables: Employers & Employees. They are joined by the EmployerID field in both tables.

I have two forms: One is a split form that shows the records in the Employer table and the other form shows the records in the Employee table.

On the split form I want the user to click on the employerID field and then the second form will be displayed with only the employee's that have the same EmployerID.

I've tried using an embedded macro:

Form Name: frm_ListofEmployees
View: Form
Filter Name:
Where Condition: =[EmployerID]
Data Mode:
Window Mode: Normal

and I tried a query using the criteria:


with no success. The macro displays all the employee records and query displays no records

Split Form not working correctly
My form has a combo box that updates 8 fields that does not change but about 12 in the main form require updating. I have a split form so I can see the records below when I enter new information but I can't get the records that I fill in to update below in the table. The other 12 or so text box information changes yearly that are updated manually.

In the past they would just re-enter the new information loosing all previous information. I need to save all history. I like to setup where I can enter the information on the form then hit enter data command button so the information is stored in the table showen below.