Slow Access Loading time

I am creating a system in access file size roughly 5mb, it is taking 5 minutes to load the complete system, any ideas on why this takes so long?how can I rectify this problem

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How to specify UNC in Access 2003 BE
I have a FE and BE Access 2003 database and it is very slow even with only 2 or 3 users. I've tried "pre-loading" major forms and several other tricks nicely explained in several books, and this has, indeed, helped once the painfully slow pre-loading process has completed.

I usually go get a cup of coffee, and when I come back, my main menu has finally opened. Anyway, I just read a solution on here with great interest because it appeared to answer a related issue.

The answer in the related question was to use the "UNC" rather than a mapped directory to attach to the BE.

My question is how do I use UNC to map my BE files. When I use the Linked Table Manager, I specifically point to a mapped location for the BE Files. So how do I use the UNC to point my clients to the BE tables?

VBA loading errors on startup
I have a access 2000 .mdb database being run on windows 7, access 2010. I did not design this database program.

When the database is opened, this window pops up, and if YES is selected, another 7 follow; and then it repeats.
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications:An error occurred while loading Form_frmReports, Do you want
to continue loading the project?

Access Query Slow
I am having access table containing 35000 records and 30 columns, when I use query to select one record from that table, query execution takes so much time.

I have created an indexed field . Still execution is slow.

Access 2010 very slow with Sharepoint 2010
Working with access 2010 is so slow, every table to open (Sharepoint) and query (even in design mode) takes a long, long time.
what could this be?

Form Loading Slow From the Shared Folder
I have a database that holds students information. The back-end is stored on a shared folder in a workgroup environment. The pictures of the students are stored externally on a folder in the same share folder as the backend. The front ends are installed on 4 computers. The current event of the form looks into the folder in the shared folder to display the picture associated with each record. This causes the form to load up very slow. what can I do to speed this up. The code to display the images is:

strFullPath = "\\ComputerName\Database\Students\" & Me.txtStudentID & ".bmp"

If Dir(strFullPath) = "" Then
Forms!frmUpdateEnrollment.txtImage.Picture = ""
Forms!frmUpdateEnrollment.txtImage.Picture = strFullPath
End If

The pictures are displayed properly. It is just that navigation between the records are very slow, specially when the form is loaded for the first time. the sizes of the pictures are below 100Kb

Slow performance (REALLY slow!)
My database performs incredibly slow, especially (but not only) in design mode. When I delete a text box from a form, it takes about 30 seconds. The db is compacted and I have a P4 2ghz 256k computer running XP pro.

There is User-level security on the db and I am accessing the db over a network. Nothing else is slow (including other network-based tasks).

Does anyone have any solutions or ideas for troubleshooting

Access 2007 Slow on Network and Locally
I have an access database that works like a charm as a single database on a local machine.

However, when I moved to a Server it was excruciatingly slow, and almost unusable. So, I split the database, thinking that would help, only to have it operate very slow there (as a local copy).

Any ideas on what I can do? Obviously, I do not have an impact to any server issues since they are ownded by IT department.

Loading my Outlook emails into Access
How do I load my company emails from outlook into an Access Database. I have 8 years of emails that I tend to go back into but I need to save space on the server. My computer runs slow. I have about 20,000 emails and I can't go through them all to delete.
I am able to load the emails but not the attachments. Does anyone know how I can load them?

Exports/Outputs Suddenly Very Slow
I have an Access 2010 database which has very suddenly become very slow when either exporting to excel or outputting reports. The two common places where this happens are below (this code hasn't been changed any time recently).

Example 1 - Printing labels to pdf:
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, gStrReportName, acFormatPDF, strPathAndFile
Example 2 - Exporting to excel:

Access report design extremely slow
I have an access report that is generated from 2 queries accessing a data table that gets up to a couple of million records in size. Running the report takes some time - probably around 15 minutes due to the size of the database and my slow computer.

I can cope with this however any change to the report design leaves me waiting an extreme amount of time to proceed with editing.

I'm guessing by the amount of disc activity taking place that the report design is actually running the queries in the background. Is there a way of turning off the querys while inreport design mode?

Printing is slow
Printing is slow in any Access application that I have.

It takes 30 seconds from clicking print to seeing the print dialog box. Also, when I print multiple pages, it is slow for them to spool up. It used to be that the counter ran as fast as a gas pump. Now it says, "printing page 1, 2, 3 etc about one count per second.

This may have started after running microsoft updates, but I am not sure

Slow Database Response
I have a new database which has only three records test data. The size is 422MB no pictures. The database is slow to open forms and extremely slow when closing what can cause this

Database/Queries Running Very Slow?
I am making an Ms-Access database for Real Estate Management? I have succeeded in doing all that which is enlisted below, the problem is that the database is running very slow? I don't know what can I do now? The queries is running very slow thatmakes me to wait too much, I want to make the database run very fast?

Very slow Access 2002 query with Windows 7
I need help troubleshooting consistently slow queries in an Access 2002 database with Windows 7. I’m running a temporary query in a local copy of a back end database with only tables. The identical query will take just 2-3 seconds with Windows XP but 30-60 seconds with Windows 7.

Multiple Windows 7 workstations are all slow and all Windows XP machines run the query quickly.

I even used JetShowPlan on both workstations to compare and the plans are identical. Two tables are involved with rushmore used on the first and a full scan on the second table of about 150,000 records.

Even in XP Mode on the Windows 7 machine the query still takes only about 10 seconds. Anyone have any ideas why Access/Jet on Windows 7 can be so slow?

64-bit with Access 2003
I had previously been running Windows XP with my Access 2003 program modules, and with no problems. After recently purchasing a 64-bit computer with Windows 7, and then reloading my Office 2003 with my Access modules, I am finding the programs runs slower particularly when making calculations or when running queries within the program. Any reason for this? I even tried loading Office 2007 with the same slow results.

Access running really slow in other countries
I have an access db that a handful of users can enter and maintain data. When users in other countries access the db it runs unbelievably slow. Is this a server issue and has anyone else run into this type of problem? Would hosting the db on a sharepoint site

Tips for speeding up FE/BE database?
I currenty run a database with a FE/BE design. Each person has their own FE (not a shortcut) which connects to a back end on a shared network drive. This si done via Link Tables.

I'm having problems with the loading time or rather the loading process. It will often freeze (white screen with a 'not responding' message) but then on second try it will open fine.

Access extreemly slow in responding
I've noticed that when I edit a Form or Report that's tied to a table that's linked to an external data source (I.e., another Access database), that Access responds REALLY slow, sometimestaking up to a minute to save/respond.

It's taking me hours just to make a few minor changes!

Troubleshooting: Windows 7 64bit Slow with Access 2007
A while back I talked about a problem one of my clients was having with Windows 7 64 bit and Access 2010/2007. It was terribly slow and unacceptable...

Access Running terribly slow
First off, I am still new to Access and still learning a lot. One day,

With that Access DB is running very slow. Here is how I have it set up.

I have a BE on the Shared drive. I have eight FE's that are linked to the BE. But of these people are also linked together since they are linked to the BE. Most of these people are on a wireless network and connected to the Shared drive via an encrypted key code that links us to the state network. It's called a VPN.

The front end is 58,808 kb. The back end is 24,564 kb. Obviously this changes a little as we insert information into it.

Is there anything I can do to help make the DB run faster? Keep running a compact and repair? I hate to do that all of the time.