Show/Hide Form

I am trying to setup a customized Time Entry system. Anything advanced that I've figured out how to do in Access over the last 10 or so years is self taught so I wonder at times if there's an easier/better way. Like now. I'll apologize in advance if I'm confusing or not giving the right info.

I have two different time entry forms. One or the other of these forms should be visible or hidden on the main form (frmHRDB) depending on the value stored in the "TSType" field. I have code to set the 'visible' property of the two forms.

My problem is that I've attached this code to several different controls on the form so that whenever a control is clicked or whatnot the form's visible property is correct regardless of which employee is showing. But as I add more controls I'm going to have to add this code again and again. I know this can't possibly be the correct/best way to do this.

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should i hide a form or make it modal
I develop apps for a company and up until now I have been using modal forms to keep the most resent form open on top I have recently learnt how to hide the access window and keep the forms visible using popup quite neat to be honest.

My reasoning behind this is staff here use many apps but when I present them with an app that is built using ms access they think they cannot use it as for some reason in their heads it is harder to click a button using a ms access app than to click a button using a non ms access app. (PS if you hadn’t caught on my staff are incompetent and need to be shot several times in the back of the head.) So hiding the ms access window and using the popup property allows me to trick them in to believing it is just as easy I.e. I don’t tell them it is a ms access app.

In doing this now that there is no container to hold the forms that open one another depending on their function and I am wondering which would be a better practice in using Multiple.

1. Would the better practice be to show and hide forms as they open and close? I.e. the switchboard opens another form then I hide the switchboard and when that form closes I show the switchboard again.
2. Or would the better practice be not to hide any forms and just use modal property as I have been doing up until now?

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So, I tried to make my sub form as Single form & then it does show the navigation buttons of sub form but I want to show right on the main form.
Alternatively, can I replace the default navigation buttons with custom navigation buttons?

Please guide me, I really need

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Learn: 1)Show or hide the status bar for all your Microsoft Access files. 2)Show or hide the status bar for a specific Access file.

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I have created a split form in Access 2007; I have added a number of fields to this form.
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I have a macro that opens and closes a number of forms and then prints. The screen shows what is happening very quickly and annoyingly.

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Hide x Forms

Got a lil problem. I want to lock down my dB after inactivity. working good. But if one clicks on the dB they can see what is on the screen (but not do anything as the prompt is modal!). Coolie. But, they can still see. So I want to hide the forms. Great, so hide any form. Problem is, how would VBA know which forms were open. It farts (breaks) if any one form is not loaded and viola, lockout does not occur. Ooops.

So, I tried a multitude of conditionals but I can not seem to get it to consider what is open and what is not before invoking actions on the forms which renders a error if said form is not open.

How can I get VBA to understand what forms are open, so it may hide them?
Matt L - new father, drunk, and OCD

Only allow a button to HIDE a subform, and not show the subform.
I have a main form that opens up a sub form based on criteria entered into the main form. After the info is entered into the sub form, I use a button on the main form (tied to the code below) to hide the sub form.

I need to prevent the user from opening up the sub form manually by pressing this button on the main form. I only want the sub form to pop up automatically when the criteria is met in the fields of my main form.

What do I need to do to this button so that it can only be used for closing the sub form, and cannot be used for opening it manually?

Hide records from Form View
I have 2 forms. One is clients and the other products.
I open the form Clients and when there I open Products, which will show only the products related to that client.

The product have expiration date, which is 1 year. After one year I will add a new product for that client (the client can have many products). Right now what I do is replacing the old record with new data. But I want to keep the old records, but when I'm navigating the form I want to only see the current products, not the old ones.

If it helps, in the record I also put dates. So, maybe there is a way to make a filter that will only show records that are between a valid date. Example:

Product 1: 01/01/2011 - 01/01/2012 (SHOW)
Product 2: 01/01/2010 - 01/01/2011 (HIDE

Cannot hide fields in a datasheet
I created a master detail form in access 2003 using the wizard and try to hide the linking fields in the details form by setting their visible property to "NO". Yet the fields are still very much visible. Any ideas why I can't seem to hide those fields?

Hide each control, control group or subform?
I'm setting up a form that (depending on an option selected) will either show or hide some of the controls.

There are about 30 usable controls, ranging from option groups to text boxes and command buttons. Also a bunch of other non-usable labels, lines etc.

They will be hidden or shown in groups of roughly 1/3 of the total controls.

My question is what would be considered best practice here:

1) To set the controls in subforms

2) To group the controls and use a For Each statement based on the .tag property

3) To manually show/hide each control

I believe that (1) would be the easiest, but I once read that subforms carry a lot of overhead. (2) would probably be my second choice, but carries more code than (1). I hope nobody says (3) since I'd sure not like to code all of that.

Or, is there another, better choice?

Hide Main DB window - only show form - ACCESS 2010
I seem to be going round in circles trying to hide the main DB background so only the open form is showing.

Can this be done?

I've unticked every single option on Options -> Current Database

I've made ALL my forms popup, i've packaged it into a runtime.

Nothing will make that darn background main db window go away

Combo Box value hide/show Image
I'm using access 2007. I'm trying to get a combo box on a form to show or hide an image on a report based on the combo box's value. It seemed simple, but I've tried lots of codes I've found and none seem to be what I need