SetWarnings in 2007 Macro

I want to use the "SetWarnings" action in a macro but I received a message of "The text you entered isn't an item in the list. Select an item from the list, or enter text that matches one of the listed items".
Any idea of an alternative way to do the same functions like SetWarnings in X2007?

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2 things - SetWarnings? and Running a saved Import
I'm using Access 2007 and two things I used to know how to do I have either forgotten or can no longer find.

From within a macro I used to "setwarnings" to off so I wouldnt keep having to click "yes" or "ok" - is there a different way of doing this from within a macro?

Secondly, I want to run a saved import from within the macro - any ideas?

Cant believe either of those is too hard

SetWarnings macro command in Access 2010
In Access 2010, while building a macro in design view, the SetWarnings action command is not available in the "Add New Action" drop-down menu. I can import a macro from an earlier version of Access and copy/paste the SetWarnings into my new macro, Is there a different command in Access 2010 or am I missingsomething?

2007 to 2010 macro won't work
I had this problem (below) previously which you guys helped me with - the solution was SetWarnings to No - at the beginning of the macro. It worked in 2007 but I'm now on 2010 and I'm back to getting the "can't find the database file". Can anyone help please?
I have a macro that imports a number of files from one source and places them in a single table. Not all the files come in at the same time but I need to start processing the ones that I do receive as soon as I get them. Currently, if a file has not yet been filed into the source the macro stops. What I need the macro to do is . if x file isn't there - then continue. As I say the files come in over a period of days

SetWarnings Macro Action
You can use the SetWarnings action to turn system messages on or off.

Access 2007 macro RunCommand
I have a Macro that in the old version I had several things going on like SetWarnings, Open and Close 2 queries then OpenModule and its command is MailMod and next statement was RunCommand with a command of Run

When I run the macro it loops through 20 times and give me a error that a Macro can only call itself a maximum of 20 times.

If I run the Bat file I get a error that The command or action “Run” isn’t available now.

View Macro Result in subform
I have created a macro name "MonthwiseRep" to view select query result in pivottable view which works fine when I run the macro.
But problem occurs,
if I wish to populate subform on a click of a button that I have on the main form with the same macro results as "MonthwiseRep" in pivottable view.

I tried the following code for click event of the command button but it didn't work

DoCmd.SetWarnings False
Me.Child21.SourceObject = MonthwiseRep
DoCmd.SetWarnings True

Access 2007 hates Access 2003 macros
I've made a database on access 2003 because I hate access 2007. I've put it onto our company server, and on an individual C:\drive on 1 pc to see if it s a server security message but it isnt.

Every time I run a macro, whether it be to move records or generate reports I get the message "RunMacro Action Was Cancelled". I've tried SetWarnings and obvioulsy I have a stop macro command built in, but I cant get rid of this message. Its more annoying than anything to be honest

Append query runs on its own but not in a macro
A database I created for a client some years ago has a macro which contains an append query. This macro repeats itself until a condition is met and has run thousands of times without any problem.

The client has asked that I make the database work for multiple factories. Without going into too much detail the same macro and append query are needed in the spin-off databases (one for each factory).

The problem is that the append query will not run in any of the spin-off databases as part of the macro although the macro itself is unchanged, but will run in isolation when it performs correctly and gives no error messages. I have run the macro with SetWarnings ON, but only get the warnings that you would normally expect.

I have pasted over the macro, the append query and the underlying select queries from the original database, but to no effect.

Access 2010 Macro
I have an MS Access 2010 Database that will be run @ 6:00 AM Automatically. The Autoexec Macro has been created. the purpose of the Macro is to update a local table with data from SQL Server. In previous versions of Access I used setwarnings = off to accomplish this without user intervention. However in MS Access 2010 I don't find that option. Anybody know where it is or how I can accomplish this

SendObject in macro fails to open outlook
In one of my forms (access 2007) I have a button for sending emails to clients with outlook 2007. In the click event of the button I use a macro with the SendObject action. The macro works fine when it is used for first time. However, the next time I try to send an email the whole application (access 2007) freezes and I must use the task manager to close it.

All Office 2007 applications are fully updated

PrintOut Option in 2007
I need to create a macro that will allow a report to be printed does anyone know how to do this in macro in 2007?

in 2003 there was a PrintOut Function but I can't seem to find something similar in 2007 am I blind or is there a new way to do this

Access 03 Autoexec
I know this has been beaten to death but I still need help. I need an Autoexec macro to turn off warnings for action queries.

I've create the macro, named it Autoexec, chose the SetWarnings action, set it to False. When I run queries I still get the pop up asking if I'm sure I wanna.blah blah I've also set the macro security setting to low.

SetWarning action line gone from Access 2007
I've done macros before in 2003 where I run queries and do SetWarnings to Off. But I can't seem to find this action in 2007. Does it go by another name now

Running excel macro as part of my Access 2007 macro.

I am a bit of a newbie, so I'm not sure how obvious this is. But I am creating an Access 2007 macro at the moment and need some help with it.

One of the actions in my access macro is to export a file to excel and save it. When the excel file is exported, it automatically opens - at this stage I want to run an excel macro that would modify this exported file.

Is there a macro 'action' I could select that would enable me to run an excel macro once this file is exported?

If not, is it possible to open the access macro in VBA and insert some code that would enable me to run an excel macro

Last Record in macros ACCESS 2007
I used to have a macro that calcultated fields in a form of an application Ive made on ACCESS 2003, from the first to the last record. When I tried it on a computer with ACCESS 2007 the macro doesnt stop. I dont know how to order the macro to stop when it reaches the last record in ACCESS 2007. Can somebody help me, please?

Switchboard to run code
I'm having problems getting my switchboard button to run a function I created. I'm guessing its something in the way my code is written, the name or something I'm leaving out, but I'm not seeing it. If you have any idea please help me.

I went through the switchboard manager and set the item I want to run code and copy and pasted the function name from the code to the manager so I dont think the problem is there. Now here is what my function looks like:

Public Function ClearContestants()

DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryContestantClear"
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryAirflowClear"
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryBrazingClear"
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryCoolingClear"
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryHeatingClear"
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryTestClear"
DoCmd.SetWarnings True

End Function

Side note, I would do this through a macro but I dont want the warnings popping up and I didnt know how, if possible, to turn them off in a macro

SendKey macro warning
I am using a "SendKey" macro in my database and it works ok except the first time I use it it shows a warning message and when I click ok it turns off the Numeric Lock. How can I prevent the warning message from coming up and avoid the Numeric Lock from being turned off? The database is in a trusted location and I am using Access 2007 with Windows Vista. I have the setwarnings on "no" in the macro and the following message still comes up:

"Microsoft Office Access Security Notice A potential security concern has been identified.
Warning: It is not possible to determine that this content came from a trustworthy source. You should leave this content disabled unless the content provides critical functionality and you trust its source.
This file might contain unsafe content that could harm your computer. Do you want to open this file or cancel the operation?

Access 2007 - Macro trouble coverting
someone know if there is a trouble or a bug when you try to convert a macro to a VBA? Because I tried many times, save before, another macro, but I always get a message saying that can not find the macro.

Introduction to macros
This article explains what macros are and how they can save you time by automating tasks that you perform often. It explores the fundamentals behind creating and using macros and also touches on improvements to macros in Microsoft Office Access 2007.
In this article: What is a macro? Understand macros; New macro features in Office Access 2007; Create a macro; Run a macro.

Creating a Looping Query in VBA
I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Esentially what I want to do is create a code that if a facility name equals a specific facility I want to run a macro.
For some reason i've run into a problem that since I'm using a continuous form, it only queries the first record. So I've attempted to create a code that would loop through all the records, but unfortunately I am not doing it correctly.
Here's my code:

Private Sub Form_Close()
DoCmd.OpenForm "Background"
If Me.Facility_Name = "Santaquin" Then
MsgBox "test does this work SQ", vbOKOnly
' DoCmd.SetWarnings (Off)
DoCmd.RunMacro "Santaquin Macro"
'DoCmd.SetWarnings (WarningsOn)
GoTo NextRecord
Do Until EndRecord

End Sub

I get an error saying Block If without End If and I can find where I need to put the end if.
Then if I put the end if right befoer the end sub, I get a Label not defined error.
I have no idea what I should be doing