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Setting the value of Microsoft Access AutoNumber Field

Setting the value of Microsoft Access AutoNumber Field
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By using an append query, you can change the starting value of an AutoNumber field in a table to a number other than 1.
Microsoft Access always numbers AutoNumber fields beginning with the number 1. If the table has data in it already, the starting value of the autonumber will be higher than the highest value already in the table. You cannot manually edit an AutoNumber field or change its starting value.
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Resetting a Microsoft Access 2003 AutoNumber Field

"When you delete the last record or records in a table or in a form that has an AutoNumber field, and then you compact the database, the AutoNumber field does not start at the next higher number when you add new records."

Create an AutoNumber field that starts with a number greater than 1

In Microsoft Access tables, the AutoNumber field type allows you to assign a unique sequential number to each row in a table. AutoNumber fields are often used as the Primary Key, since they are unique and permanent (i.e. the value cannot be changed once it is assigned).
For new tables, AutoNumbering begins with 1, and is incremented by 1 with each new row. However, we occasionally want to start the AutoNumber at a number higher than 1.

Autofill field based on autonumber field

I have an add-only form that has an autonumber field. This autonumber gets a new number once you fill any other field on the form.
I need to have on the same form an autofill field that has the autonumber included on it, besides other data from the same form.
This autofill field should be stored on a table.

Let's say
1. Opened Form
2. Autonumber populated once I type on any field (ie 5623)
3. Autofill field empty but once ?I click on it? I get this:
DCA/TX-09-5623 (This field should be stored on a table)
'DCA/TX' is the department I work for (combo box on form)
'09' is the last two digits of the current year (date on form)
'5623' is the autonumber given by MS Access

The objective is to generate a code name on things that come to the departments based on Access autonumber feature

Microsoft Access 2007: Setting up Tables and Fields

This lesson will walk you through the steps of setting up a database in Access 2007. You will be setting up tables according to the plan for our bookstore scenario. You will also be setting up the fields for each table, including establishing what data types can be entered in a given field.

Autonumber Problem?

Here is my issue. I have 3 Access dbs that all use a field called "product id" that uses autonumber. The person who set this up is using the auto number like a part number.

I need to combine all three to together but when I do it will not let continuing using autonumber because their is data in the field now.

Is their anyway to get around this. I still need to use autonumber after combining.

Using the DMAX() Function in Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access contains the AutoNumber data type that will automatically increment a value by 1 when set to New Values: Increment in the properties of the field.
This may not always be what the user of your Microsoft Access database requires and we have detailed an alternative approach to incrementing a fields value by a specific amount.

Find next incremental value for an AutoNumber field

I'm using Access 2003/XP/2000/97 and VB6 as the front-end. I need to get the next value in the AutoNumber field before inserting the next record using SQL. How can I find out what the next value will be in an AutoNumber field?

Autonumber not working

I created a table in a budget database without a autonumber field. I then inserted a autonumber field after creating the form by inserting a row in the table which works fine in the table, now I want to use a text box on the form with BudgetID from the autonumber field to give me the total amount of records in the database but the autonumber field is not in the record sourcedropdown.

Microsoft Access Table Design

If you need to add a textual prefix to a Microsoft Access auto number field rather than just go with the standard AutoNumber value, this article will demonstarte what actions you should take.

Autonumber field order

I need to add an autonumber to existing data in a particular order in Access 2007. I've set the autonumber field to long integer, increment, no duplicates. Before adding the autonumber field my table is sorted in the order I need the autonumbers to be assigned, starting with 1. However, the autonumbers are assigned in a totally different order when I reopen the table. They start with 1, but not on the record I need it to. I've done "compact and repair" between creating the Autonumber field and actually opening the table, but no luck.